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Best Free Screen Mirroring Apps for Android & iPhone

Charudatta Updated on Jan 9, 2024 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q:Is there a free app for screen mirroring?

Yes, there are many free screens mirroring software that has excellent mirroring capabilities. Screen mirroring is among the most effective ways to mirror the phone's screen to a bigger and broader screen, such as your computer or television.

You may then project what was on your phone's screen to that of an external screen, such as a PC or TV, for a conference or a seminar, or just to share films and pictures with your friends/relatives. The finest free screen mirroring applications for iPhone and Android are listed here.

free screen mirroring apps

What to Look for in a Free Screen Mirroring App?

When you are searching for different screen mirroring apps for Samsung TVs, you are likely to come across many different options. The good thing is that you can choose the best app by considering the following factors:


Always choose a screen mirroring app that offers a safe and secure app to make sure you can ever mirror sensitive data without worrying about your security.


A reliable screen mirroring app is one that offers smooth and stable performance without any lags. If the app suffers from any delays, you won’t enjoy the mirroring process.


The screen mirroring app of your choice should have a user-friendly interface to make sure that you can easily connect your device and start mirroring your screen.

Audio Support:

Ensure that the screen mirroring app also supports audio mirroring so that you can enjoy both audio and video.


Some of the screen mirroring apps are limited to only one particular type of device or operating system. You should choose an app that supports all major devices and operating systems to fulfil your mirroring requirement

Additional Features:

There are various other features that you can look for in a screen mirroring app, such as USB support, recording, remote control, etc.

5 Best Free Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

Screen Mirroring App Overall Rating Free Trial Website
⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit AirDroid Cast
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit Google Home
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit MirrorGO
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit TeamViewer
⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit Mirroring360

1AirDroid Cast - Perfect for All Users

AirDroid Cast is a free screen mirroring app and also a control solution that is both powerful and simple to use. Broadcast Android and iOS screens on a bigger screen, or use a PC to gain complete control of all these portable devices.

You may use AirDroid Cast to operate iPhones, Android smart-phones,tablets and PC as long as it is connected to a MacOS/Windows PC.

Things that need you to take the phone in your hand, like viewing TikTok videos and purchasing on Amazon, may now be accomplished on your computer by clicking, scrolling, and typing on your smartphone via desktop.

How to Use AirDroid Cast?

Step 1.Download and Install AirDroid Cast onto Both the Devices
Click "Try It Free" button below or go to AirDroid Cast official website to download it onto your Android phone and computer. (Now AirDroid Cast has launched web version, you can easily screen mirroring on a web browser without installing).
Step 2.Connect Android phone onto PC and Start Mirroring
Open AirDroid Cast, for Android phones, you can choose to connect them by scanning the QR code or entering the code which displays on your PC side. A USB cable connection is also available. Follow the instructions to finish some settings. Then the screen of your Android phone will be displayed on your PC.

AirDroid Cast connection methods

Advantages of AirDroid Cast

  • It concentrates on Cast and Control.
  • It supports the systems of Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS.
  • There are several connection methods of AirDroid Cast that you can choose.
  • It's straightforward to grasp.
  • Your can view HD quality screen on PC with low delay.
  • User's Reviews

    AirDroid Cast has an average rating of 4.3 across different platforms. Most of its reviews are positive. Some of the common features of AirDroid Cast that users love are its user-friendliness, wide-ranging compatibility, minimum audio-video latency, and high-quality mirroring capability. One of the users mentioned in his review that this application is best for app demo casting.

    Editor's Rating: 4.6 out of 5

    Screen Mirroring Performance

    The screen mirroring performance of the AirDroid Cast is impressive. It casts your screen with audio without any delay.

    2 Google Home Best for Basic Mirroring

    Google Home is a virtual assistant developed by Google. Google Home, is a free screen mirroring app although we all know, has a casting option that enables you to reflect your smartphone to a larger screen. You may use this to play music, stream videos, cast films and display anything from your phone on your PC or TV.

    Google Home

    User's Reviews

    Google Home is the most used application, with a 4.5 rating, and reviews of Google Home users are mostly positive. According to users who are happy with this application, this application is user-friendly and takes less time to cast from your Android to other devices.

    Editor's Rating: 4.4 out of 5

    Additionally, this application helps to do other tasks easily. That's why Google Home is the most downloaded application.

    How to Download?

    You can find this app from Google Play Store/App Store.

    Screen Mirroring Performance

    The basic mirroring feature is fine and worth trying.

    3MirrorGO - Easy to Use

    MirrorGO is a popular and highly useful Android screen mirroring app. It allows you to mirror your Android screens to your computer or laptop. It is mainly known for its user-friendliness and how it allows you to fully manage your Android phone from your computer, including WhatsApp, SMS, and even the screen.

    Even though MirrorGO can be used for any screen mirroring purpose, it specifically enjoys massive popularity among gamers. It is due to the fact that software is heavily focused on providing complete gaming control during mirroring.

    User's Reviews

    Overall, MirrorGO has 4.5 ratings, which shows users love this tool. However, one primary criticism associated with MirrorGO is that it is very expensive. Once the trial version is over, you'll have to buy one of its paid packages that starts with the price of $19.95 per month.

    Editor's Rating: 3.8 out of 5

    Download link:

    Screen Mirroring Performance:

    Great screen mirroring performance and it also supports live streaming for meetings, teaching sessions, presentations, and gaming

    4TeamViewer Great for Remote Mirroring

    The information displayed on the device screen is broken down into encrypted packets of data and sent via the network to some other device through online screen sharing. The picture obtained from another screen is then rebuilt by the receiver device.

    TeamViewer is the best free screen mirroring app that is intelligent enough to compress data to save bandwidth and carefully watch the activity on the screen, only transmitting information when anything changes or moves. As a result, TeamViewer's remote screen sharing link stability and picture quality is superb.


    User's Review

    TeamViewer 's overall rating is 4.6, with mixed reviews by users on Capterra. TeamViewer is mainly known for remote access in the technology world, but in terms of screen mirroring, it has received average reviews from the users.

    Editor's Rating: 4.5 out of 5

    Some people love the user-friendliness and quick working procedures of TeamViewer. Nevertheless, a lot of people are not happy with the high pricing (starting from $24.90 per month) of the platform. Moreover, users don’t like the fact that TeamViewer requires a high internet speed for proper functioning. Otherwise, it can start lagging a lot.

    Download link

    Screen mirroring performance

    The screen mirroring the performance of the TeamViewer application is average. Because sometimes it does not work well.

    5 Mirroring360 - Good for Most Users

    Mirroring360 is also a free screen mirror app that allows professors to wirelessly mirror the screen of smartphones including an iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone, Chromebooks, PC laptop, or Mac MacBook to a front-end display panel in a classroom or meeting area.

    You can use Mirroring360 to show numerous wireless device displays on the same projection screen at the same time, and record whatever is being displayed. Mirroring360 works on Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Chromebooks.


    User's Reviews

    People's feedback is mixed about this application. If few people are happy with the performance of this application, many of the users have mentioned that this app does not work for them.

    One of the users mentioned that game streaming is slow via this app. In addition, multiple users mentioned that this application does not work properly on Samsung devices. On Google Play Store, Mirroring360 has a poor rating of 2.5 stars on the basis of 5000+ reviews.

    Editor's Rating: 4.0 out of 5

    Download Link:

    Screen Mirroring Performance:

    No doubt, mirrioring360 is a fine casting app, but Samsung users are not satisfied with its performance of it.

    5 Best Free Screen Mirroring Apps for iPhone

    Screen Mirroring App Overall Rating Free Trial Website
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit AirDroid Cast
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit
    Chrome Remote Desktop
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit LetsView
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit Anydesk
    ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Available Visit Airsever

    1AirDroid Cast

    AirDroid Cast is an efficient and user-friendly screen mirroring tool. You can use it to mirror your iPad, iPhone, Mac, and even Android devices to numerous types of devices. It is the best option for iOS users because AirDroid Cast supports AirPlay 2 connection without any compatibility issues. It can turn your Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver.

    AirDroid Cast - cast Android to PC

    User's Reviews

    AirDroid Cast enjoy immense popularity among iOS store with 4.4 rating on the basis of 443 reviews on the Apple App store. Users have always appreciated its easy and user-friendly interface Moreover, its unique feature of AirPlay 2 connection is loved by the users because they are able to make safe and stable connection.

    Editor's Rating: 4.6 out of 5

    Screen mirroring performance

    AirDroid Cast offers excellent performance without any delays.

    2Chrome Remote Desktop

    Chrome Remote Desktop makes it simple to connect to your home or business computer from anywhere, as well as share the screen. Use your smartphone, tablet, or another desktop to securely access your PC while you're gone.

    To communicate in real-time, share your screen, or link with another machine to provide or receive remote help. It's quick, easy, and free. Chrome Remote Desktop links you to your devices utilizing the newest online technologies if you need to view your computer at work from home, read a file from your personal computer while traveling, or share your screens with friends and colleagues.

    Remote Desktop

    User’s Reviews

    Chrome Remote Desktop has an average rating of 3.7. Most users added a positive review; they stated that this application is good and works work smoothly. But I found that people who are pricing this application for good performance at the same spot mentioned that they faced issues while connecting devices. Additionally, people who shared negative reviews said it became a buggy app after the recent update.

    Editor's Rating: 4.6 out of 5

    Download link:

    Screen mirroring performance:

    The performance of this tool is great.


    LetsView is also a free screen mirroring software that has excellent mirroring capabilities. It's a screen-mirroring program that works on both Android and iOS smartphones, as well as Mac, Windows, and televisions.

    You can also cast data, photographs, programs, and even games from your cellular telephones to your PC or TV, in addition to films and movies. An annotation tool, a screen recorder, and a screenshot tool are among the other capabilities included in this software.


    User’s Reviews

    The overall rating of let's view is 3.8, which is definitely not a good rating. Most users are not happy with this casting and mirroring application because this app took too much time. Tablet users are also not appreciating this app because it connects it to PC for casting. In addition, it does not work with vista.

    On the other hand, few users are happy with it because this application helped them a lot in casting. In addition, this application has no watermark.

    Editor's Rating: 4.0 out of 5

    Download link:

    Screen mirroring performance

    Screen mirroring performance is satisfactory.


    AnyDesk is another program that allows you to mirror and control the screen of your smartphone on a larger screen, such as your computer or television.

    This screen mirroring tool may be used as a remote control by just utilizing your cell phone, allowing you to quickly and easily create and enjoy the mirroring process. It has a tall frame and provides a steady mirrored experience. Furthermore, AnyDesk provides IT experts and on-the-go users with safe and dependable remote desktop connections.


    User’s Reviews

    The rating of Anydesk app is 4.5 out of 5. It seems Users are happy with this casting application. Because this allows the remote control connection, it is easy to use the application, works flawlessly, and is a secured application.

    Few users criticized this app because it is not working smoothly after the recent update, and secondly, scammers and hackers use this software to steal others' data.

    Editor's Rating: 4.2 out of 5

    Download link:

    Screen mirroring performance:

    The screen mirroring performance is perfect.

    5Airsever Connect

    A basic large screen or projector may be turned into a global screen mirroring receiver using AirServer. Users may utilize their own devices, such as a Mac or PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, Nexus, or Chromebook, to wirelessly mirror their display across to the large screen with AirServer activated on your big screen, quickly turning the room into a collaborative place.

    AirServer Connect for Android also provides AirPlay mirroring features to your Android smartphone, allowing you to simultaneously project to numerous Apple TVs and PCs running AirServer.


    User’s Reviews

    The rating of Airserver Connect is quite poor at only 2.2. The critical feedback from this app is because there are too many bugs, it drops the connection after every few minutes.

    Editor's Rating: 3.9 out of 5

    Downloading link:

    Screen mirroring performance

    It works well but mixed some unreliable factors.

    Are There Any Screen Mirroring Apps Supporting Android & iPhone?

    Yes, there are many screens mirroring apps that support both Android and iPhone. All of these apps have their own unique interface, pros, cons, and pricing. You should choose the app that fulfils your requirement and allow you to quickly mirror your iPhone or Android screen to another device.

    Some of the tools mentioned above that support both Android and iPhone are:

    • AirDroid Cast
    • Google Home
    • MirrorGO
    • TeamViewer
    • LetsView

    Which One is the Best Screen Mirroring App?

    AirDroid Cast is the best screen mirroring app because it is available for all major platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and TV. It allows you to screen mirror anytime and anywhere through web browser without installation. It is the only one app that supports web version.

    Moreover, AirDroid Cast offers a wide range of features that are typically not available in other screen mirroring apps.

    AirDroid Cast
    • Unlimited mirroring time
    • AirPlay features for iOS and Mac users
    • Ability to mirror multiple screens at the same time
    • Web-version for quick and easy screen mirroring
    • Safe and secure connections
    • Good remote controls
    • No latency and delays
    • User-friendly interface

    Easily manage and control your phone/tablet from your PC. You can imediately cast the displays of your Android and iOS devices to a bigger monitor and even control them from a PC. Wondering to learn more about it, this AirDroid Cast review from Filehorse can help you a lot.

    Why a Quality Mirroring App Is Crucial for Your Work or Entertainment?

    Choosing a good quality mirroring app is essential for work and entertainment purposes in the following conditions:

    • Presenting your work in an official capacity means you'll need the highest possible quality to accurately present your data and findings.
    • The quality of a movie or series has a direct impact on how much you enjoy it, and if you are watching it via screen mirroring, you'll want high quality.
    • Gaming is more fun when the screen is clear and easy to watch.
    • HD quality is required for content creating and streaming purposes as well

    Tips and Tricks about Mirroring Phone Screen to Other Devices

    Follow these tips to successfully mirror your phone screen to other devices:

    • Check compatibility and make sure that mirroring is possible in the first place.
    • Some of the devices have built-in features, such as Miracast on Android or AirPlay on iPhone. These features have limited mirroring time, but you can use them for basic mirroring
    • Download and install a suitable screen mirroring app that supports your mirroring needs.
    • Screen mirroring can put a strain on your device's battery, so be mindful of your battery life.

    Ultimately, choosing a wrong screen mirroring app can end up disrupting the entire process with constant lags, security issues, or bugs. Hence, it is important to choose a tried-and-tested app with great reviews to ensure you can enjoy the best screen mirroring features.


    In this article, we assembled a list of the top free screen mirroring apps for Android and iPhone in this post. As smartphone innovation improved, so did picture viewing, with the introduction of large-screen views from the phone to the PC via a simple connection. Among the screen mirroring apps that we have discussed above, the top one is AirDroid Cast. Now you can easily click the "Try It Free" button below to enjoy mirroring!

    People Also Ask About Screen Mirroring

    Which is the best and free screen mirroring app?
    As described in this article, there are several free mirroring apps that perfectly work on iPhone, such as AirDroid Cast, Google Home.
    Do you need WiFi for screen mirroring?
    Most screen mirroring apps and technology require WiFi to connect, and some may need to turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Luckily, AirDroid Cast allows you to screen mirror phone to PC with USB cable, even if you can't connect to WiFi.
    Why is screen mirroring iPhone to TV not working?
    Firstly, make sure your TV is an AirPlay-compatible device that supports screen mirroring. Secondly, ensure to turn on the screen mirroring feature in your iPhone and TV.
    Can I mirror my Android phone to another phone?
    Yes, mirroring your Android phone to another phone is possible with the help of a screen mirroring app like AirDroid Cast.
    Do you need an app to mirror Android to TV?
    Some of the newer smart TVs and devices are equipped with Miracast and AirPlay (iOS). You can use these built-in features for mirroring, but they have very limited options. So, it is recommended that you get a third-party app to mirror Android to TV to enjoy various features.
    What is the best screen mirroring app for Android to Roku TV?

    There are various great screen mirroring apps for Android to Roku TV, such as AirDroid Cast, LetsView, and AirPlay (for iPhone users).

    Is screen mirroring safe and secure?
    The safety and security of the connection established for screen mirroring is completely dependent on the app you are using. Some of the apps are not as secure as you might like them to be, so it is important to use an app like AirDroid Cast that offers safe and secure screen mirroring features.
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