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How to Share Android Screen Remotely

Elsa Updated on May 20, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Different technologies and products help work collaborators create graphical terminal emulators. These graphical terminals give collaborators access to a person's computer desktop, where they can collaborate remotely. This computer sharing feature is called desktop sharing.

share android screen remotely

Contrarywise this feature is not always needed. When there is no need for active collaboration among different users, you can still gain access to the activities going on a person's screen. This access would only permit you to see what the person is doing on their android screen. This mobile device feature is called android screen share.

Android screen sharing helps broadcast the content of one android screen to other devices. This article explores how to share an android screen remotely and the apps to use.

Part 1. Share and View Android Screen Remotely with Screen Sharing Apps

Sharing and viewing your Android screen remotely across various devices is not impossible, nor is it difficult. This section explores the possibility and simplicity of you setting up an Android screen sharing.

What Is a Great Screen Sharing Software?

An excellent screen-sharing software must satisfy certain criteria like easy access to software, affordability, and smooth integration. All these criteria are what users comment about in their reviews. Hence, a great screen-sharing software developer company takes this feedback and improves their platform to satisfy users, especially in these three ways.

great screen sharing software

Firstly, users must be able to easily access the link, tools, and other features needed to use the software. Secondly, users must be assured that they get a lot of value whenever they pay for an app. Furthermore, they should not need to pay a lot to get what they want. Lastly, how well saturated is the software with features users would need? For instance, users must be able to schedule sessions, upload recordings, perform co-browsing, and collaborative document editing, among many other features.

1Android to Android -- Join. me

Join. me is an Android remote screen sharing tool that helps share screens between two Android devices. Hence, if you have a meeting, you can share your ideas graphically through a video presentation. Furthermore, it allows sharing of documents and whiteboards.

Join. me

You can join an online meeting or set it up easily by using To view the phone screen remotely with this tool, you must pay at least $10 per month. With their lowest subscription, you can engage in an unlimited number of meetings, calls, and screen sharing on your Android.

2Android to iPhone -- TeamViewer

Many android screen sharing tools are capable of sharing screens, but not all are built primarily for remote access, like TeamViewer. This tool is frankly for sharing screens on Android. Unlike many screen sharing apps, TeamViewer was not initially designed for video calling.

Share Android to iPhone with Teamviewer

Its main feature is to give remote access, control, and support solutions through PC and mobile platforms like Android and iPhone. Hence, you can control either device from the other. TeamViewer does not require creating an account. Instead, once you tap the Send Your ID, it gives you a unique ID.

3Android to Windows Laptop -- Zoom

Zoom is widely referred to as the best conferencing app. Zoom is the choice solution whenever you need to share your Android screen with your Windows. You can use it to hand pitches, sales demos, team meetings, conferences, and webinars.


Users hardly complain of compatibility issues when installing Zoom. However, only hosts have the autonomous power to choose who can share the screen or share their screen. However, Zoom is quite resourceful in managing choppy networks. Moreover, the app automatically adjusts the video quality of your presentation to maintain your connection.

4Android to Mac Laptop -- Vysor

Vysor is the right tool to use whenever you want to put your Android screen on a laptop like Mac. It is a worthy replacement for Android emulators on MacOS.


It offers various Android screen sharing features like remote app usage and playing game. Furthermore, you can control your Android through Vysor. For instance, you can use the keyboard on your Android device, point and click right from your Mac PC. All the functions on Vysor are free, but it has a pro version. The pro version has a wireless feature that only costs $2.5 per month and $10 per year.

5Android to TV -- Cast to TV

If you need to watch a movie from your local Android storage, app, or website on a broader screen, Cast to TV is the right tool for you. You can stream all kinds of reality shows, live matches, videos, games, etc., with Cast to TV.

Cast to TV

It has an inbuilt browser to search for movies, bookmark web pages, and check through video history. However, streaming web content to the TV with Cast to TV is very dependent on the Wi-Fi network. Hence, you have to make sure that your Android device and TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

Part 2. AirDroid Remote Screen Mirroring -- More than Screen Share

AirDroid Cast is an impressive remote screen mirroring app. It provides users with user-friendly features for sharing your Android device screen on a broader display.

AirDroid Cast

Key Features

  • Remotely share Android screen and control it easily.
  • Share multiple devices on one computer and remote control the devices with ease.
  • Two-way Audio makes communicate ease when screen-sharing.
  • Share screens across different systems.

Screen Mirroring VS. Screen Casting VS. Screen Sharing

Screen mirroring replicates everything on your android screen to another device. On the other hand, screencasting only projects your choice of media like images, audio, video, presentation slides, etc., to another screen.

In contrast, screen sharing broadcasts the contents of your Android device to another device or multiple screens. The distinguishing factor in sharing is that both the sender and receiver must have the same software. However, sharing is similar to mirroring because all the activities on your screen can be seen on the screen in both cases. And when casting, you can select the media you want to display.

Part 3. Why You Need to Share Android Screen Remotely

Remotely, sharing an Android screen is essential because live scenes are more detailed than cumulated facts. For instance, you can screenshot your Android screen if you need to make a presentation. Then, when all the pictures are put together, perhaps your audience will understand what you are trying to illustrate.

Hence, it would be best to share your Android screen remotely because you can create instructional guides and collaborate with other team members on a task in real-time.


Sharing one's Android screen remotely is very beneficial. For example, an employee and employer may need it for an idea presentation or a business pitch. Furthermore, if the app offers control features, you can operate your Android phone efficiently through two devices. However, many of the apps are not free for users.

Hottest Question Related to Android Screen Sharing

Can I Share My Mobile Screen Remotely?
Yes, you can share your Android and iOS mobile screens remotely. All the apps examined above in this article have the screen sharing feature that you can use to share your mobile screen remotely.
How Can I Mirror My Android Remotely?
Yes, you can mirror your Android screen remotely. AirDroid is our recommended app for remotely mirroring your Android screen. AirDroid supports screen mirroring, and it lets you control your Android phone from your desktop.
How Can I Show My Phone Screen Remotely?
You can remotely show your home screen by using a screen sharing or mirroring tool that works remotely. In addition, you can check out the software listed above to remotely show your screen.
How Can I Remotely Connect Two Android Phones?
Connecting two Android phones is possible through USB and wireless connections like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. However, to use the wireless connection features, you have to get software tools to use either Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect the two Android phones remotely.
Is There an App to Watch Someone's Phone?
Yes, there are a lot of apps to watch someone's phone. It could be a GPS tracking or mirroring app. For example, you can use the AirDroid Casting app as a mirroring app to watch someone's phone.
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