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[2023 Full Guide] How To Mirror on Procreate?

Elsa Updated on May 25, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Procreate is one of the most straightforward programs for professionals and other individuals aiming to be graphic designers. Procreate comprises every tool that you need to create outstanding artwork. Although it is an easy process, having thousands of layers to work with can be overwhelming. It is critical to understand how to mirror on Procreate to get the job done with ease.

how to mirror in Procreate

Part 1: What is Mirroring on Procreate?

In Procreate, it's possible to mirror your drawing in various ways. Mirroring on Procreate involves drawing arts on one side of the symmetry guide, which creates a reflection on the other side of the line. Using Symmetry Tool, you can mirror on the Procreate, which is an incredible and vast helpful feature. Mirroring on Procreate allows for extra precision of your artwork and design.

Procreate Symmetry

For instance, after drawing a design, you can mirror the layer contents if you want to adjust the position and shape of an object. You can use the mirror tool to mirror on Procreate.

If you have a design, follow the following steps to mirror the contents layer.

Step 1.
Tap the arrow button in the upper menu bar on the left side. The menu bar will open at the bottom of the screen.
Step 2.
Click on the 'freeform'.
Step 3.
Go ahead and mirror your drawing vertically or horizontally.

mirror drawing on procreate

Part 2: How to Do Symmetry on Procreate?

When drawing repeating designs, fractals, and flowers, it is crucial to ensure your art is symmetrical. Drawing Symmetry on Procreate is relatively simple. Procreate Symmetry Tools enables you to come up with stunning designs and artwork.

symmetry tool

The Procreate Symmetry Tool is one of the options on the drawing guide that enables you to create a symmetrical illustration simply and quickly. It's pretty similar to a mirror image; however, it's pretty powerful since there are various ways of achieving Symmetry with Procreate.

Despite the symmetry option you select, Procreate replicates everything you draw on one of the reflection lines onto the opposite side of the line of reflection. For instance, drawing a butterfly can be the best illustration for shading. By utilizing the Symmetry on Procreate, you might draw on the wing on one side of the canvas while having another wing drawn automatically on the other side.

Steps of Using Symmetry

Step 1.
Click on the wrench icon to open the Settings, and a pop-up menu will show up. Tap on the Canvas and activate the Drawing Guide.

Procreate Drawing Gudie

Step 2.
To edit the drawing guide, tap on the Edit Drawing Guide. The Vertical Symmetry Guide will appear by default. It shows as thin lines overlaying your artwork.
Step 3.
Select your preferred settings to mirror your design. Use the lower field menu to select Isometric, 2D Grid, and perspective and Symmetry. When it comes to drawing patterns, you can apply Isometric, it appropriate for drawing circles. Symmetry is excellent for drawing objects symmetrical.

Mirrored vs Rotational

Typically, new symmetry Guides use Mirror Symmetry be the default. They flip and reflect your strokes through the guideline.

When applying Rotational Symmetry mode, the stroke is reflected and rotated. The design is flipped vertically and horizontally simultaneously. If you want to experiment to view the difference in effect, click on the Rotational Symmetry toggle to observe the two effects.

Part 3: Bonus Tips - How to Mirror Procreate Drawing from iPhone/iPad to PC?

You can mirror on Procreate design and drawings directly from iPad/ iPhone to PC with the help of AirDroid Cast. It enables you to share your phone, whether iOS or Android, to the PC (Mac/ Windows). The Windows Mac or PC be turned into an AirPlay receiver to allow you to view movies, and videos, and a mirror to procreate your drawings on a bigger screen!

Steps of Using AirDroid Cast to Mirror Procreate from iPhone to PC

Step 1.
Download and Install the AirDroid Cast from the official website.
Step 2.
Open AirDroid Cast on the computer and confirm the AirPlay Server is functioning. You will have an option to switch the computer into an AirPlay receiver, which will enable you to cast the screen of the iPhone or iPad to your computer. Connect the iPhone/iPad and PC to the same WIFI network.

AirDroid Cast AirPlay

Step 3.
On your iOS device, look for the Control Center and click on Screen Mirroring. Select the device indicated on AirDroid Cast.

AirPlay guide

Step 4.
After connecting, the screen of your iPhone/iPad will be cast to your computer.


You see, mirroring or creating symmetrical drawings in Procreate is not a difficult thing. For a great experience in mirroring on Procreate from iPhone/iPad to PC, download and try AirDroid Cast today!

FAQs about Mirror on Procreate

How Do I Turn Off Symmetry in Procreate?
Turn off the Symmetry in procreating by clicking on the layer thumbnail and selecting 'Drawing Assist' from the drop-down list, and turn off the symmetry settings.
Can I Mirror Text in Procreate?
Look for the action menu, tap canvas, and activate the Drawing Guide Setting to mirror Procreate. Click on Edit Drawing Guide and select Symmetry. Now you can decide to mirror text on Procreate according to the horizontal axis, vertical axis, radial, or quadrants.
How Do You Draw on Both Sides in Procreate?
In Actions, select Canvas, then tap Edit Drawing Guide. You will be directed to Drawing Guides Screen. Click on the Symmetry button on the lower part of the screen. After opening Symmetry, you will notice a vertical Symmetry Guide by default.
How Do You Flip a Canvas in Procreate?
When flipping your Canvas on Procreate, start adding the Flip command to your QuickMenu. Now use the command to activate the QuickMenu and move your finger toward your Flip command.
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