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How to Get Pictures off a Broken Phone? -Best Ways

Charudatta Updated on Sep 25, 2023 Filed to: Remote Control

Modern smartphones come with state-of-the-art cameras. Almost every one of us has tons of memorable photos stored on our mobile phones. But unfortunately, phones break all the time and worse, you're unable to turn it on or use the phone due to a damaged panel.

That is why many users ask, can you get pictures off a broken phone? The answer is a big YES without spending loads of money at a mobile data recovery center. We have collected a few simple methods to help you get back the broken phone pictures without any hassles.

Let's find out!

retrieve pictures from broken android phone

Can You Retrieve Pictures from a Broken Phone?

The answer is that it isn't limited to just photos. You can retrieve all the data on your broken phone using several methods. Use Google Photos if you have a backup of the photos or you may use the AutoPlay feature of your PC. But one solution that works in 100% of cases is AirDroid Personal. This program can help you get back the photos with just a few taps.

Retrieve Pictures from a Broken Phone If You have a Cloud Backup

If you have made a backup of your photos on Google Photos, then getting back your photos is at your fingertips. The good thing is you can retrieve the photos from any device, be it your PC or another smartphone.

However, not many people back up their photos on Google Photos. And the top reason is the limited free space available to users.

Follow the below steps to recover pictures of broken phones using Google Photos:

Step 1. From any device, log in to your Google account. Then, go to the Photos option to see all your pictures.

google photos

Step 2. Simply, right click the photos you want to save and hit Download.

google photos to device

If you couldn't find the photos in Google Photos, it indicates your pictures weren't backed up. In such a situation, you need to rely on alternative solutions to get back broken phone picture.

Get Pictures off a Broken Phone without Backup

Coming to the question, can I get pictures off a broken phone without backup? Yes, another simple method to recover photos on a broken Android phone is using the AutoPlay feature of a PC. All you need to do is connect your smartphone to a computer and start moving the photos.

But this solution works only if you have already enabled USB debugging on your phone. If not, then this solution is useless. Check out the below instructions to retrieve photos via USB debugging.

Step 1. Connect the broken phone to your PC via a USB cable.

Step 2. The AutoPlay window will automatically pop up. Hit "Open folder to view files" to view all the photos and other data on your phone.


Step 3. Now, copy the photos you want to get back and paste them anywhere on your PC.

And that's how you get it done. But note that many people don't enable USB debugging on their phones. Thus, the biggest downside of this method is it works in just a few cases.

The Best Method to Get Pictures of a Broken Phone – Use AirDroid Personal

Looking for the most effective way to get back all your broken phone pictures? Look no further and get AirDroid Personal. The program offers a click-through procedure to view and save your photos on a damaged phone.

Using a remote connection, AirDroid lets you access the broken phone from a PC. You get complete freedom to access your data and download any file to your computer with just one click. In addition, this feature-rich tool lets you transfer files between two devices, use Android phone as a security device, and mirror your phone on a PC.

airdroid personal

More strikingly, you can manage all your Android data as well as SMS and notifications from the PC. Despite all these stellar features, AirDroid Personal is very easy to use. Even a 10-year kid can navigate its functions without any technical hassles. Not to mention, it is the cheapest Android management program of 2023.

Notable Features

The below impeccable functions make AirDroid Personal your go-to choice for getting back photos off a broken phone:

  • The app offers a simple remote control procedure to access the data on a broken phone from a PC.
  • Easily download the necessary photos on your PC.
  • You can save or move any type of data file from the broken phone to your PC.
  • Super-fast transfer speed.
  • Universal compatibility. It works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • Supports almost all types of data.
  • It allows you to mirror your phone on any device.

Just make sure the device is turned on and active to establish a remote connection with a PC. Here is a step-by-step guide to get pictures off from broken Android phone using AirDroid Personal:

Step 1. First of all, install AirDroid Personal app on your broken phone and sign in with your AirDroid account.

airdroid login

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the permission authority. (This happens the first time you set up the app)

allow permission

Step 2. Now, install the AirDroid Personal Desktop Client on your PC and login with the same account.

Step 3. From the mobile app, tap your computer's name under "My devices" to establish a remote connection.


Step 4. After that, tap the Transfer icon at the bottom. Then, tap the attachment icon > Files and select all the photos you want to transfer to your PC.

transfer photos

Step 5. Finally, hit Send and the program will transfer the pictures from your broken phone to the PC. After that, you can take the phone to a mobile repairing shop.

What Is the Best Method to Get Backpictures of a Broken Phone Screen?

Many times, physical damage to a mobile phone is unavoidable. But the good news is you can still get back your important photos even if the mobile phone is virtually useless. In this article, we have discussed the three proven ways how to get pictures off a broken phone.

Both Google Photos and USB debugging solutions work in limited cases. For quick and instant recovery, use AirDroid Personal. This tool allows you to access all your data on the broken phone from a PC and save any file you want. Using AirDroid Personal is the best solution to get pictures off a broken phone. With going through any tech-savvy procedure, you can view and download any photo from your phone to your PC.

Feel free to ask any questions!

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