6 Top Tools to Type in Phone Number and Find Location Online

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Websites used to verify a contact identity are an essential technology feature. This feature can be used to avoid scams, know more about a texter or caller, and get phone location. With the phone location, you can find lost phones, recover them quickly, and generally keep your loved ones safe.

That is why this article has identified the best websites with these features for you. You will find answers to track a phone when you type in the phone number and find the location free online. There are also user reviews and recommendations for tracking your kids with real-time location and setting alerts for them.

Part 1. Can I Type in a Phone Number Online and Find the Location Free of Charge?

Yes, you can. There are online reverse phone lookup services or phone number trackers. They analyze public records and social media networks linked to the phone number and show you the location information linked to the number. So they do not guarantee the accuracy of the data, and the data should only be used as a reference. Several websites are free after completing a few questionnaire surveys or viewing several ads. Many websites offer a free trial with less than $1 or provide basic information for free.

Some other online tools provide the service to find locations by phone number. They generate a link in your account, which you can share via messenger, SMS, or email. Then, you'll see the current location after the phone owner clicks the link or accepts to share the location.

Part 2. Top Tools to Type in Phone Number and Find Location Online

We have tried many websites. Some of the tools only show the registered city, while others show more detailed information. Several websites don't provide a trial version, and many websites have many ads. We have listed the top six online tools based on the location performance, user experience, and trial version.


This people search engine is for finding a phone number online for free. You can find the number via the user's name, email, social media handles, or address and vice versa. This means you can use the number to find any of the above-listed details about the number.


You can also use this website to get more information about a phone number. For instance, the website can help you identify a number as VOIP, landline, or cell phone number. Also, it can show you what has been previously reported about the number. The information provided is all from the Internet. Hence, the phone number owner will not be aware of any search for their contact.


  • It shows up-to-date caller identity and social media profiles.
  • It has customer-pleasing features for filtering through search.


  • Their service is only accessible in the United States.
  • It does not provide real-time location.

Available Packages

It has a 7-day trial with $0.95, and then you have to pay for a subscription. If you only need a one-time lookup, follow the official guide to cancel it as soon as possible.

  • 200 reports: $35.95
  • 500 reports: $79.95
  • 700 reports: $119.95

How Does It Work

It searches through billions of phone directories and white page records to find and, if possible, condense the owner's name and information into a user-friendly report.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 2.9 on Trustpilot. We have excerpted some useful reviews for you, you may also check the full reviews.

Jolene Thomas : ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

There was a problem with an issue, not anything the company did. Something that was neither mine doing nor Spokeo's. I contacted their customer service. They responded and followed through with resolving it. They responded and communicated quickly. And all is well. It's nice when you can trust dealing with a company like Spoke and their employees. Thank you again.

Tony Minchew: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have been trying to find this person for 40+ years. I needed 1 person's information, and I got it on Spokeo for less than a dollar!!! Thanks.

Cathy: ⭐

Total scam website, the search worked and gave me the wanted info and I paid for this $0.99 all good and whel untill a week later you be charged $29.95 for a so called subscription you be automatic added, no emails, no reminder you are added to a trial etc I didn't even made an account, stay away from it is much safer.


This online solution is one of the most well-known tools for reverse lookup services available for American users. Intelius uses public sources and databases to gather information. Hence, it is used by many organizations to perform background checks.

That way, the phone number owner will not be notified of the search. Once a search is initiated, you will be informed of the data categories available for the phone number. In other words, it allows users to perform a free basic search. Then, you will be allowed to preview the available information.


After that, you can make a subscription payment for the details you want to see.


  • It has an AI-powered background check.
  • It has approval from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


  • It only show the addresses associated with the phone number.
  • It is only for USA phone numbers.

Available Packages

It offers a 5-day trial for $0.95, but afterward, a subscription fee is required. Suppose you won't continue to use the service. In that case, it is advisable to refer to the official website for canceling it promptly.

  • One criminal record report: $29.95
  • Unlimited 24-hour people search plan: $19.95

How Does It Work

It uses public information to create a comprehensive report about a specific property.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 2.1 on Trustpilot. We have excerpted some useful reviews for you, you may check the full reviews.

Howard S: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've been using Intelius for about two years and am basically satisfied. Most, but not all, of their info is correct. The cost of subscribing is fair, considering that you pay per month and not per search, and the monthly fee is less than some competitors. A few shortcomings: 1. Only gives month and year of birth, not the day. 2. Does not give birthplace. 3. Does not offer licence plate lookup. This would be so helpful in identifying dangerous drivers and cars that block you in. 4. Gives possible relatives but does not mention the relationship. 5. Current job and/or job history is inconsistent. Sometimes it's mentioned and sometimes it's not. 6. Some info is old and needs updating.

Ion Pepper: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I have been using Intelius for about two years now to supplement and enhance data that I have to gather in the course of my work in the private sector. Intelius has provided me with information that other paid services have been unable to provide as well as enhance the validity of data that I have gathered from other resources. Keep up the good work!

Stefan Märkl: ⭐

Just to make the first request of $0.95, but no data can be seen after that. There is the option to get a downloadable PDF for $3.99. After completion, no PDF and no information about it can be found in the account. A monthly subscription was set up for $34.95 without mentioning it or confirming it by email. Fraud


Another leading phone number search platform is this New York-based company. Social media accounts, criminal records, and property records can be obtained through this website. These details are public and gathered for users to access on a single platform.


The owner of the phone number will not be notified. However, they can randomly choose to opt out of having their public data available on the platform. It allows you to search for free. But you have to pay to access your searched data.


  • It can uncover age, address, emails, court records, and vehicle history.
  • It has approval from the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).


  • It does not provide real-time location.
  • It is only accessible from the U.S.

Available Packages

A new user has a 7-day trial with $1.00, and then you will have to pay for a subscription. You may follow its official guide to cancel it.

  • $29.99 monthly for 100 reports.
  • $58.48/3 months for 100 reports per month.

How Does It Work

It looks up phone numbers and public records to find information linked to the number.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 3.5 on Trustpilot. We have excerpted some useful reviews for you, you may check the full reviews.

Gail on Trustpilot: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

I've located a few friends and reconnected. I've also stopped a romance scammer by being able to track his information. Verified saved my heart and kept me safe. Tracking phone numbers and addresses is easy and helpful. Allowing me to report false information on the website to warn others is great.

LINDA Canning: ⭐⭐⭐

Takes too long and minimal info. Extra charges for more info seems like a rip off. Not enough people found I was searching for. Too expensive for the end result; but can be helpful if you're just wanting to pay more & do more searching.

Lawrence Byrd, Rimrock AZ: ⭐

I enrolled in program to access reverse lookup for a number. After all my effort to enroll, my search revealed absolutely no info or data. Besides this, I never received a new account email which make cancellation difficult. To add insult to injury, the waste of my time and zero result to my inquire, cost me money. It was only a dollar, but money never the less. You have earned yourself a real proponent!


This tool shows the registrant's first and last name and mailing address. These phone number searches are done via yellow and white pages. Yellow pages cater to professional and business numbers. With the name category, location, or phone number of the business, you can find local businesses. It will include basic details like maps, coupons, shipping, online reservations, and video profiles. The white pages can be used to search for other kind of phone numbers.


However, this tool has more than only reverse phone lookup. It can be used to search for people using their names, city, area code, address, and phone number. These personal or commercial information are collected publicly and stored for searches. Therefore, the person being searched will not be aware of the search. Since personal identifying information available on AnyWho is provided solely by Intelius, the resulting interface is the same as Intelius.


  • It is totally free.
  • It has specific searches for commercial contacts.


  • It cannot be used outside the United States.
  • It cannot provide real-time location.

How Does It Work

It uses public information to create a comprehensive report about a specific property.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 2.23 on Sitejabber. We have excerpted some useful reviews for you, you may check the full reviews.

Nancy S.: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thanks! Finally, was able to find a landline phone number for free when none of the others would give it to me without paying. (i.e whitepages & peoplefinder) I understand about cell phones, but not public landlines & addresses. Got your site bookmarked for future requirements & do not mind paying for additional information if needed.

Bob R.: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Nothing's perfect in life, but I like this site because I can get a quick fix on someone without jumping through hoops. You might have to pay a little for some "in depth" info on a fella'.

Connie E.: ⭐

Years ago, this was my go to site for reverse phone lookups, etc and it was wonderful. You put in the phone number and BAM! You had your results. Unfortunately, this site was taken over by Intelius which is the biggest pain in the $#*! ever! If you "fall for" putting in all the extra information you have, you then have to pay for a "report." I really wish Anywho.com would have remained independent because now it's like all the other sites that want you to pay for a generated report. Sigh


This solution for finding phone numbers uses location requests. You first have to create an account, and then you generate a link in your account. This link can be shared with the target phone via email, SMS, or messenger. Once the target device owner clicks on the link, they grant their consent to send their location to you. After that, you will see their real-time location on the map via GPS. You can perform reverse phone or username lookup on the website as well.



  • It is available in several countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, India, etc.


  • You have to get consent from the target device

Available Packages

You can perform a 24-hour trial on the website for $0.89. If you are satisfied with the trial and wish to continue using it, you will be charged $49.80 monthly. You can also cancel the subscription on the website.

How Does It Work

It creates a link within your account that can be shared through any messaging app, SMS, or email. When the phone number owner click on the link, you'll see their exact location.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 3.0 on Trustpilot. We have excerpted some useful reviews for you, you may check the full reviews.

Faith Heath: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Thought something strange would happen, but this is quite good solution for finding a person's location, in a positive sense, of course. For example, if you need a certain person and they can't or simply won't answer, you can use their location to come to them urgently or even help them in case of trouble. Cool feature!

Martin Villanueva: ⭐⭐

It sends a message to the person you're looking for requesting them to activate a location link. That's not very practical, I mean, I send a message myself using ANY other platform without paying. If the person you're trying to reach out doesn't answer to you, won't do it through an unknown company's message neither.


You can use this online tool to search any number globally. It is efficient for confidentiality because the search will be carried out on its server. It is compliant with AEPD regulations. Hence, the person being searched will be notified to get their consent.


Importantly, you can use it to get the accurate location of the phone number owner. It uses GPS to get the target's device location within 3 meters and displays it on the map.



  • It allows phone searches of several countries.
  • It has 24/7 customer support.
  • It provides real-time location.


  • It is not a free service.
  • It notifies the target phone owner.

Available Packages

It has a week's trial for new users only, which costs about $0.83. After the trial, you will be charged $3.32 weekly. You can follow the official guide to cancel the subscription when needed.

How Does It Work

The tool sends a message to the phone number. Once the phone owner agrees to share the phone location, you will receive an SMS indicating the exact location of your mobile phone.

User Reviews

The whole rating for the website is 2.8 on Trustpilot. There are only three user reviews who think it is a scam with not so much detailed information.

Part 3. Track Your Kid's Real-time Location and Get Alerts

If you want to track your kid's location in real-time, then you should use the AirDroid Parental Control. It uses GPS tracking to display their location on the map. Furthermore, several other features are available, like geo-fencing. With this feature, you will get an alert once your kid crosses a set location. You can even use it to see and hear what is happening around your kids.

It also helps parents ensure their kid's online safety by monitoring content & block porn, filtering websites & checking browsing history, viewing live screens, etc.

It is a simple-to-use tool. Here are steps:

  1. Download and install AirDroid Parental Control on your mobile device.
  3. After installing, sign up for an AirDroid account and log in.
  4. Install AirDroid Kids on your child's Android phone and tie up your devices with the binding code. Set up the related permissions, and you may choose to keep the app stealthy.
  5. Tap the Location icon from the dashboard of AirDroid Parental Control, and you will see your child's current location.

    Location icon

  6. You can also check location history or set safe zones from here.

    Geofences icon

Final Take

Users and tool review apps highly recommend all the six online tools discussed above. You can trust them with the privacy of the phone number you are looking for. These tools are free or nearly free; you may be rest assured to have a try. However, if it is a one-time look up for you, remember to cancel the subscription.

Additionally, you should have your child's location consistently tracked with a family locator like the AirDroid Parental Control app. Among other impressive features, it allows you to perform real-time tracking of your kids. Hence, you can keep them safe by knowing where they are at all times.

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