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Most of you are aware of the AirDrop feature and it is in-built on many iOS gadgets. Do you struggle with videos getting canceled in Airdrop? During the media file transfers, you must be cautious in maintaining reliability throughout the process. Even a small interruption in the connectivity leads to data loss. Choosing the right method enhances the transfer and gives you the best results.

Moreover, the entire procedure must be user-friendly and the users must feel comfortable carrying out the media transfers. Here, you will be learning about the hassle-free video transfers between the devices and the best way to process them without any data loss.


Part 1. Does AirDrop Video have a Size Limit?

Is there any size limit for the videos to transfer using the AirDrop method? No, there is no fixed size limits of videos to move the files with the help of the AirDrop technique. You can transfer even larger files using this channel. The major drawback in this method is the time consumption for larger files, when you attempt to move big sized videos, you must wait for a few minutes until the procedure completes successfully.

Do not forget to ensure firm connectivity between the source and destination while carrying out the process. Any Interruptions might lead to data loss and the process aborts automatically. Another limitation is that the source and the destination devices must be within a few meters' distances to avoid unwanted disturbances during the transfer process. On these criteria, the Airdrop method seems to be challenging and has limitations during the large-sized files transfer.

Part 2. How to Airdrop Video on iPhone/Mac?

Here, you will be learning how to use the AirDrop feature to transfer videos on iPhone/Mac devices.

Step 1.Unlock your iPhone and choose the desired video that requires the transfer process after navigating through the folders.


Step 2.Click the Share button and from the pop-up select the AirDrop option. Next, choose the destination device name and hit the Send button to commence the transfer process.


You must wait for a few minutes until the transfer completes. Keep the source and destination devices within a few dozen meters to avoid data loss during the transfer process.

Thus ends the method to transfer videos on iPhone or Mac systems using the AirDrop method. It is the simplest and quick way to transfer files between devices. There are some drawbacks associated with this method while handling larger files during the transfer process. You can fix them by surfing the below content carefully.

Part 3. Reasons and How to Fix My Airdrop Video Get Cancelled/Failed?

The reasons and its relevant fixes for failure videos transfers using the AirDrop techniques are as follows.

Reasons and Fixes

  • Issues with your device: There might be some problems with your gadget. Highly recommended methods are that restart the device again before proceeding with the video transfer process.
  • Check the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi: Disable and enable these two settings and then try to transfer the media files using the AirDrop feature.
  • Reset the settings: It is high time to reset the network settings to overcome connectivity issues amidst the video transfer.
  • Maintain Updated Software: Make regular software updates on your device to get rid of version mismatches using this AirDrop functionality.
  • Quick Sleep Mode: The gadget might sleep in the mid-way of the transfer process. The procedure becomes inactive in the sleep mode. You must ensure the device is active throughout the process to avoid failure.

Part 4. [Bonus Tips] Transfer File Cross-platform without Any Hassle - AirDroid Personal

Here comes a striking method to fix the issues related to video transfers between the gadgets. The AirDroid Personal is a hassle-free program that helps you to move the video files reliably without any data loss irrespective of their file sizes. It offers you a complete solution for optimal usage of your device. This app brings serves you for all your phone needs and yields you the best results in no time. You can work with cross platforms and access the web versions precisely. Use this app efficiently and perform a wide range of activities on the mobile hassle-free. You can transfer files, convert them into remote controls for Android gadgets, mirror screening and organize SMS and notifications on the PC.

To work on this tool, you do not require any special skills. The basic knowledge of computers is sufficient to make the best use of this program. The controls are explicit and you can reach for them without wasting your valuable time. Carry out the file transfers efficiently using this sophisticated program. The flexibility and reliability of the app give you a wow feeling when you try to transfer large-sized files between gadgets. Quickly surf the incredible functionalities of this app. You can enjoy it in real-time by making a download from its official webpage.

The remarkable features of the AirDroid Personal application

  • Manages the files effortlessly for quick retrieval
  • You can work with cross platforms without compatible issues.
  • Transfer files between devices with high precision.
  • Mirror the phone screen on your PC for further processing as per your needs.
  • High-speed file transfers between gadgets despite the file sizes.


The stepwise instructions on how to use the AirDroid Personal app to transfer videos from a phone to your PC precisely.

Step 1.Download the app
From its official webpage, download the app and install it by following the instruction wizard. Then, launch the tool and select the PC's name from the My device lists.


Step 2.Attach files and send them.
Next, press the Transfer tab and click the Attach icon. Select the videos from your phone by navigating the folders. Finally, hit the send button to process the transfer videos between the phone and PC.


Wait for a few minutes until the process completes successfully. You have finished the video transfer procedure precisely using the AirDroid app without any errors despite the video file size.

Part 5: Conclusion

Thus, this article had given valuable insights about the videos that get cancelled AirDrop file transfers. Use AirDroid Personal app to meet the need of the file transfers between the devices. It is an efficient method and a reliable one while handling large-sized files. You can use this app comfortable as it has a user-friendly interface. Connect with this article to enlighten you with the best file transfer methods. Explore the perfect tools that meet your expectations without regrets.


Why does it take so long to AirDrop videos?
Due to the larger file size, the duration of the file transfer seems to be longer in AirDrop. If the destination gadget lacks enough space, then the transfer process consumes more time too. If the connectivity is not stable, then you will take long hours to AirDrop videos. Ensure the transfer channel is precise without any disturbances to complete the transfer procedure quickly.
Can AirDrop transfer large files?
Yes, AirDrop transfers larger files but it takes more time to complete the process. During the transfer, you must ensure the source and destination gadget are within 30 feet. Larger files contain complexities while moving from one place to another. You must spare enough time in checking stable connectivity throughout the process while handling the larger file. Slight interruptions lead to unexpected outcomes and you must initiate the transfer process again to resume your task.
Does AirDrop compress video quality?
In certain situations, AirDrop compresses the video quality. Based on the recipient’s phone model, the received video quality varies. You can ensure the transferred media files' quality is stable by working on the settings in your gadget. In the media transfer settings enable the option ‘Keep Originals’ and disable Automatic to retain the quality factors of the transferred media files.
Where do I find AirDrop videos on my iPhone?
Depending on the file type, the AirDrop files take their location on the device. In the case of videos, you can find them in the Photo app folder on your phone. The file type determines the storage location in your gadget.
Why won’t my iPhone receive an AirDrop video?
Fix the issues with your phone before attempting to Airdrop video again. Disable and enable the connectivity features in the gadget like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Then, provide enough space on your device to receive the Airdrop videos. You must ensure the source and destination gadgets are within 30 Km. Make sure the connectivity remains stable between the gadgets for successful completion of the video transfer process using the AirDrop method.
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