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Photos Not Uploading to iCloud - What to Do?

Charudatta Updated on Mar 20, 2023 Filed to: File Transfer

Photos not uploading to iCloud is a complaint that often appears on the IOS users' forums. The usual reasons for this happening might be a problem with the phone or network settings, software glitches, or inadequate storage.

Now, the solution to this issue really depends on the cause. Here you'll find a bunch of troubleshooting tips for iCloud photos not syncing or uploading. So, try them all and hopefully, one of them will get your issue fixed.

Part 1: Solutions for Photos Not Uploading to iCloud

iCloud is undoubtedly a great storage solution. You can rest assured knowing that all your precious and private files are safe there up in the cloud. So, if in an unfortunate event, your phone gets stolen or destroyed, you would still know that your files are safe.

However, things don't feel so smooth when you experience photos not uploading to iCloud. Let's look at some of the solutions.

1Restart Your iOS device

Restarting a malfunctioning device in the hopes of restoring it to normal has become a tradition in resolving glitches. Therefore, you must try it at least once before moving on to any other solution. Plus, this simple method has proven its effectiveness time and again. Let's see how you can do it.

For iPhone X, iPhone 11/12/13, and later models -

  1. Step 1: Simultaneously hold on to a volume (on the left) and the side button (on the right). Eventually, the screen shows the Slider.
  2. Step 2: Touch and pull the slider, then wait for about half a minute for your device to power off
  3. Step 3: Press down on the side button on the right until Apple's company Logo appears on the screen.

For iPhone 6/7/8 and 2nd/3rd generation SE-

  1. Step 1: Hold on to the side button till the screen shows the power-off Slider
  2. Step 2: Touch and pull the slider. Now, wait for half a minute as your device turns off.
  3. Step 3: Start the device again by holding onto the side button until the company logo appears.

Restarting first generation iPhone SE, iPhone 5, and the former models-

  1. Step 1: Hold on to the top button (at the top of the phone) until you see the power-off slider
  2. Step 2: Pull the slider across the screen and wait for thirty seconds as your device turns off completely.
  3. Step 3: Again press and hold on to the top button till the Apple Logo surfaces on display.

2Check Battery and Internet Connection

In the case of an iPhone not uploading photos to iCloud, you should consider checking the battery situation of your device and the internet connectivity. If you don't have adequate power, your phone will stop uploading photos to iCloud to save power. In that situation, connect your phone to the charger, and hopefully, the upload will resume.

You can also expect similar problems when the internet connection is inadequate. Uploading files requires a fast and consistent internet connection. If your connection is weak, the phone will not upload large files. It might do the same when you are using cellular data instead of Wi-Fi.

Check Battery

Here you can try connecting (or reconnecting) to a competent Wi-Fi network-

  1. Step1: Tap on the Settings option of your iPhone
  2. Step2: Choose Wi-Fi and turn it on by sliding the switch beside the option. If you are trying to reconnect, then turn off the switch and then turn it on again.
  3. Step3: Your phone will display a list of available Wi-Fi networks- choose a network that you have access to. This might require entering a password.

3Update iCloud settings

Often users who are unable to upload photos to iCloud have some issues with the iCloud settings. For the proper upload of photos to iCloud, you must ensure that you have given your device permission to do so in the first place. Follow these steps to get the correct settings-

  1. Step1: Tap on the Settings icon from the iPhone's display
  2. Step2: The first option on the page is your Apple ID- tap on it
  3. Step3: From the following page, select 'iCloud.'
  4. Step4: You will come to the menu page for iCloud. Under 'Apps Using iCloud,' select 'Photos.'
  5. Step 5: When the 'Photos' menu page opens, toggle on the 'Sync This iPhone' option.

Part 2. iPhone Photos Not Uploading to iCloud? Try These Alternatives

If your photos are not uploading to iCloud, one of the best options is to consider alternative cloud storage. DropBox, Verizon Cloud, and Amazon Drive are three of your best options.

1Verizon Cloud

Verizon Cloud lets you do everything iCloud offers. For instance, you can upload photos, videos, and various other files from your iPhone, Mac, or iPad to the cloud. The service also lets you cast your iPhone screen to other devices.

One reason to consider Verizon cloud over iCloud is text message backup. Your iCloud doesn't back up the texts on your device. Meanwhile, Verizon offers the option to keep your texts secure in the cloud.


  • You can get limitless storage
  • Provides backup for messages
  • Experience fewer glitches and sluggishness


  • Comparatively expensive
  • Doesn't have all features of iCloud

Price: $19.99/month for unlimited storage


Dropbox is an awesome alternative to iCloud for those who need a free service. Although you won't enjoy all the perks of the paid version, there are still many useful options. For instance, you get 2 GB of free storage space with Dropbox. This is not suitable for long video files. But still, you back up a good number of important images.

Besides storage space, Dropbox also allows you to connect as many as three devices while you are on the free plan. So, if you are experiencing something like mac photos not uploading to iCloud or iCloud photos not syncing to mac, use Dropbox to seamlessly share files among multiple devices.



  • The free plan provides 2GB of storage space
  • Can connect up to three devices at a time
  • It has an easy-to-use mobile application to organize your files


  • It might not have the exact features of iCloud
  • A monthly plan is quite expensive

Price: $11.99/month for the 2-terabyte plan.

3Amazon Drive

Any service from Amazon stands out from its competitors and always offers something special. The same is true for Amazon Drive. The only catch is that you need to be an Amazon Prime member to use this cloud storage option. Then you can directly upload files from your iPhone or other iOS devices.

Amazon Drive offers an entirely separate photos app for saving image files on the cloud. You can also play the saved image and video files on your TV screen. A unique feature of this service is that you can tell amazon to make hard copies of the saved photos and send them to a friend or family member.


  • Amazon Prime members can get 5 GB of free space.
  • Can easily send physical copies of the pictures
  • It is less expensive than competitors


  • You need to have an amazon prime membership
  • Don't expect all the features of iCloud

Price: $1.99/month (for 100 GB)

Part 3. Transfer Photos Faster With AirDroid

If you are facing the problem of photos not uploading to iCloud, the best option is to start using an app that permits an easier and faster transfer of files between devices. AirDroid Personal is your best option in this regard. It is ridiculously easy to download, set up, and enjoy the software on your devices.

When you encounter the problem of photos not uploading to iCloud mac, you might first try the common fixes. However, even if you manage to solve the problem for the time being, how long before iCloud starts acting erratically again? So, for the safety of your photo files, use a secure and acclaimed application like AirDroid.



  1. All formats and platforms: Unlike iCloud, you aren't limited to only iOS devices with AirDroid. You can share photo files among all the major platforms that exist. Plus, AirDroid also supports all formats of image files.
  2. Nearby Share: Your iCloud doesn't work without the internet. Meanwhile, AirDroid boasts a feature known as Nearby. This option lets you send files to devices nearby without any Wi-Fi or cellular data
  3. Manage Phone Messages: AirDroid is great at managing your phone texts from the comfort of your PC. You can use the PC keyboard to type messages on the phone and send them to multiple receivers at a time.
  4. Remote Access: iCloud is just an option for storage. In comparison, AirDroid lets you do so much more with its remote control option. You can turn your phone camera into a security camera by accessing it remotely via AirDroid.
  5. Screencasting: AirDroid provides you with the option of screencasting. As a result, you can easily share an ongoing video or image with other people in the office or during family events.


  • Fast transfer of photo files
  • Can send large image files without compromising quality
  • Transfers aren't limited to iOS devices only


  • The interface can use a better color tone
  • Scarcity of educational content.

Part 4: How to Transfer Photo Files with AirDroid Personal?

Once you use AirDroid, you will notice that the transfer of files among devices using AirDroid is much easier and faster than with iCloud. Here are the steps-

    1. Step 1: Download and install AirDroid Personal on your iPhone, Mac, and any other device to which you want to transfer image files.
  1. Step 2: Go to your iPhone's AirDroid Transfer window
  2. Step 3: Find your PC listed below devices, select it and send the photo file. You can also select several photos and send them simultaneously. Or, open AirDroid on your PC, find and open your iPhone from Devices and drag-n-drop the image files to your computer.

Price: 3.99$/month; 29.99$/year


If you are experiencing photos not uploading to iCloud, check your battery status, connection, and storage situation. As you know, minor software glitches can be readily solved by restarting the phone. However, if the problem fails to resolve, it is best to seek the help of Apple Customer Care.

An iCloud malfunction that has occurred several times should alert you to find other options for cloud storage and file transfers. Otherwise, if the iCloud is stuck for good, you may end up losing many of your valuable files. Here, AirDroid is undoubtedly the best option for speedy transfers and ensuring the security of your files.


1. I have a full battery and good Wi-Fi, but still why my photos are not uploading to icloud?
Ans. If you are unable to upload photos despite a good battery and internet, then the problem might lie in the storage capacity. Go to settings> Apple ID> iCloud and check whether your iCloud has adequate storage space left for the files you are uploading. Also, your device storage must have some free space to upload files.
2. Photo not uploading to icloud, even after I restart and force restart my iPhone, what should I do?
Ans. If restarting and force restarting don't solve your software glitches, the problem might be inadequate updating. Check if your iPhone has undergone recent updates. In case it hasn't, do it as soon as possible. Otherwise, you will pretty soon face various other issues in addition to a frozen iCloud.
3. What is the best alternative to iCloud?
Ans. Dropbox is probably the best cloud storage option if you are having difficulties with iCloud. Even the free version offers you a significant amount of storage space and lets you connect multiple devices. On the other hand, if you are a Prime member, don't miss the chance of using Amazon Drive.
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