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[Guide] How to Deliver A Good Software Demo Presentation?

Elsa Updated on May 4, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q: What is Software Demo & Why is It Important?

In the field of software development, a demonstration is similar to a test drive. Software demo presentations are crucial for every project, whether it be an app, a website, or an enterprise-level solution. Whatever is accomplished during a sprint can be presented, it may be a segment, a functionality, or a collection of features.

Software demo presentation is important because it can enhance the productiveness of the software in many ways. It helps creators to collect feedback and create trust in clients. Below, you will find some tips on how to do a good software demo presentation.

Essential Ingredients of a Good Software Demo

1. Demonstrate the operation of the Software

It is crucial to demonstrate your program in use while making a software demo. People will want to see the key aspects illustrated in an approach that is simple for them to understand. This entails dissecting things step-by-step, demonstrating to viewers exactly where to click, and explaining how to get the most out of each feature.

2. Keep the Presentation Simple

Simplicity is one of the most essential instruments of software demo presentations. Prospects sometimes become weary of long qualifying demos where they are forced to provide lengthy answers before viewing the product itself well. The finest software demonstrations involve guiding the prospective client through the product while they explore it.

3. Know the Problem of Audiences

Software demonstrations ought to focus on resolving a particular issue. The demo should center on the problem your product can resolve for the customer or industry if you are aware of it. It might be challenging to keep the audience interested during a demo of the features and functionalities since it can quickly become quite general. Pay attention to the task rather than the features or services.

4. A Clear Illustration Of The ROI

ROI also known as return on investment is a commonly used metric to assess how good investments in software systems have performed. Although it is frequently used to support IT projects, project returns can be measured at any point. Therefore, during the software demo presentation, It is essential to demonstrate and illustrate the commercial advantages and ROI.

5. Competitor Analysis

The most crucial type of study you should conduct before creating a software demo is competitor analysis. You must study everything you can about the benefits and drawbacks of competing items on the market in order to succeed.

The advantages of competitor analysis are: knowing the product strategy of your competition very well, Adaptability to market changes, and understanding the ideal positioning for your goods in the market.

Presentations Tips for A Good Software Demo

An Amazing Screen Mirroring App

When you are doing the mobile software demo presentation, it is essential to have proper and reliable screen sharing too.

The demo presentation includes an actual test of the software. The presented holds the gadget and shows features of the new software and explains the usage steps.

This is the most important part of the process. With a proper sharing tool, you will ensure that what you do on the mobile phone screen shows on the large screen device that is projected to everyone.

Android Cast Can Help You When Presenting A Mobile Software Demo

If you are doing a Mobile software demo presentation and wondering which screen-sharing tool to use to show the usage steps and app features, do not think further. AirDroid Cast app is here to help you.

AirDroid Cast makes it possible to share the mobile-phone screen with any other device. Apart from screen sharing, AirDroid Cast also enables file transfers and remote access to your mobile devices from a large-screen device.

Usage Steps are simple and the screen can be shared with a few steps shown below

  1. Download and install the AirDroid Cast application on your phone and your computer.

  2. Launch AirDroid Cast on both of your devices. You will see 3 connection methods that AirDroid Cast supports to connect your phone to a PC: Wireless(supports casting remotely), AirPlay, USB.

  3. Choose one connection method according to your needs and follow the instruction to finish connection. After successful connection, your mobile phone screen will be display on the PC.

  4. That is all, your mobile phone screen will be visible on the large-screen device. Now, you can open the demo software and do the activities on your phone. Everything you do will be visible on the projector device and you will be able to have the demo presentation without any issues.

Where to Find an Exquisite Software Demo Presentation Template?

If you are planning to do the software demo presentation, first of all, it is essential to explore and learn more about the options and trends. What type of presentations work best for software demos? What to include? How long it should be? Let’s explore several website options where you can find software demo presentation templates.

  1. The first website you can use to find the template of the software demo presentation is There are more than 250 million presentations available and you will undoubtedly find one you like the most.

  2. is another good website, which offers various choices and recommendations regarding the numerous types of presentations.

  3. offers countless presentations and other document templates that can e very useful for demo presentations.

Preparations for A Software Demo Presentation

1. Test Everything

There is "nothing worse" than improvising during a presentation and unintentionally running "imperfect" or incomplete functionality. A happy route, or ideal path or scenario, should be created where you can demonstrate to the customer the entire procedure without any hiccups or problems. Being ready is advantageous.

Before every demo or final presentation, everything must be tested, regardless of the technology, connectivity, or functionality. Inform the customer in advance if you discover a problem during testing that you are unable to fix quickly.

2. Rehearse Your Demo

Practice reciting your script out loud until you feel comfortable because you won't be reading it directly during your presentation. You don't need to remember your script word for word, but you do need to be familiar with it well enough to be able to discuss each subject in a casual manner.

You may rehearse your demo by giving it to friends, family, or coworkers. You can also record your demo presentation to evaluate the material and get a feel for the flow.

3. Make A Time Schedule

Make a process time schedule and follow it. It is always better to have the outline of the whole presentation. It's challenging and requires the skill to present the demo software while managing your time.

Although you don't have to disclose to your audience the precise scheduling information for each agenda item, you should have a general concept of how long each portion should last.

4. Know Who Your Audience is

You must be aware of your audience in order to perform an efficient demo presentation. Make every effort to learn as much as you can about your prospects so that you may personalize your presentation to them and be ready for various meeting circumstances.

This is crucial when selecting how to deliver your information in the most effective way and what use cases to provide that are closely related to it.

During the Software Demo Presentation: Dos and Don't s

So, how to give a good software demo presentation? Let’s briefly review the dos and don'ts.

First of all, let’s discuss what not to do.

  1. Do not read from the notes. Nothing makes a demo less interesting than a presenter who is only reading from their notes or slides.

  2. Make sure no private messages or unneeded information pops up during the presentation.

  3. Before beginning your presentation, turn off all of the smart devices you are using, including your laptop.

Now, let’s move on to the “Dos”. Here are the tips on how to give a good software demo.

  1. Create a presentation script or plan that has a logical flow before anything else.

  2. Practice reciting your script out loud until you feel comfortable because you won't be reading it out loud during your presentation.

  3. Try to foresee potential inquiries, and questions and how you will reply to them.

Pay Attention to These Questions

[Audiences] Questions to Ask During A Software Demo

Be ready for a range of questions because every audience member will have a unique set of experiences and backgrounds when they attend your presentation. It is important to come up with an exhaustive list of all the various questions that may be asked during your demo when you are performing it for coworkers or family members.

This will help you to have all answers ready and will avoid confusion. So, here are the most common questions to ask during a software demo.

  1. What aspects are existing consumers most unhappy with?

  2. What are typical downstream expenses that are unknown?

  3. How frequently do you improve or update your features?

  4. Which features are the most popular among current customers?

  5. How does support appear?

  6. Why choose you and not your competitors?

  7. Is this a stand-alone solution or can it be connected to other programs through integration?

Caution: Common Ways Software Demos May Go Wrong

  1. It is always disturbing and not pleasant when the presenter’s personal work and communications start to appear on the screen and disturb the discussion. Make sure you only offer information that is pertinent to your demo during your presentation to avoid humiliation and significant interruptions.

  2. Nothing makes a demo less interesting than a presenter who is only reading from their notes or slides. Bring notes just in case you need to refer to them, but don't read from them or your presentation slides out loud. To establish the tone of the subject you're addressing, your slides should just contain a few words or brief phrases.

  3. One of the most frequent causes of demo failures is a technical hiccup in the middle of a presentation. Have a backup presentation for your demo since there are occasions when things happen that are out of your control, such as a faulty internet connection.

Bottom Line

Software demo and their presentation is a way to present the product, comprehend how it operates, and show its features and advantages prior to making a purchase. The marketing and sales teams use the software demo to provide customers with an opportunity to try out the product. It is very important to do the software demo presentation well. This affects the sales, and image, and is essential for overall software development. AirDroid Cast can make the visual and practical side of your presentation perfect.

FAQs about Software Demo Presentation

When Do Demos Happen?
The majority of demos are done within the initial meeting with a potential customer, but occasionally numerous presentations are necessary. This is particularly true when presenting a collection of goods, services, or other things that require more than one discussion. It also holds true when product development is still in the early stages.
What is the Goal of A Software Demo?
An explanation of the benefits of your product or service to an existing or potential consumer is known as a product demo. Typically, it entails a presentation of key traits and talents. The demo's main objective is to consummate a trade and close the deal.
Who Usually Presents the Demo?
Product Owners and Managers are often in charge of doing the demo. One or more IT System Team members are also often present and are frequently in charge of preparing the demo in the staging environment.
What Should I Cover in Software Demo?
During the software demo presentations, you must first of all address the problem and how your product solves this particular problem. Also, you should explain the context and present actual data. Visualization of how each component of software works is also essential.
How Long Does A Demo Need to Be?
A product demo is a brief presentation, usually 20 to 30 minutes long, intended to show the product to potential clients who are considering buying it.
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