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If you wish to share the activity on your iPhone with another iPhone, then you should know that it is as easy as screen mirroring to a PC or TV. There are a lot of reasons to screen mirror between iPhones and this may be to enjoy entertainment like movies and games or share work-related files.

This guide goes over all the possible ways you can mirror one iPhone screen to another iPhone screen using airplay and other screen mirroring tools, and other questions you have regarding this topic.

Part 1: Can I Mirror My iPhone to Another iPhone Using AirPlay?

Currently, AirPlay does not support screen mirroring options from iPhone to iPhone. AirPlay is a built-in feature of the iPhone and other Apple devices. As a result, many people assume that they can use it to mirror iPhone to iPhone.

You can use AirPlay to mirror your iPhone to an AirPlay-supported smart TV or Mac. In order to mirror iPhone to iPhone, you have to rely on another method such as third-party tools like AirDroid Cast. If you only want to transfer data from your one iPhone to another iPhone, you can consider using AirDrop instead of screen mirroring,

Part 2: How to Mirror iPhone to iPhone Using AirDroid Cast?

AirDroid Cast is a software application that allows screen mirroring between two or more devices. With this application, you can screen mirror between iPhones, and you can also mirror your iOS device to other devices.

One of the features that allows the AirDroid Cast screen mirror iPhone to iPhone is the web version, and below are the steps you need to follow to complete this.

Step 1. Download the AirDroid Cast App from the Apple Store on the iPhone to be mirrored
On the recipient iPhone, go to the browser and open the website version of this app webcast.airdroid.com

Step 2. A cast and QR code will be displayed on this webpage. On the iPhone to be mirrored, open the AirDroid Cast and scan or enter the code displayed on the webpage.

Step 3. The receiving iPhone will be asked to “allow” screen mirroring and once permission is granted, the connection continues. You can choose to recognize this device for easy screen mirroring next time.

Your iPhone screen should be mirrored successfully after following these steps.

Key Features of AirDroid Cast

  • Supports AirPlay
  • Web-version and software application available for both iOS and Android devices
  • Utilizes wired and wireless connection (WLAN, Airplay, A Cable)
  • Allows multiple devices to mirror on one screen
  • No sign-in is required to use the web version

Part 3: How to Mirror iPhone to iPhone with Third-Party Apps?

A third-party app allows you to screen mirror devices, however, not all of these apps support phone-to-phone screen mirroring. Here are some of the best third-party apps that allow you to screen mirror an iPhone to another iPhone.


This is a screen mirroring software application that can mirror one screen to another. This app is suitable for iPhones, and it can be gotten from the Apple Store, it also contains screen recording and screenshot tools that can be utilized while mirroring. You can use this app by following the steps below.

How to mirror iPhone to iPhone using LetsView

  1. Install this app on both the sending and receiving iPhones.
  2. Access the control center of the sending iPhone by swiping from the top or the bottom, this depends on the model of your iPhone.
  3. Connect both iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network
  4. Open the LetsView app on both devices and click on “use code” on the sending iPhone, which is written at the bottom of the screen.
  5. On the receiving iPhone, enter the code to start screen mirroring


This is another screen mirroring software that is capable of screen mirroring one iPhone to another, it can be installed from the Apple Store and it comes with other features that allow you to mirror mobile devices to a PC or TV. To screen mirror between iPhones using this app, follow these steps.

How to mirror iPhone to iPhone using ApowerMirror

  1. Install the ApowerMirror on both devices
  2. Connect both iPhones to the same Wi-Fi network.
  3. Open your phone settings and tap on “customize controls” and then tap on “screen recording”.
  4. Launch this app and tap on “M” to start the connection.
  5. Select your device on the list of available devices, but Apowersoft should be attached with the device name.
  6. Access the control center by swiping from the bottom or top of your iPhone and tap on screen record. Select “Apower mirror” and tap on “start broadcast” to screen mirror your iPhone.


AnyScreen is a screen mirroring app that can cast the screen of one iPhone to another iPhone. It utilizes the AirPlay feature to make this connection possible, and it requires both devices to be on the same wifi network. To use AnyScreen to screen mirror your iPhone, follow these steps;

How to mirror iPhone to iPhone using AnyScreen

  1. Install this application on both devices using the Apple Store.
  2. Connect both iPhones to the same wifi network.
  3. Open the app on both devices.
  4. Access the control center on the iPhone to be mirrored and tap on “screen mirroring” which is just below the brightness control settings.
  5. Select your device from the list of available devices. It appears in the list as AnyScreen + device name.
  6. Connect to screen mirror your iPhone successfully.


This is another reliable application for screen mirroring the screen of one iPhone to another, this way you can stream videos and play games with others. Here are the steps for using TeamViewer to mirror from iPhone to iPhone.

How to mirror iPhone to iPhone using TeamViewer

  1. Install the TeamViewer Remote Control app on the receiving iPhone and TeamViewer
  2. QuickSupport on the sending iPhone.
  3. Open both app on your iPhones.
  4. On the sending iPhone, a TeamViewer ID will be displayed. Enter this ID into the receiving iPhone and tap on the Remote Control option.
  5. The sending iPhone will be asked to allow screen mirroring, tap on Allow.
  6. On the sending iPhone, go to the control center and select the screen recording option.
  7. Select TeamViewer and tap on start broadcast.
  8. Your iPhone screen will be mirrored to the receiving one immediately.

Part 4: Final Verdict

AirPlay is the ideal tool for screen mirroring your iPhone to another iPhone as it is easy to use and accessible. However, the other apps described above are also great for screen mirroring between iPhones and the AirDroid Cast is highly recommended as it supports a lot of features that allow you to carry out this task, its web version allows you to screen mirror from one iPhone to another for free.

Before considering these third-party apps, you should carry out some research, as some of them will require you to make in-app purchases before screen mirroring successfully.

FAQs about Mirroring iPhone to iPhone

How can I mirror my iPhone screen?
You can mirror your iPhone screen using the in-built screen mirroring feature called AirPlay, another alternative is to use a third-party app like AirDroid Cast App for screen mirroring. It is important to check AirPlay compatibility on both devices, as it determines the success of screen mirroring.
Can I mirror my iPhone to my iPad?
Mirroring your iPhone screen to any device can be done using Airplay and third-party apps. Always ensure that both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. If AirPlay compatibility is a problem you can use the third-party apps.
Can I screen mirror my iPhone without Wi-Fi? 
There are a lot of ways to screen mirror your iPhone without using Wi-Fi, this can be done by using the Apple Lightning Connector and HDMI cable or using the Apple peer-to-peer feature. You can learn more abouthow to screen mirror your mobile device without Wi-Fi. 
Can I use Bluetooth to mirror my iPhone?
Bluetooth can only be utilized when mirroring your iPhone to Apple TV or any other AirPlay supporting streaming device. Screen mirroring your iPhone to iPad, PC, or TV using Bluetooth is not possible as it is slow.
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