How to Monitor SnapChat for Free

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Snapchat is easy to use. It has many features that make it unmatchable for many other social media platforms. That is why it is trendy among young and old. Monitoring what is happening on it can help you keep your family and friend safe from the danger on this platform. However, many doubt the possibility of monitoring Snapchat on one gadget from another.

monitor Snapchat for free

This article will show you how to do it for free because it is possible. You will also find more tips on why you should monitor Snapchat, especially that of your child.

Part 1. Basic Settings to Protect Your Kids on Snapchat for Free

This section is targeted at helping parent protect their kids on Snapchat for free. First, you can disable and enable a few settings on the app to limit your child's exposure to danger. Then, follow through to using some of the inbuilt parental control features.

Prevent People from Finding Your Child's Snapchat Profile through Cell Phone Number

You can stop this feature by opening your child's Snapchat profile. Next, tap on the gear icon and select Mobile Number. Finally, uncheck Let others find me using my mobile number option.

Don’t Suggest Your Kids as Friends to Others

Snapchat always suggest your kids as friends to others. You can turn off this feature on your child's profile page. Click on the gear icon, select See Me in Quick Add, then uncheck the option.

Prevent Strangers to Contact Your Kids

Set your kids' Snapchat to only get contact from their friends. To set up the account, you need to open their profile page, click on the gear icon, and tap Contact me. Then, select My Friends from the available options.

Stop Sharing Kids’ Location though Snapchat

Set your kids' Snapchat not to send their current location to friends. To disable this feature, open their profile page and click the gear icon. Select See My Location. Ensure that the Ghost Mode option is enabled.

Part 2. How to Monitor Snapchat on Android for Free

Besides the inbuilt settings highlighted in the previous section, you can install a third-party app to monitor your child for free. Some apps do not work for every OS, but our recommended software tool works perfectly on Android. AirDroid Parental Control is a top pick for parents who want to monitor their children's activities on Snapchat.

AirDroid Parental Control

Below are some of the unique features of AirDroid Parental Control.

Screen Mirroring

Cast your kid's Android device to your phone so you can remotely monitor their Snapchat activities in real-time.

Monitor the risk level of your kid's digital activities on Snapchat.

App Blocker and Schedule

Instant Lock You can Lock Snapchat on your cell phone or tablet with one click.

You can set a schedule for when your children can access Snapchat.

Set precisely how much time they can spend on Snapchat every day.

Send your kids an instant alert when they try to open Snapchat.

Sync Notifications & SMS

Monitor Snapchat notifications to intercept cyberbullying and online fraud.

Activity Report

View your kids' daily phone activities on Snapchat.

Learn if your child has used Snapchat and for how long.

You can know whether your kids are addicted to Snapchat.

Other Features

Remotely Watch the background activities of your kids' mobile devices with the camera.

Listen to the surrounding sounds through the microphones of your kids' phones.

Track your kids' current location and location history by timeline.

Get alerts when your child enters or leaves the geo-fenced zones you set.

Find out if your kids' phones have enough battery.

Get notifications if there is no data update from your kid's phone for a long time.

Check for bugs and malware invasion on your kids' devices.

Steps to use AirDroid Parental Control

Step 1. Download and Install AirDroid Parental Control on your device.

Step 2. Open the app on your phone, and AirDroid will direct you to the sign-up page. Create an account and log in.

AirDroid Parental Control

Step 3. Download AirDroid Kids on your kid's Android phone and open the app.

Step 4. Set up all the required settings on the phone. You will get a pairing code to bind the devices. Now, you can see what your kid does on Snapchat.

AirDroid Parental Control Dashboard

Part 3. How to Monitor Snapchat on iPhone for Free

If the target device is an iPhone, you can use Hoverwatch to monitor Snapchat on the device. You can use it to check if your child has not removed the settings you have put in place, as shown in the first part of this article. Furthermore, you can use Hoverwatch to monitor up to five Snapchat accounts simultaneously.


It has user-friendly features to build healthy digital habits for your friends and family.

* You can track your kid's Snapchat without them knowing.

* You can get full access to calls, texts, and a contact list on your kid's phone.

* Get notification when your kid changes sim.

* Get the real-time location of your kid through GPS.

* You can track the browser history on your child's phone.

* You can block or restrict websites and keywords on your kid's browser.

Steps to use Hoverwatch on your iPhone

Step 1. Create an account by providing your email and choosing a password. If you already have an account, log in with your details.

Step 2. Download and install the Hoverwatch app.

Step 3. Do the same on the target Snapchat phone.

Now, you can see what your kid does on Snapchat.

Part 4. Tips for Monitoring Child's Snapchat for Free

Your kids are probably more tech-savvy than you are, so you do not want to get monitoring their Snapchat wrong. However, you need to know a few things before monitoring your children's Snapchat for free that are mentioned here.

Some apps require you to root/jailbreak the target device before installing the third-party monitoring app. To root/jailbreak means granting the app permission to the phone's subsystem and removing restrictions. Therefore, using our recommended options, you should avoid apps requiring you to root/jailbreak your child's phone.

Secondly, you want to be sure that you know your child's phone passcode. Some children may even lock the Snapchat app; hence, you need access to the app as well. You will need it because many free third-party monitoring apps require you to install an app on your child's phone.

You need a steady internet connection to use the third-party monitoring apps suggested earlier in this article. You need the internet to install the app from Apple's App Store or Google's Play Store. Your data connection must be on before details on your child's Snapchat can be sent to your device.

Part 5. Why You Should Monitor Snapchat

The reach of the internet is growing per day. But unfortunately, this growth includes its space to endanger its users. Hence, this part of the article identifies some reasons you should monitor Snapchat for family, friends, and perhaps employees.


You want to ensure that no one around you is exposed to cyberbullying or harassment. Your employees might be bullying themselves, or your child's classmate or neighbor might be harassing them. You can also identify someone being blackmailed by monitoring their Snapchat.


Younger folks may be unaware that older people may want to exploit them sexually. By monitoring their Snapchat, you can help your children and their mates evade the danger of being sexually harassed by older people. You can pick this up through their chats with strangers and adults they know. If you have an employee who does this, you can quickly identify the person by monitoring their Snapchat.


Anyone can fall victim to a scam. But monitoring a Snapchat conversation can help you identify a friend, family, or employee who is about to be defrauded of money or any other valuable.


If the notification of a Snapchat is not turned on, you can monitor the account to find out if the person is in danger of being abducted. You can identify chats with friends and strangers interested in their whereabouts. Also, you can track their location in real-time by monitoring their Snapchat.


Adults and children love Snapchat for various reasons. Their attachment to this social media platform can lead to different addictions. First, they can become addicted to the forum and miss out on other responsibilities. Through Snapchat, it is possible to become addicted to alcohol. Statistics show that 96% of Snapchat users have sent a picture of their drink to someone else. Lastly, you can intercept the probability of a person getting addicted to a hard drug or substance by monitoring their Snapchat.


Knowing how to monitor Snapchat for free is very important. It helps you keep your family and friends safe and out of reach of the many dangerous vices on the internet. However, you must pick the right app and get a good internet connection to monitor Snapchat for free. Also, you can protect them by using the inbuilt parental control features on Snapchat.

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