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6 Ways to Transfer Files Between Android Phones

Charudatta Updated on Nov 8, 2022 Filed to: File Transfer

Getting a new Android phone is all fun and exciting. But it also means users have to transfer all the data from the old device to the new one. Luckily, the process is easier than you think it is – especially if you're using the right methods to get the job done. To make it easier for beginners, we have handpicked several top-ranked apps that anyone can use to transfer files between Android phones. Let's find out!

Way 1. Fastest Way to Transfer Files Between Android - AirDroid Personal

If you're looking for the best and most efficient way how to transfer data from android to android, then AirDroid Personal is your ideal companion. Having millions of satisfied users, AirDroid offers a 3-step procedure to transfer as much data between two Android phones as you want. AirDroid also allows users to transfer files across multiple platforms which bodes well with its popularity as a #1 tool to transfer files from old phone to new phone Android. What's best is its ability to share data with friends via the remote transfer feature without limitations of a format. Not to mention, it comes at a user-friendly price compared to its competitors.

Key Features of AirDroid Personal - Best Android to Android Transfer

  • Transfer unlimited files between two Android devices as well as across different platforms
  • Share files at a blazing-fast speed without compromising the quality
  • Allows you to transfer files wirelessly
  • You can share files to a specific device nearby and to a friend remotely effortlessly
  • No upper file size limit when both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network

1. Nearby Feature

This feature is useful if both devices are placed close to each other. Here's how to implement it:

Step 1
Install AirDroid Personal  on both your Android device and login with the same AirDroid account.
Step 2
From your old Android device, tap the Transfer icon in the left tab and select your new Android device from the available devices.

Step 3
Once the phones are wirelessly connected, you can easily transfer any files you want.

2. Share with Friends (remote transfer)

Follow the below steps to transfer files to your friends remotely:

Step 1
After installing AirDroid Personal on your Android device, launch it.
Step 2: Add Friend
Now, tap "Friends" > "Add Friend" and enter the email ID of your friend who you want to add.

Ask the friend to install the AirDroid Personal app and accept the invitation link.

Step 3
Once your friend has accepted the request, go to Friends on your AirDroid Personal and tap the friend's name.
Step 4
In the chat box, tap the paperclip icon on the bottom-right to share any file you want


Way 2. Transfer Files from Android to Android Wirelessly with HotSpot- Xender

Having over 100 million installs on the Google Play Store, Xender is a top-ranked app to fulfill all your data transferring needs. All you need to do is connect your Android devices via Hotspot and then, share any type of files rather quickly. What's best about this program is its ability to connect four devices simultaneously as well as transfer data across different platforms.


Key Features

  • Transfer file between devices without losing the quality
  • Convert video to audio
  • Built-in social media downloader
  • Cross-platform support


  • Quick transfer
  • Transfer all file types including music


  • The scanning process takes too long
  • Many users complain of Android file transfer doesn't detect phones.

Simple Steps:

  • Install the app on both your devices. Make sure 'Personal Hotspot" is enabled on them.
  • Launch it on the old device, tap "+" and choose, Create Group.
  • Then, launch it on the new device, and tap "Join Group."
  • Find the Group and tap it.
  • Once the devices are connected, you can start transferring files rather quickly.

Way 3. Transfer Files from Old Phone to New Phone Android with USB on PC - Android Transfer

If you want how to transfer files from android phone to android tablet without using any third-party app, then go for this method. For this method, get a USB cable to connect your Android devices to a PC. However, you cannot move all the data using this method but for sharing music, photos, and videos, it is a handy choice.


  • Quick, simple, and free
  • No need to install any apps or software


  • It is a quite-time taking procedure
  • You need a PC to share files

Text Guide

Check out how to implement this method: Step 1:  Connect your old device to a PC using a USB cable.
Step 2:  On your Android phone, tap the "Charging this device via USB" notification and select "Use USB for" under File Transfer.
Step 3:  Then, open the File Explorer on your computer, click your phone on the left tab, and copy-paste the files to any folder on your PC. android-file-transfer
Step 4:  When the files are transferred, remove this device and connect the new phone.
Step 5:  Repeat the step 2 to access your phone's internal storage and then, copy the files from your PC to your new phone. windows-file-explorer

Way 4. Transfer Files Between Android via Cloud – Send Anywhere

Just as the name indicates, Send Anywhere is a powerful application to share files between any two Android devices. Its highlighted feature is the ability to send files to multiple people at once with maximum protection. The company claims to use 256-bit encryption to ensure user privacy and data security. send-anywhere

Key Features

  • Send data without using Wi-Fi or mobile data, using Wi-Fi direct.
  • Transfer files to any specific device
  • Send data to multiple people simultaneously
  • Offers cloud storage to store your data


  • No upper data sending limit
  • Powerful 256-bit encryption
  • Doesn't compromise the data quality


  • Too slow while sharing large files
  • Often crashes during the process

Text Guide

Here's how to use this program:
Step 1: After installation, launch Send Anywhere.
Step 2: On its main interface, tap Send and locate the files to be sent and tap Send again. share-files-sendanywhere
Step 3: You'll see a six-digit code. Share this code with the recipient who will go to the "Receive" option on the app. Just enter the code to receive the files. receive-files-sendanywhere

Other Ways

Check out two more simple solutions for transferring data between Android phones.

1. via Bluetooth

One of the easiest methods to share files between any two Android devices is via Bluetooth. This feature is built-in on every Android phone and anyone can use it for free. However, transfer files between android phones Bluetooth is very slow, so it's a preferable option for sharing smaller files. For instance, transferring a few photos or videos from gallery should be fine. bluetooth-sharing

2. via NFC

Using NFC or Near Filed Communication is another simple way to transfer data from an old Android phone to a new one. This method is particularly useful for sending larger files rather quickly. Note that the process is quite complicated and lengthy, especially for beginners. Also, not many Android phone support the NFC feature. But in any case, it is a handy way to share Android data.


Below are some common questions of users pertaining to how to transfer files from Android to Android wirelessly.

Can I copy large files to my phone wirelessly?
The answer is a big Yes. Using Android Personal, you can easily copy and transfer all files, irrespective of their size, to another Android phone. However, you might have to wait for a few minutes to complete the process.
How do I transfer files from PC to Android phones?
Sending files from a computer to Android via AirDroid Personal is the quickest and most efficient method. Just Install AirDroid Desktop client on your PC and then, install AirDroid Mobile Client on your Android device. Login with the same AirDroid account on both devices and start transferring files right away.
How do I transfer a file between iOS and Android?
Simply install AirDroid Mobile Client on both your iOS and Android devices. Then, login with the same AirDroid account. Then, launch Android mobile client, go to Transfer feature, select your iOS device, and start sending as many files as you want.
How to transfer all my stuff off my phone and put it on my tablet?
Install AirDroid mobile client on your phone and tablet. Launch it on your phone and tap the Transfer icon. Select your tablet from the list and start sending files right away.

Final Words

Sending files from an old Android phone to a new one has never been easier in 2023. The aforementioned apps can help you transfer data between two Android phones effortlessly. But if you're looking for the fastest way to transfer files between Android phones, then AirDroid Personal is your best choice. It is recommended by all popular tech websites to transfer data between any two devices without needing a USB cable. Feel free to ask any questions.

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