How to Fix iPad Screen Mirroring Not Working?

Airplay is a tool that gives the possibility to mirror the iOS device screen to the larger display. Use of the tool is pretty easy and the streaming can be done by simply tapping on the “Mirror” option in the control center.

However, there can be cases when iPad screen mirroring not working. This issue may be caused by various factors which need to be explored carefully. This article will guide you to find issues, and fix them. Additionally, alternative solutions will also be discussed here.

1 5 Quick Solutions - iPad AirPlay Not Working

Solution 1

One of the solutions to iPad Airplay not working may be connected to the Wi-Fi. If your Wi-Fi connection has a problem, then most likely it will affect AirPlay. When using the AirPlay, both, receiver and sending gadgets must be connected to the same network. Therefore, the first thing you may need to do is to check if it works properly.

Solution 2

Another reason for the problem of iPad Airplay not working may be the connection timeout. After some time, the devices may become disconnected. Therefore, trying resetting the pairing may help. To do so, you can turn the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off and then connect again.

ipad screen mirroring not working

Solution 3

You can disable the AirPlay and then re-enable it to make sure that this was not the issue. To do this, open the control center and go to the screen mirroring, tap on the “Stop mirroring” and after a few moments, you can re-enable the AirPlay.

Solution 4

Try rebooting your gadget if iPad Airplay not working. Sometimes, when the device is on for a long period of time, it causes some functions not to work properly. Therefore, the rebooting will let your gadget clear the cache and it will generally refresh the system.

Solution 5

Sometimes, when the new version and features are out, the older ones do not work properly. Apple often has new updates out, therefore, you may have missed following up with the latest offers. By updating, the bugs will be fixed and the overall performance of the system will be improved. Therefore, it may also solve your iPad Airpla not working problems.

2 Other Issues When Using AirPlay

Music stopped accidentally

If iPad Airplay not working properly and this leads the music to stop accidentally, there can be several causes behind it. In some cases, the music, specifically the HomePod may be used by the Home App.

HopePod is a speaker that is used mainly to stream music from the iPad. Additionally, if Siri, for example, uses the audio feature in the background, this may also cause the playback to be interrupted. Therefore, first, check all the other apps that may possibly be using the device audio and make sure that they are turned off.

See video but don't hear audio

iPad AirPlay not working problem can also be identified when you see the video but do not hear audio. First of all, make sure that you have the volume up and the device is not muted, check both the sender and receiver devices.

Check the ring/silent switch again and make sure that the silent mode is not on. If it is on, then you will see the orange line. You may need additional help from Apple Support if this does not solve the AirPlay not working problem.

3 Screen Mirroring iPad to Samsung TV Not Working?

AirPlay allows the iOS devices to be connected to the Samsung TV. However, iPad screen mirror not working problems may arouse. There may be several causes of this issue, however, you can try some solution methods that may help.

  • First of all, make sure that both devices are connected to the same network.
  • Additionally, check if the Samsung TV and iPad are both updated.
  • Restarting devices may help the issue of iPad screen mirroring not working.

  • AirDoroid Cast Web Can Help You

    If you have tried all the methods but iPad screen mirroring still does not work, you can find an alternative to AirPlay. The best alternative is AirDroid Cast Web. It can help you to easily share the screen without any complications.

    This tool gives the possibility to cast your gadget screens (Mac, Windows, iOS, Android) to any large-screen device that has a web browser. While using the AirDroid Cast Web, you only need to have an AirDroid Cast app downloaded on sending gadgets. There is no need to download any application and no additional installations are required on your receiver device.

    Step 1. Download AirDroid Cast App on your iPad by click “Try It Free” button below or App Store or from its official website.

    Step 2. Go to on your Samsung TV browser.

    AirDroid Cast Web overview

    Step 3. You will see the large QR code and 9-digit cast code in the middle of the TV screen. Scan it from your iPad.

    Step 4. Allow the permissions on your large-screen device and iPadt.

    That is it! You can now freely use your shared screen and watch your favorite movie without delays and complications.

    Note : AirDroid Cast Web offers various features that can be very beneficial in the screen mirroring process. The features include Synchronised audio, clean picture, and low latency.

    4 Screen Mirroring Mac to iPad Not Working

    How To Fix AirPlay on My Mac?

  • If the screen mirroring from Mac to iPad not working, then the several tips may help you to solve the problem. One of the main things that you will have to do is to make sure that the AirPlay is not blocked by the Firewall.
  • To check this, tap on the padlock and log in by typing your administrator password. Then, go to the options and check if the option of “Block all incoming connections” is not on.

  • After that, the second check that you may need to do is to give the device permission to receive the incoming connections, and you can do it by checking the box.
  • After following these steps provided above, then turn the Mac off from the power button, and while restarting, hold those buttons for 20 seconds: P+R+Command+Option.
  • By doing so, you will reset the NVRAM and PRAM. Soon, you will hear the sound of a startup chime.
  • By following those steps, you will reset the settings of your Mac device and it may solve the screen mirroring Mac to iPad not working problem.

  • 5 Screen Mirroring iPad to Apple TV Not Working?

    Screen mirroring problems from iPad to Apple TV may be caused by the problems that come from one of those devices. If the AirPlay iPad not working, then this will cause the screen mirroring to be interrupted.

    The problem can also happen if those devices are not close enough to each other. Additionally, the Airplay iPad not working can happen if both devices need the system update.

    How to Fix AirPlay on Apple TV?

    To fix the problem regarding the AirPlay on Apple TV you can try several different things:

    1. Check if the Apple TV is awake and powered, additionally, also check that both, sender and receiver devices are connected to the same network.
    2. Update your Apple TV to the latest version of the software. You can do this by going to settings, then in general, and tapping on “Update Software”.
    3. Re-pair your iOS device and Apple TV.
    4. Only one device should stream to the Apple TV, if there is more than one, this may cause a problem.

    6 Tips: Can I Use AirPlay from iPad to My PC?

    You can use AirPlay from your iPad to your PC. However, it can only be done by a third-party application. One of the best applications that will make it possible to mirror the iPad to the PC with the use of AirPlay is Airdroid Cast. The application is easy to use and offers several interesting features.

    1. The first thing you will eventually have to do when sharing from iPad to PC is to download Airdroid Cast tool on both devices. On a PC, you can access the application on its official website, whereas, on a mobile phone, you can find it in the App Store.

    2. airdroid cast app store

    3. When you open Airdroid Cast on the mobile phone and PC, then there will be three sharing options shown, choose “Airplay”.

    4. Follow the instruction that show you on AirDroid Cast interface, then you can start casting.

    7 All You Need to Know about iPad AirPlay

    How to Enable AirPlay on iPad?
  • First of all, make sure that the sender and receiver devices are both connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Go to the control center on your iPad and find the AirPlay Option.
  • Tap on the AirPlay option and choose the receiving device.

  • What Can I Use AirPlay for?
    AirPlay can be used for screen mirroring between iOS devices including iPad, Mac, iPhone, and Apple TV. It allows you to stream videos or any other type of media.
    How to Use AirPlay on iPad?

    In order to share the screen from the iPad to the larger screen, there are several simple steps that need to be followed. The steps are similar when sharing from iPad to iPhone, Mac, and Apple TV.

    First, open the control center and choose the screen mirroring function. After this, you will see the devices that are available for pairing. Those devices can be either iPhone, Mac, or Apple TV. After choosing the specific device, the screen sharing will start.

    8 Conclusion

    In modern technological development, even the most improved and commendable apps sometimes experience issues. Even though the updates are often released, once in a while, problems regarding the iPad screen mirroring not working may occur.

    If the iPad screen mirroring not working, you can try the following to solve the issue:

    1. Restart Wi-Fi on the devices and make sure they are close to each other.
    2. Restart the devices.
    3. Disable and enable the AirPlay.
    4. Update the system software.

    Next time you come across a problem regarding iPad screen mirroring, check out this article to look for possible solutions. However, if you can not resolve the issue, Airdroid Cast is the most optimal alternative.

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