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Find My iPhone Not Working? The Ultimate Guide for 2023

Elsa Updated on May 6, 2023 Filed to: Parent Control

iPhone has developed many safety features that answer your every need. There are many built-in features for superior user experience. Find My iPhone is one of the most incredible features of Apple devices. It makes it easy to track your Apple devices. If you lose your phone or steal it, you can see its last location and track your device. It is also helpful to keep up with your friends and family.

Find My iPhone not working

Why Is Find My iPhone Not Working?

Find My iPhone is a safety tool for tracking your phone. This feature is available for all Apple devices iPad, iPod, and Mac. It works amazingly when the phone is lost, misplaced, or Stolen. The feature works with the built-in GPS feature, and you can locate your Apple devices through iCloud services.

Find My iPhone

There are a few reasons that it doesn’t work properly. For example:

  • Your iPhone is not properly connected with the iCloud services.
  • Find My iPhone is turned off.
  • Your phone has a weak connectivity.
  • The phone’s date and time aren’t correct.
  • Older version of iOS.
  • Older hardware or bug-ridden software.

How to Fix Find My iPhone Not Working?

When your Find My iPhone is not working. You should immediately find out the root of the issue and fix it. Here are the comprehensive solutions in this regard. Following them, you can easily fix your Find My iPhone feature. Jump into the solutions:

1Make Sure iCloud & Find My Are Enabled

Sometimes, you accidentally turn off the Find My option. You can check the Setting app to resolve the issue. If your iCloud service is not connected with Find My, then the feature won’t work. Do the followings:

Step 1: Open the Setting app .

Step 2: Tap your iCloud profile.

icloud profile

Step 3: Check whether your iCloud is connected or not. If your iCloud is connected then you can see the number of storage in GB. If it is not connected, then you can see off.

icloud connection

Step 4: Now, tap on Find My .

tap on Find My

Step 5: Then tap on the first option.

turn on Find My iPhone

Step 6: Turn on all the toggles to allow the Find My Feature. Turning on Send the last location is important because it will show the location when your battery runs out or your phone is switched off.

2Check If No battery or Phone off

It is the most obvious step. If the phone’s battery is critically low or switched off, Find My won’t work. It won’t track the phone’s location. So always maintain a certain level of charge in your phone.

check battery

If you turn on the send last location feature, you can see the last update before your phone is switched off.

3Check Your Internet Connection

Find My feature works with an internet connection to report the current location. Find My iPhone not working due to out of Wifi range, enabled Airplane Mode, or turn off cellular networks. So fix these issues to work the Find My feature.

check internet connection

It would be best to ensure the cellular connection for Find My iPhone. It lets you track your phone when it is out of Wifi range.

4Turn On Location Services

If you don’t get the accurate location, it may be a problem with the location tracking system of your phone. So turn on your phone’s location and adjust the settings.

Step 1: Go to the Setting app and then Privacy.

tap on privacy

Step 2: Then tap on the Location Services.

click location services

Step 3: Turn on Location Services and click Share My Location.

turn on location services

Step 4: Again turn on all the toggles .

turn on all options

5Set the Date & Time Automatically

Many do not find it important. But the Find My doesn’t work due to the incorrect time or date settings. The feature can not send your accurate tracking. So if you want to see the correct location in real-time, you need to keep updating with the date and time.

Step 1: Open Settings and go to General.

go to general

Step 2: Then click Date and Time.

choose date and time

Step 3: Click on Set Automatically, now the date and time will be updated automatically.

set time automatically

6Sign In with the Same Apple ID

If you are using Apple devices to find your iPhone, then make sure the device you are using signs in with the identical Apple ID that your iPhone is logged into because Apple uses the Apple ID to find the devices. You can not see the Find My iPhone feature if you use a different Apple ID.

7Turn Off Don't Allow Changes

Sometimes your default phone settings may stop the Find My feature. If you enable the setting of Don't allow changes in location service then you can't see an accurate location in Find My. To fix it:

Step 1: Open settings and then Screen time.

tap on screen time

Step 2: Now, go to Content & Privacy restrictions.

click content privacy restrictions

Step 3: Tap Location Services.

allow location services

Step 4: Tap on Allow Changes.

allow changes option

8Enable Push or Fetch New Data

Enabling the option can fix the Find My iPhone not working. There is a simple method to follow:

Step 1: Open Setting App. Scroll down and tap on the Mail .

click mail

Step 2: Tap on Accounts.

tap on accounts

Step 3: Now, click on Fetch New Data.

fetch new data

Step 4: Turn on the toggle of the Push.

tap on push

9Update Your iPhone to IOS 15 or Later

When working with Find My, it is essential to use the latest software version. Many people overlook the solution to their location tracking issue and try to resolve it. However, if you do not have the latest, but if you don’t have updated version, you can not track the Find My.

update your iPhone

Keeping up with the latest software version is always a good idea since it comes with resolving some of the bugs from the previous version. You might benefit from updated software if you are having trouble using Find My.

10Restart Your Device

Restarting your iPhone may solve this problem. Sometimes iPhone search not working error can cause the problem.

Step 1: Simply press and hold the power button on your iPhone.

Step 2: Tap or slide to select the Restart option.

force restart iPhone

11SIM Card Issue

If you are using cellular data, and your SIM card has been removed or damaged, you can not track the phone with Find My. You need to make sure, your SIM card is properly working as well as the internet connection.

12Feature Is Not Available or Supported

Whenever checking the Find My, if Features is not available pops up, then understand your phone’s iOS version is not eligible for the Find My feature. You need to upgrade the version, and you can use the feature.

How to Track Android from iPhone?

Well, it seems impossible to hear tracks Android from iPhone. Certainly, it is possible to use the best monitoring app named AirDroid Parental Control. This app is designed to monitor kids both online and offline.

AirDroid location tracking

Using the app, you can track your kid’s location anytime and anywhere using the GPS tracker. Being with your kids all the time is not possible. So this app is helpful to track all your kid’s iPhones through your iPhone.

To Get the App

Step 1. Go to the Apple App Store and download the AirDroid Parental Control app. Then sign up and do some basic settings of your account.

Step 2. Again, download the AirDroid Kids app to your kid’s Android phone.

Step 3. Then log in and pair both devices. Now, you can track your kid's Android phone from your iPhone.

FAQs about Find My iPhone Not Working

1. Why Is Find My iPhone Not Updating Someone's Location?

It may be a problem with the location service. Or incorrect time and date also can be a problem. So check these issues to fix them.

2. Why Does It Say No Location Found on Find My iPhone?

There are many reasons behind this notification. Perhaps, your iPhone has not connected with iCloud or your phone has a weak network issue.

3. How Do You Know If Someone Turned Off Their Location on Their iPhone?

If someone turned off the location service, then you can not see the location on Find My app.

4. Can You Tell When Someone Is Checking Your Location?

There is no way to tell that. But you can observe some issues like the phone battery draining faster or some bug errors in the phone.

5. How Often Does Find My iPhone Update Location?

The Find My iPhone updates your location all the time until your phone is connected to an internet connection.

6. Why Is My Find My Friends Not Working?

There are many reasons that I have already discussed in the article. Go through it carefully to fix it.

7. How Do I Refresh Find My iPhone Location?

You need to simply refresh the Map of your phone and you can update the location on Find My iPhone.

8. Why Can't I See My Family on Find My iPhone?

Probably, all the devices are not logged in to the same Apple ID network. If the devices are not connected with the same Apple ID, then you can see errors.

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