Best Alternatives of Web Video Caster App

Web Video Caster allows you to use your phone and display the contents of your phone on the TV display without any hassle.

Web Video Caster takes a video URL from a web page, delivers it to a streaming device (such as a Chromecast or DLNA device), and then plays it straight from the source.

This article discusses numerous web video caster alternatives available on the internet. Let’s find out!

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Part 1. Top 5 Web Video Caster Alternatives

Other options are available to enjoy surfing the internet or watching videos using your web video casting app. Let’s find them out!

1. BubbleUPnP for DLNA/Chromecast

One of the best applications for you to cast your phone on any device available in the house is by using BubbleUpnP. This web video casting app helps you connect any phone with any available smart device in your home.

It supports all sorts of platforms and also such devices that other web video casting apps may ignore. These include ChromeCast Audio, Google Cast, Nexus Player, and Nvidia Shield.

web video caster

This web video caster app also supports most of the TV brands out there, so whichever smart TV you have at home you don’t need to worry about casting your phone anymore.

This app automatically retrieves data to be cast on the screen using DLNA media servers, saving you a great effort.

2. Wirecast

Using Wirecast, you can easily include pre-recorded information into your live broadcast. Wirecast also supports the following technologies:

  1. Several video capture and live inputs can be used at the same time (USB, Capture Card, NDI, Wirecast Go, Webstream IP sources).
  2. Ingest of multi-channel audio encoding with GPU acceleration using Pro Audio FX RTP multi+unicast, built-in RTMP.

There are several pros and cons of this app. Such as instant replay, allowing you to view all contents at an easier pace, user-friendly, and supporting leading platforms (two famous platforms; iOS and Android).

But, these features can only be enjoyed once you buy the pro version, which comes at a hefty cost. Also, the free version is very limited; you cannot do much in it other than taste the dish and not enjoy the whole meal.

Also, since it helps you give a big relief concerning software, this video caster for PC tends to take up a huge amount of memory when operating, so you might want to close all applications before starting Wirecast.

3. V-mix

The vMix encoder, developed by StudioCoast, is extremely powerful. The latest version of the Windows-specific application is, which comes with a free 60-day trial of vMix PRO.

In V-Mix, multi-bitrate streaming is natively enabled, which is incredibly useful for professional broadcasters who value user experience. The Network Device Interface is also supported by this software (NDI). NDI is a system that enables secure video uploads via gigabit ethernet networks and green screens.

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There are several benefits of using this web video casting app, such as its limited compatibility issues, i.e., this video caster for PC is applicable for most of the platforms available. V-mix also gives you multiple payment options, so it’s not heavy on your pocket. One highlightable feature of V-mix is the switcher function.

Several issues, however, have been reported. These are mostly bugs that are fixed with an app update. However, this bug still pertains to the web video caster alternative. Furthermore, this video caster for PC streams your videos at a relatively lower bitrate, so it might not feel that good when you’re watching it on tele.

4. EZCast Screen

If you have both, Android and iPhone at home, this app is just for you. EZCast enables you to connect to different devices and different platforms on PC, such as Windows and Mac. For each device, you just need to download and install EZCast, and then it’s a simple procedure ahead.

One main advantage of this application is that it supports Apple connection features such as Apple Airplay, Airplay Audio, and Screen Mirroring. But, don’t worry, it’s as easy to connect to Android as it’s easy to connect on iPhones.

This application is very useful for iOS users who often face difficulty casting their phones on different devices in the house. Once you have this installed on your phone and on your device, it’ll work like a charm!

5. EZ Web Video Cast

As it sounds, EZ is very easy to use! EZ is a web caster app that enables you to connect your Android-supported phones to any device in your home. This allows you to stream your multimedia files on the device as well as stream videos and other multimedia using your browser.

While you using a browser, this application helps you fetch the URL and display it immediately on the casting device. This helps save you a lot of time and also is very efficient for users.

One major drawback is that it doesn’t support iOS, so that’s a very big issue for you if you’re an iOS user. Nevertheless, for our Android users, it’s one of the most convenient apps out there and it fulfills the job like a charm!

Part 2. How Can I Display My Phone on My TV Wirelessly?

1. Cast iOS Screen to TV

The procedure is simple, download the EZcast app for iOS or Android on your television. Next, add your phone’s details. The next is easy; and you wait till it connects, and then you can enjoy the app’s contents.

EZcast is an easy platform that lets you cast iOS screens to your TV. EZcast also enables you to cast your Android screen or phone to your tv. The idea was designed to make people’s life easier, and thus, they have been managing to do so. Just select the type of device you’re trying to connect, and with its wide compatibility range, it’ll cast your phone screen instantly.

2. Cast Android Screen to TV

For Android based phones, you can simply download the Chromecast application for Android. Through that, you will be able to connect your phone using W-iFi that is connected to the same network as that of your smart TV.

This will prompt a screen on your phone which will ask you to select the device to cast on. Select your TV in this section. Your casting device, such as Chromecast, will change colour, which indicates that your phone has been connected successfully.

Part 3. How Can I Cast My Phone Screen on My PC/Mac?

If you want to cast your phone on your PC, the best option is to use AirDroid Cast. It was designed while considering the feasibility it involves for everyday users, especially those who need to connect their device to bigger screens for presentation purposes routinely.

To connect your iOS device, AirDroid Cast providing 3 connection methods. For Android users, it supports 2 methods. You can follow the procedures as below:

Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast
Click download button below or go to official website to finish download and installation onto both the devices.
Step 2.Connection your mobile phone & PC/Mac
Open AirDroid Cast on both devices, you get three options in the PC/Mac side: WLAN, Airplay, or USB cable. Depending upon your requirement, select the method of connectivity.

WLAN: Scan the QR code or enter the casting code which displayed on the PC/Mac side to finish connection. Remotely connection is also available.

AirPlay: Firstly, your iPhone and computer should connect to the same network. Turn your computer as an AirPlay receiver, tap “screen mirroring” in your iPhone control center, and select “AirDroid Cast – XXX”.

USB Cable: A faster connection with minimum lag,you only need to connect your iOS/Android to your computer via a USB cable and finish some setting.

Step 3.Start mirroring your mobile phone to PC/Mac
Following two steps above, you can enjoy your mirroring trip within 2 minutes.

Part 4. To Sum It Up

Webcasting has become an essential tool for everyday activities, especially for those engaged in professional environments and workspaces. In the aforementioned, we introduced 5 Web video caster alternatives to make procedures easier. AirDroid Cast is a wonderful app which enables users to cast Android/iPhone/Mac/Win screens to PC/Mac. Giving you the top features at minimum price and is one of the finest screen mirroring apps.

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