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Free Samsung Parental Controls Update 2023

Elsa Updated on Aug 9, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

Today's youth behaves differently from that preceding generation known as children. The internet and television can be great resources for teaching kids about the world of possibilities, wonder, and cutting-edge technology. They get knowledge of history, technology, and medicine simultaneously. Samsung Parental Controls can help you monitor what your children are doing and allow them to explore without being exposed to harmful content.

samsung parental controls

Part 1 : Why Do People Need Samsung Parental Controls?

A component of human culture is the internet. It might be challenging to keep your children off the internet. However, you can limit what kids see online by using Samsung parental settings, which prevent them from visiting specific websites, or by conversing with them about what they are viewing and why it might not be suitable for them to see it.

parental control

Samsung Parental Controls also allow parents to ban specific websites or set time limitations on when they can use the internet. This makes it impossible for kids to circumvent parental control software installed correctly. Not only will this help safeguard your kids, but it will also encourage them to form healthy internet usage habits.There is much more to internet activity than just playing games or viewing movies.

Part 2 : How to Set Up Samsung Parental Controls?

In the further section, we will discuss how to set up Samsung Parental Controls.

1. Steps to Enable Samsung Parental Controls

Installing the Samsung Kids Home feature is your best choice if your child is between 2 and 13 years old. Only devices running Pie OS are capable of using this.

samsung kids home

Note : Many additional alternatives are available for older children or if the device doesn't run Pie OS.

In addition to letting you set time restrictions and permissions and receive user data, the Samsung Kids Home feature also provides your child with age-appropriate, enjoyable material that promotes learning.

2. Steps to Set Up Secret Mode on Samsung

secret mode

Secret mode, often known as incognito mode, is a function with Samsung Internet that enables you to browse the web without being concerned about your browser history getting into the wrong hands. Without altering your regular browser settings, this provides excellent privacy.

The procedures to begin secret browsing on the Samsung browser are as follows:

Step 1: Open Samsung Internet.

Step 2: At the screen' bottom, tap the multi-tab symbol.

Step 3: Select the command option to turn on Secret mode.

Step 4: To begin private browsing for the first time, tap the Start button.

The browser tab will open in private browsing mode as a result. Personal or secret surfing will remain active until you turn it off or terminate the Samsung Internet browser using the Android task manager. The information and browsing history won't be altered, though.

3. Steps to Turn on Kids Mode on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

kids mode

Below are some steps to enable kids mode on a Samsung Galaxy Phone:

Step 1: Simply click the Galaxy Essentials widget.

Step 2: Select Kids Mode, then select Install.

Step 3: Fill your all required information and hit finish.

Part 3 : Free Samsung Parental Controls Alternatives

We have summed up two top monitoring apps for your kids' Samsung phones. Utilize this app to examine your child's Samsung phone without letting them know.

1. AirDroid Parental Control

AirDroid Parental Control is a fantastic approach for parents and children to have more control over their online lives. You can keep your children secure offline and online while promoting positive online behavior. It claims incredible features, including remotely monitoring your child's smartphone use, screencasting, screen time management, blocking games and apps, syncing notifications and SMS, location tracking, immediate alerts, and many more.

airdroid parental control

Follow some of the following steps to install it successfully:

  • Download AirDroid Parental Control App on your device and install it.
  • Launch this app on your device. You will be redirected to the sign up page to create your account and log in.
  • Download AirDroid Kids on the target phone. Install it and launch AirDroid kids by following some necessary setting on the phone for the setup.
  • Enter pair code to link up the device. Now you can see someone’s screen successfully.

With the help of this app, you may cast your child's Samsung device to your phone and remotely watch their surroundings while using their phone online. In addition to this, this software has several other features.

2. Samsung Kids

Samsung Kids is easy to install and is positioned in your device’s Quick settings panel. You can add Icon, If it is not available in Quick settings. Samsung kids are accessible and user-friendly. Kids should be kept away from delicate material until they are old enough to understand it.

samsung kids

  • Swipe down your screen to access Quick Settings panel. If it doesn’t appear, tap on more options in the quick setting panels and tap on the Edit buttons.Drag and Drop kid’s icon into the panel.
  • Tap on the Kids icon and then press start. Add Samsung Kids to your Apps screen, and then tap Next.
  • If you don’t have a Lock screen set up, you need to set up a custom PIN. You can also skip this step because Samsung kids can automatically use your Lock screen credential.
  • The Samsung Kids PIN give permission to set parental controls and check usage reports. It avoids kids from exiting Samsung Kids without parent’s permission.
  • The Samsung Kids screen will now display.

To exit Samsung Kids, tap more options an d close this app. Enter your PIN; Samsung Kids app will automatically close.

Part 4 : How Can I Monitor My Child's Samsung Phone without Them Knowing?

AirDroid Parental Control is a leading parental monitoring software/app and the best choice when viewing the activities of your kid's devices without them knowing through your smartphone or computer. These activities include text messages, live and past locations, calls, and social platforms like Instagram, Tiktok, and many others. This is an excellent option for monitoring your kid's phone without them knowing. It has a user-friendly interface and quick installation, making it effortless to use for most parents.


Whether it is getting your kids away from online predators, preventing cyberbullying, or managing inappropriate behavior, this parental monitoring software can be helpful. You can install AirDroid Parental Control in five minutes; no rooting is required on the target device. Texts, calls, photos, app usage, website visits, and location history are some things you can do with this software.

FAQs about Samsung Parental Controls

How to Put off Parental Controls on Samsung?

You can disable its function, by following these steps:

Settings > Digital Wellbeing and Parental Control > Parental Control > Unlock/disable Parental Control > Enter your 4 digit PIN code > OK.

How to Turn on Parental Controls for a Samsung Tablet?

Step 1: Tap Get started after selecting Parental restrictions. Install Google Family Link for parents by selecting Get Family Link next.

google family link

Step 2: Choose your preferred Google account if more than one has been added to your device. It would be best to decide whether a parent, child or teen will use the gadget. Tap Parent for the illustration.

Step 3: Choose Yes or No if your child has a Google account. Tap Yes to accept this example.To configure your child's device, select Next.

Step 4: Download Google Family Link for kids & adolescents on your child's device, and then input the supplied Family Link setup code. To complete the connection between the two devices, follow the on-screen directions on each one.

How to Set Samsung TV Parental Controls?

Follow these steps to set Samsung TV parental controls:

Navigate to All Settings > General & Privacy > Parental Settings. Then select Program Rating Lock Settings. After that, the steps are similar to TV.

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