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Read Send & Receive Text Messages on PC [Step-by-Step]

Elsa Updated on May 4, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

As we all know, text messages are a great way of communicating with people worldwide. But it is inconvenient for us to pick up the phone to respond to messages when we are at work. Don't worry, this article aims to guide how to view phone text messages on computer.

view phone text messages on computer

Part 1. Why You Need to View Phone Text Messages on Computer

Every mobile user has their own reasons for viewing Android SMS on PC or laptop. The people who do 12 hours jobs in offices and are not allowed to use their personal phones on work timing love to view their SMS on their PC. They can easily check important view text messages sent and received Android.

Mobile users want to view their Android SMS when their Mobile screen gets smashed. They can view their message on a PC screen easily.

get my phone texts on my computer

Additionally, people who run companies and send messages to their customers want to view SMS on PC before delivering to the customers because they want to check Grammar mistakes on the big screen.

Most students in libraries are not allowed to use their personal phones, so they also use PC or laptops to check their messages on their Android phones text messages.

Part 2. How to View Text Messages on a Computer? (iPhone/Android)

Use AirDroid Cast to View Text Messages on a Computer

AirDroid Cast app gives full power to its users to control any Android or iPhone device. They can get access to the Android or iPhone and can view all received and sent Android text from computer easily with the remote control feature.

View sent and received messages via AirDroid Cast

Android and iPhone have different methods for controlling the device remotely. Before getting full control of an iPhone or Android, the user need to download AirDroid Cast on both their mobile phone and PC because they has to cast the mobile screen first to the computer. There are three casting options for iPhone users and two options for Android phones.

Note : Click "Try It Free" button below to download and install AirDroid Cast on your phone and PC.

Android Phone

Here are steps for viewing sent and received messages for Android.


  1. For casting mobile screen to PC, install AirDroid Cast on your phone and PC.
  2. Then go to PC, tap on the WLAN option. You will see options, cast by cast code or cast by QR code.
  3. Note down this casting code from the PC screen and put it in the Android AirDroid Cast application code box for casting through cast code. Or For QR code, scan the QR code with the AirDroid Cast scanner.
  4. Now you will receive a casting request on your PC, accept the request and allow the device to start casting o PC.
  5. After accepting this request, you will see a pop up on your mobile screen about casting permission to PC. Enable it.
  6. Now, after accepting the request, you can see your device on PC.
  7. Again, go to PC, open your AirDroid Cast application. Click on the control feature on the left menu bar and initiate a remote control request.
  8. Now hold your mobile screen you will receive a remote control request on it. Give it permission by clicking on OK. Then the control feature is enabled on your device, and you can control all things on the computer.
  9. Go to mobile screen on PC, open your message box, check all read, unread, delivered and received messages on PC screen.

USB cable

  1. Install AirDroid Cast on both devices (Android and PC).
  2. Choose a good quality USB cable, but it's one end into Android USB or charging spot and the second end into PC USB spot.
  3. Now select your Android devices from the available list.
  4. Enable USB debugging, now your devices are connected, and the control feature is automatically enabled.
  5. Go to PC, open your phone screen and see messages.


The above two casting options are all available for iPhone users. Expect that, there is one other option that iPhone user can choose.


  • Install AirDroid Cast on your iPhone and PC.
  • Go to PC, open AirDroid Cast and tap on the Airplay option.
  • Connect your iPhone and PC to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Now go to your iPhone, go to control center, and click on screen mirroring.
  • AirDroid Cast AirPlay

  • Now select your device, after a successful connection, your device will be visible on PC.
  • After casting, again go to PC. Step on the control icon on the left side of the menu bar.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth of iOS and connect your device and PC .
  • After a successful connection, you can fully control your iOS device on PC.
  • Now you can get my phone texts on my computer. Go to your inbox and check you’re sent and received messages.
  • How many messages can I see through AirDroid Cast?

    AirDroid Cast allows you to view unlimited messages on your phone on PC. When you get full control of your mobile, you can view all sent and received messages.

    Can I manage or delete text messages on my phone?

    Yes, you can easily manage or delete text messages on your phone; AirDroid Cast will not disturb you with this activity.

    Part 3. Other Tools to Get Phone Texts on Computer

    How to see Android messages on mac or PC? There are different tools that help the Android and iOS users to see text messages on PC.


    Pushbullet is one of the top apps. With its help, you can check your texts on your laptop or personal computer without any hurdle. You can use this app on both your mobile as well as computer.

    For a computer, you will have to download a small application on your windows PC, but still, it is worth the effort. This app sends all the notifications to your laptop. The best thing about this app is that it goes away from your laptop if you reject a notification or even call.


    You can also see the Android phone's text messages on your computer with the help of a cool muster lab.fone. Android users can recover their lost and deleted text messages by downloading lab.fone for Android. You can export both the existing and deleted text messages from the Android device to the computer. The program can contain both lost and existing messages. However, you can only export existing messages.

    Mighty text

    Another app that helps you get your messages on your PC is mighty text. You can connect this app to your PC in two ways. One is installing a small app on your PC. Another method is to open up on the browser. This app can synchronize your messages and calls to many devices. Thus you can receive messages on a Mac or even an Android tablet.

    Thus notifications will appear on your desktop. Thus it is quite easy to receive any important message. For this, you will not have to check your mobile again and again. You can also receive phone calls too. You can also check your whole contact list and can easily send picture messages.

    4. Mysms

    This app works on multiple platforms like Android tablets, windows-based PCs and tablets, as well as iPad and Macs. This app contains unique features, but it provides a stable and fast messaging platform.

    You can see all the history and can send MMS from your desktop. For this, you won't have to open your smartphone, and you can even make an MMS group. You can also receive your messages too. You can also use it on the browser.

    5. Your phone

    Phone Microsoft launches phones and mainly focuses on connectivity and efficiency. Your phone has many features. If you connect a phone with a PC then. You can also receive and see the text messages on your phone. Additionally, you can Exchange the files from Android to PC with this amazing application.

    view text messages sent and received Android

    Part 4. Extra Tips: How to Back Up and Restore Text Messages on Android?

    Android users can easily backup and restore text messages. They can use google drive for this purpose. Here are the steps to follow:

    1. Go to your Android phone setting, scroll down, and click on Google.
    2. Tap on the backup option, toggle on backup to the Google Drive option.
    3. Now select your Google account.
    4. Confirm your action by tapping on the OK button.
    5. Now the Android device will continue backup and restoring of Android messages.

    Part 5. Conclusion

    As you know, it's a need of the majority of people to view phone text messages on computer. Each person has a different reason for viewing their text messages on the big screen. People can only view their phone when they have full control on Android via PC. AirDroid Cast is one of the powerful tools for viewing Android and iPhone text on PC because it has an amazing feature, "remote control", that helps the users to get full control of Android on PC; hence, if your desire is to view text messages on PC, download AirDroid Cast.

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