How to View Instagram Search History? [Tested 2022]

If you use Instagram frequently, you've undoubtedly conducted hundreds (if not more) of queries in your account history for individuals, locations, and trending hashtags (like #nature). In addition, Instagram will record all the search results you click in your search history. This brief post will demonstrate how to quickly check and view your Instagram search history on your phone. So, without further ado, let's dive straight into it.

Instagram search history

1How to View Instagram Search History?

In contrast to other social media, Instagram does not have a specific section or page for user search history. Instead, the past searches are recorded and made accessible when the user conducts a new search. Therefore, some users may find it challenging to locate their previous queries. Let's now look at how to use the techniques below to locate and view the history of Instagram on the Instagram mobile app.

view Instagram search history

  1. Step 1.
    Launch or log in to Instagram
  2. Grab your smartphone or tablet and tap the Instagram icon to launch the app.
     This will open the Instagram application and show the home screen, where you can view the posts and images from the accounts you are following. 
  3. open Instagram

  1. Step 2.
    Open the Search & Explore Page
  2. On the Instagram home page, click the Search & Explore icon. The Search & Explore tab will open with a selection of well-liked images. You can conduct searches, discover intriguing Instagram users to follow, and explore what the Instagram community offers.
  3. search and explore page

  1. Step 3.
    Click the Search Bar
  2. You can search using the box with a magnifying glass icon and text at the top of the Search & Explore page. To focus the pointer on the Search box, tap on it. Additionally, this is how an Instagram search is conducted.
  3. search bar

  4. The photos will vanish after you press the Search box, and the search results from your previous search will show up. For instance, (#flowers, #volcanoes, #planets) or whatever you had searched.
  1. Step 4.
    Toggle Between Search Types
  2. You'll also see four tabs on the Search page: Top, People, Tags, and Places. To see your most recent searches, choose one of these tabs. For example, tap the People tab to find people you've previously searched for and the Tags tab to find hashtags you've previously looked up.
    You can now access your past searches whenever you need to by checking your Instagram search history.

2How to Clear Your Instagram Search History?

If you don't want the corporation to utilize the data to hone your follow suggestion, you must know how to delete your Instagram search history. This is especially important if you've conducted several searches with many entries over time that provide lists or suggestions that aren't relevant to you. In addition, messy data can fool IT bots or other technology, making unsuitable recommendations. Follow the instructions below to delete search history on Instagram and maintain privacy.

clear search history

The steps, locations, and processes are the same for Android and iOS; the only differences are that some of the icons on iOS are line art, and Android has a few more menu options. The additional menu selections are irrelevant to this technique, though. Here's how to delete history on Instagram for iOS and Android.

  1. Open Instagram and click on the profile button in the lower right corner of the display. The profile icon on iOS appears as line art that flips after being selected.
  2. Instagram profile

  3. In the top-right corner, click the triple-lined hamburger icon. Out of the available options, select Your activity.
  4. your activity on Instagram

  5. Hit the Recent searches button. To delete all of Instagram's history at once.
  6. recent searches on Instagram

  7. Click Clear All on the Recent Searches tab, or click the X next to the entries you want to remove.
  8. clear all Instagram search history

  9. Choose Clear All from the confirmation popup that displays.
  10. comfirm clear

3How to Check Instagram View History?

Your browsing history is saved in the browser that comes with Instagram. All the links you've ever clicked on your Instagram account are listed there in reverse chronological order, and you can view them at any time by simply going to your Instagram app and pressing "profile > menu > your activity > links you've visited."

check Instagram view history

4Where Can I See My Instagram Account History?

In Your activity, you can check the history of your Instagram account and see all the updates you've made since setting it up. Remember to check your Instagram account or search history; you must be signed into your account. To view the history of your account on Android and IOS:

  1. To access your profile, tap Profile or your profile photo in the bottom right.
  2. Click Your activity. Click on Account History. To see every modification you've made to your account, scroll.
  3. account history

  4. To modify the order in which your account history shows, press Sort, and filter in the top right corner. You can specify a start and end date and then touch Apply to filter your results.
  5. sort and filter

5Start View Your Instagram Search History

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Wrapping Up

Your Instagram account belongs to you, and Instagram should be the only party to whom you reveal your secrets. You can manage who sees what and keep your dignity now that you understand how to view and delete your Instagram search history. Use the Comment, Stories Block, and Account Privacy tools if you want more control over who may view your actions and account. We understand that setting things up for the first time could be challenging and complex, but once you figure it out, you'll control your Instagram like a pro.

6FAQs about Instagram Search History

1. How to View Instagram Video History?

To view the Instagram videos you've watched.

Step 1: Launch the app, then select the Profile tab.

Step 2: Next, select the Videos tab.

Step 3: A list of all the videos you've watched will be displayed.

2. Can People Find out My Instagram Browsing History?

Instagram does not offer private browsing; however, you can delete your search history. Like Google, Instagram keeps track of all your app searches. You may view the most recent people, tags, and locations you've searched for by going to Instagram's Explore area.

3. How to See Deleted Search History on Instagram?  

To check the deleted history on Instagram, check the below pointers.

Step 1: To access your Instagram profile, click on your picture in the lower right.

Step 2: Tap your activity by tapping in the top right corner.

Step 3: The tap was recently deleted.

recently deleted

Step 4: Tap the picture, video, or story you'd like to see deleted search history.

4. How Do You See Instagram Like History?

To access your Instagram profile, click on your picture in the lower right. Select Your activity by clicking in the top right corner. Toggle between Interactions and Likes. To watch a post or video, tap it.

5. How Do I Clear My Instagram Cache 2022?

Step 1: On the Instagram profile page, choose "Settings."

Step 2: Click "Security."

Step 3: On the mobile, select "Clear Search History" or "Search History" (for Android).

Step 4: Click "Clear All."

6. Does Instagram Save Search History?  

All your searches on Instagram are saved, and you can view them in the search sections. These data are used by it for a variety of objectives. It sort of gathers information on the sections you are most interested in.

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