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How to Cast YouTube Videos from SmartPhone or Computer to Roku TV?

Elsa Updated on Nov 9, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Problems arise while trying to cast YouTube to Roku. Even if you haven't used a Roku before, you should still read this post since it contains some fascinating information regarding Roku TV and the transfer of media files between devices. Roku TV is unable to play YouTube TV for several reasons. In this post, we'll go through all those problems and provide you with some of the easiest and finest solutions.

1 Solution 1. Cast YouTube TV to Roku with Built-in Features

1. Cast YouTube TV from Android to Roku

You can easily cast YouTube to Roku TV from Android using the built-in features of Roku and Android. Here are the detailed steps:

Step 1: Open Settings on Roku TV

Open the Settings tab on Roku TV and then choose the Network tab. Then click on the 'About' tab to get network details.

Step 2: Open System Tab

Open the system tab from Settings and then click on Screen Mirroring. Tap on Screen mirroring mode to select any of the three options you need, i.e., Always Allow, Never Allow, and Prompt.

Step 3: Open Settings on Android Phone

Open the Settings tab on your Android phone and click on ‘Bluetooth and Device Connection’ to choose ‘Connection Preferences.’ Then click on the ‘Cast’ tab to select the Roku TV.

Step 4: Allow Access from Roku TV

Click on Allow Access on the notification on your TV screen. Within a minute, your Android screen will display on the TV. Now you can play YouTube TV on your Android and enjoy it on Roku TV.

How to disconnect the Connection?

Simply go to the Roku Settings and click on System. There tap on the screen Mirroring mode and select Never Allow. Your connection with Android will break.

2. Cast YouTube TV from iOS to Roku

Connecting your Roku TV with your iPhone is quite a simple task for playing YouTube TV on Roku. You just need to cast the screen with built-in features; no external App is needed for this purpose. Here are the simple steps to cast YouTube TV from iPhone to Roku TV using AirPlay:

Step 1: Open Roku TV Settings

Go to the Settings tab on Roku TV, select ‘Apple AirPlay and HomeKit’, and then turn the AirPlay On.

Step 2: Select Screen Mirroring Tab

Drag the Quick Settings screen down and tap on Screen Mirroring. A list of available devices will appear. Select your Roku TV name.

Step 3: Enter the Code

Enter the code on your iPhone that is displayed on Roku TV, and within a few seconds will get the display of your iPhone on TV. Play YouTube TV videos on the iPhone to display them on Roku TV.

3. Cast YouTube TV from Windows PC to Roku

Casting YouTube TV from the Windows PC to Roku is not a big deal. Follow the below-mentioned simple steps to watch YouTube TV on Roku TV:

Step 1: Roku TV Settings

Open the Roku TV Settings and click on the System tab to select Screen Mirroring. Select Prompt or Always Allow to allow access by other devices.

Step 2: Open Windows PC

Open the Windows PC Desktop and then right-click on the Desktop to select Display Settings. A Window will appear. Scroll down and find Connect to a Wireless Display. A list of devices will appear.

Step 3: Select Roku Player

Select the Roku Player and then move to the Roku TV again to click on Allow button.

Within a minute, your PC screen will display on the Roku TV. Now you can play YouTube TV on your PC, which will be displayed on the Roku TV.

4. Cast YouTube TV from Mac to Roku

Playing YouTube TV on Mac is a complicated process. Once it is played, you can share your Mac screen with the Roku TV to enjoy a big screen for watching TV shows. Here are a few steps to cast a Mac screen to Roku:

Step 1: Open Settings

Open the Settings Tab on your Roku TV, select Apple AirPlay and HomeKit tab, and then turn on the AirPlay.

Step 2: Open Mac Settings

Open the Mac Settings from the icon shown in the image and select Screen Mirroring. Select the Roku TV from the list.

Step 3: Enter Passcode

A passcode will appear on your Roku TV. Enter the code on your Mac screen. You can watch your Mac screen on the Roku TV within a few seconds. Play YouTube TV on Mac and enjoy it on your Roku. (To disable screen mirroring, tap on it again and turn it off).

2 Solution 2. Cast YouTube TV to Roku with AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a great app for screen mirroring that allows casting screens to various devices. It is the best alternative to cast YouTube TV from various platforms to Roku TV to get big screen fun of your favorite TV shows.

Tutorial to Cast YouTube from Android/iOS to Roku by Using AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast app is compatible with almost all popular OS. You can easily cast your Android/iOS/Win/Mac screen to the Roku TV within 5 minutes. AirDroid Cast also supports Windows and Mac OS to cast their screen on Roku TV.

The best solution is to use AirDroid Cast Web on your Roku TV to cast mobile or PC screens on Roku.

Step 1: Install the AirDroid Cast

Install the AirDroid Cast app on your mobile phone by clicking “Try It Free” button below. Or get it from App Store/Google Play Store.

Step 2: Open the Web Browser on your Roku TV

Open a web browser on your Roku TV and type

Step 3: Scan Code

Scan the code or add it manually on your mobile to start casting your mobile screen on the Roku TV. Then launch the YouTube app on your mobile, which will display on Roku.

Tutorial to Cast YouTube from Win/Mac to Roku by Using AirDroid Cast

Casting YouTube TV from Win or Mac is similar to an Android or iOS device. The method is almost the same. Let’s go through its simple steps:

Step 1: Install AirDroid Cast

Download and install the AirDroid Cast app on your Windows PC or Mac. Launch AirDroid Cast client on your computer and tap on “Cast to”.

Step 2: Open the Web Browser on Roku TV

Open any web browser on the TV and go to

Step 3: Enter Code

Input the 9-digit code that display on the TV on AirDroid Cast desktop client.

Step 4: Allow Access from the TV

On your web browser, a permission message will appear. Click on Allow button to start screen sharing.

Now open YouTube TV on your PC, and it will simultaneously display on the Roku TV with HD quality and the best audio results.

3 Solution 3. Roku Mobile App: Share the Video Stored on Your Phone to Roku TV

Roku also has launched mobile apps for its Android and iPhone users. You can download the Roku app on your mobile phone to play anything on the Roku TV. The app also acts as a remote.

It is really helpful to play any YouTube video on Roku by downloading it on your phone. Download any video from YouTube on your mobile and cast it on your Roku TV within a minute. Here are simple steps to cast videos from Roku mobile App to TV:

Step 1: Download Roku App

Download and install the Roku spp on your mobile phone. It is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Step 2: Download Videos

Download videos on your phone that you want to play on Roku TV.

Step 3: Open the Roku TV App

Open the app, and you will see a menu list at the bottom of the screen tap on the Photos tab. Here you will get all the photos and videos of your mobile. Select any video from the list, and it will be displayed on the Roku TV within seconds.

4 Solution 4. Cast YouTube TV from Browser to Roku TV

Casting YouTube to TV from a Chrome browser is also easy for screen sharing.

  1. Open YouTube on any web browser and then play your favorite video.

  2. You will see a Cast option at the top of the player. Click on the Cast tab and select the Roku TV from the list of available devices.

  3. Make sure both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi.

  4. Otherwise, Roku TV will not appear in the search list. Once you have selected the Roku TV, permission may be asked.

  5. Allow access, and then you will watch the YouTube directly on the Roku TV with the audio.

5 How to Enable Screen Mirroring on Roku?

From all the above methods we have discussed, one thing is very clear enabling screen mirroring on the Roku TV is essential. So let’s clear the steps to enable screen mirroring on Roku in this part:

Step 1: Turn on the TV

Turn On the Roku TV and go to Settings Tab.

Step 2: Click on System Tab

In the Settings tab, you will get the System option. Click on it to get the screen mirroring tab.

Step 3: Select Screen Mirroring Mode

Then click on screen mirroring mode and select any option from the three available, as shown in the image below.

6 How to Download and Install a Web Browser to My Roku TV?

Download a Browser Apk on Your U-disk

Download a browser apk from your Windows PC/Mac to your U-disk. You can download Chrome, Firefox and any browsers that you want to use.

Install the Browser on Your Roku TV

Insert the USB device into the USB port of the Roku TV. Then press the Home button and move to Settings to choose the apps tab.

After that, click on TV Guard and then App Manager. Then select install from USB and go to disk to select the APK file to install. Finally, click on the Ok button, and the app will install in a minute.


7 Extra Tips: How to Cast Netflix from a Phone to Roku TV?

Watching Netflix on Roku TV from a phone is the same as watching YouTube. Netflix also offers the Cast button on the player, which looks the same as a TV icon.

  1. Open Netflix on your phone and play your favorite video that you want to watch on Roku TV.

  2. Click on the Cast icon from the top of the player and select the Roku TV for screen mirroring.

  3. Click on Allow button if it appears anywhere on the Roku TV to allow access to your phone.

  4. Before doing all this, ensure your screen mirroring mode of Roku TV is On, and both devices are connected to the same local network.

8 Closing

The Roku TV is a cutting-edge Smart TV that ranks among the finest on the market. Despite its limitations, Roku's screen casting capability allows access to blocked material and programs on other devices by connecting them to Roku and sharing their screens.

We then went through three distinct methods for playing YouTube TV on Roku. Use Roku's built-in screen mirroring functionality to show your iOS, Android, Windows, or Mac screens on Roku. It's also possible to utilize the app - AirDroid Cast to mirror your computer or mobile device's display on a television. Another easy option is to use the Roku app to play downloaded videos from YouTube and watch them on a Roku TV.

FAQs about Casting YouTube to Roku

Can You Cast YouTube to a Roku?

Yes, you can Cast YouTube to a Roku the same way as we can 'Cast' Netflix. In this artilce, we provide 4 ways that you can choose to cast YouTube video to a Roku TV.

Why Can't I Cast YouTube TV to My Roku?

There are several reasons for not connecting to the Roku TV. If Roku TV screen mirroring is enabled, you can cast YouTube TV to Roku. The same internet connection is also an essential part of connectivity.

How Do I Cast YouTube from my Phone to My Roku?

Casting YouTube to Roku TV can be made possible by using built-in screen mirroring feature or AirDroid Cast. Then, play YouTube video on the phone, which will display on Roku.

Can You Cast Directly to Roku?

If your sending device has a built-in cast feature, then you can 'Cast' anything directly on Roku. The casting feature helps you directly connect to the Roku TV without any app.

Why YouTube TV Service is No Longer Available on Roku?

After the disagreement in a contract between Roku and Google, Roku TV has removed YouTube TV from its list; thus, services are no longer available.

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