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How to Find Someone's Location by Cell Phone Number

Elsa Updated on Oct 20, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Gone are the days when tracking a person's location was considered an uphill task. There can be many reasons to track the location of a person. However, people's major problem is that they cannot find a reliable application to find someone's location by phone number.

find someone's location by cell phone number

The internet is beefed up with irrelevant applications that are just clickbait and do not provide sufficient location data. However, one thing is for sure: finding someone's location via the phone number is possible using relevant and authentic tracking applications.

Part 1. Can You Find Someone's Location by Their Phone number?

Using different tested and authentic methodologies, you can find someone's location with a phone number. It is the question of most concerning parents or partners who want the well-being of their spouses. Moreover, businesses also want to have a stringent check on their employees by checking their locations.

It has become very straightforward to check and trace the pinpoint location of friends, family members, or employees by only using their mobile phone numbers. In addition, many websites and applications available over the internet claim to find the current location by phone for free.

However, there have been reports that the free tools do not provide the best results compared to reliable and premium applications. Some of the websites even doesn't show you the accurate location. Therefore, it is practical to use premium tools or applications to only track locations with a phone number.

Regardless of your chosen tracking method, it is a factual reality that you can track anyone using their phone number. Using different online tools or applications, you can pinpoint and find a phone location by number.

Part 2. How to Find the Current Location of Any Number

"How to find someone's location" is a question from the concerned parents or a partner who wants to check the location of kids or other loved ones to ensure their safety. Fortunately, it is possible and very easy to find someone's pinpoint location via phone. AirDroid Parental Control app is the easiest and most comprehensive method to find a phone's location of any number. If you have installed its paired app on your kids' phones, you find their location in real-time.

It is a premium app and has a huge customer base. Furthermore, it is a trusted application that provides accurate data and results regarding location. Moreover, you can not only check the real-time location of the other person but can also have a complete history of the location data. You can even watch and hear what is happening around your loved ones.

AirDroid Location Tracker

The Parental Control app of AirDroid is not only for location tracking but also has many other features, such as screen mirroring, geofencing, and app management. Therefore, the parents can keep a stringent check on their kids and prevent them from getting in harm's way.

Using this multi-functional parental control app, you can find someone's location by phone. However, this application will not provide a relative location point. Rather, AirDroid's Parental Control app will provide the pinpoint location of a person via his phone.

Part 3. Other Basic Ways to Find Someone's Location

You can track the exact location of a person via phone using tracking applications such as the AirDroid Parental Control app. However, other methods are also free and provide good results. They are briefly discussed as follows.

Google Map

Google Maps is a dynamic tool when it comes to location sharing. However, sharing location in Google Maps is only possible with the person's consent. If any of the consent of your contacts to share location data, you can find the current location of their mobile number on Google Maps online.

Following are the steps to find the location of contact on Google Maps:

  1. Open the Google Maps app on your smartphone.
  2. Click on your Google profile picture on the top of the screen, which will display a drop-down menu.
  3. Under the drop-down menu, select the "Location Sharing" option.

    Google Map Location Sharing

  4. Next, click on the contact whose location you want to check.
  5. If they consent to share their location, you can see the person's location on Google Maps.

Find My Device

Find My Device is a Google application used to find someone's location by phone. This app is specifically designed to let users find their lost Android phones. It not only finds the location of the device but will also let you lock the phone by displaying a custom message. Therefore, it is an effective application for preventing the theft of your Android phone.

Find My Device

It is very easy to use, and the major requirement is that this application is installed on your lost phone. You cannot use it to track other users' locations without them knowing.

iCloud Find My iPhone

Like the Find My Device app, this Find My iPhone service is the device-finding application for iPhone users. You can find the location of your lost iPhone using this website. However, you must know the Apple ID to get the exact pinpoint location. A mobile phone number is not involved in this tracking service.

You can find the phone location using only the Apple ID login. Once you log in to this app, you must input the Apple ID to get the exact location. It will show the location in real-time maps. On the other hand, if it cannot show the real-time location for any reason, it will show the latest location during the previous 24 hours.

iCloud Find My iPhone

Find My App

Find My App is an iOS application that allows location sharing and finding locations of friends' mobile phones using phone numbers. You can find someone's location with a phone for free if they have the location-sharing feature turned on.

location-sharing feature on Find My

It is a good app for tracking the location of mobile phones online and offline. However, it requires location-sharing, and you will not be able to check the location without the user's consent.

Part 4. Why You May Need to Track Someone's Location?

There can be several reasons to find someone's location via phone number. Concerned parents may want to check the location of their kids whenever they are out. They want to ensure the safety and well-being of their kids. Therefore, they may need to track their real-time locations.

Similarly, people may need to keep a check on their spouses. Thereby, they will have to monitor the location using their phone numbers. Moreover, keeping a check on the locations of the employees is also significant for business owners. Therefore, they may want to find someone's location with a phone number.

Final Thoughts

Locating someone with a mobile phone number has never been that easy. Nowadays, countless methods exist to find someone's location by phone number. Initially, people look out for free methods for location tracking. However, free methods are ineffective and do not provide the best data.

AirDroid Parental Control application is the best option when you want to find someone's location with a phone number. This app will provide real-time location and many other parental control features such as app management, screen mirroring, and much more. AirDroid Parental Control app is very easy to use and provides location history data. Therefore, it is the most effective application for locating a phone number.

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