How to Set Facebook Parental Controls Easily

Facebook has become an integral part of our daily lives regardless of the age factor. Even though the Facebook age restriction is a minimum user 13, youngsters undoubtedly access it without hesitation. It is kind of unavoidable for teenagers nowadays!

However, as a parent, it's up to you to become a responsible person and assist your child find balance when they're on Facebook. Therefore, we are here to help you out with the Facebook parental controls.

Facebook Parental Control

Hop onto the entire article, so you'll understand why you need to be aware of Facebook's hazards, how you put parental controls on Facebook and the options you have to protect yourself.

Part 1: Critical Hazards That Teens Face On Social Media

As a parent, you'll need to be conscious of the risks of social media for your children. Be cautious of the people your children are already in contact with. There's no way to tell who the people on the other side of an account are, even if they're classmates or pals.

social media apps

Most questions that are over the internet are there parental controls on Facebook?

So yes, because there's no way to know whether this is a friend or a stranger doing anything terrible. As a result of Facebook's addictive nature, users get disconnected from the real world. Even obesity is one of the reasons teenagers face nowadays due to lack of exercise and heavy usage of social media apps like Facebook.

Further, anxiety, sadness, and sometimes even cyberbullying may result if youngsters cannot acquire enough views and comments on their social media postings and images. Additionally, several hazards are particular to specific circumstances.

Part 2: Why Do You Need Parental Controls on Facebook?

A significant oversight is that Facebook does not come with the parental controls necessary to address most of these issues. If you want to make money off of Facebook, you must remember that it is a business, not a place where people may socialize.

If you're still utilizing the services and there are no parental controls, you'll have to devise a solution to this issue like AirDroid Parental Control.

Part 3: Ways to Protect Your Youngster on Facebook Without Parental Control

Although Facebook parental control does not have a variety of options, there are a few ways/tools through which you track your youngster's Facebook usage.

Spending Management

Even though many of us have not yet sold something on Facebook, there are numerous options to do so via games and services. It would be convenient if we could prevent our children from completing these purchases using spending management.

Function Restriction

A child-friendly edition of Facebook's parental controls should be available despite its many features and functions. For instance, they should not include advertisements aimed at minors and should be devoid of advertisements.

Friend Request Alerts

There should be friend request alerts available on Facebook. Whether you can approve the connection request or you would get an email allowing you to keep informed and intervene as necessary.

Disable Automatic Photo Tagging

Facebook tends to identify and tag our faces in images. Therefore, a parent may choose to verify the photo's suitability before accepting the tag.

Applying Profile Modifications

If your kid is attempting to update their profile photo, add their address, and add highly compromising personal details, Facebook parental controls must approve all profile modifications.

Time Limitations

We would love it if Facebook's parental controls automatically imposed time limits on their app, so parents could set a time limit for their children's account access and subsequently ban it.

Linking Parents

It would be a great tool that allows you to connect with parents you know and who have children in common so that you can all work together to safeguard your children's online safety and visibility.

Parental Profile View

Some children may refuse to accept their parents as Facebook friends for whatever reason, which might result in you being shut off. However, parents' Facebook profiles should provide an opportunity to read the profile without being friends.

Simple Privacy Configurations

Privacy settings on a child's account are crucial for protecting their material and identity. Although Facebook is beginning to enhance this option, control settings must be straightforward, which is perfect for Facebook moms.

Restrictions on Text Messages

When you register for Facebook, you are prompted many times to provide your cell phone number, which is subsequently linked to your text messaging capabilities. Unfortunately, this might cause text message costs to skyrocket, and thus, you should restrict this option as well when your teenager is using the app without Facebook parental control.

Part 4: How to Set Up Parental Controls On Facebook

You may question whether Facebook offers parental controls. If so, the sweet and short answer is YES!

Managing Facebook parental control settings is one of the most straightforward and frequent ways to implement parental restrictions. Most parents are confused about how to put parental controls on Facebook.

So, here we have prepared the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to set up parental controls on Facebook.

By Implementing Privacy Controls

Step 1. Open Facebook on your child mobile. Conduct a fast privacy audit of your child's Facebook profile to see the stored privacy settings. You may find it from either a More icon, or an arrow pointing down at the upper right corner.

Step 2. Click View Privacy Shortcuts and you will see the details.

Facebook privacy shortcuts

Step 3. Select "Friends" as the audience who may see your kid's Facebook postings so that only trustworthy individuals can access the photos, videos, and other information shared by your child.

Step 4. Choose "Friends" for all other choices inside the "Profile" settings because only your child's friends may read their Facebook information.

Step 5. From "Applications & Websites," remove apps to prevent them from automatically posting to your child's profile.

Facebook Applications & Websites

Step 6. In "Privacy" setting, under "How People May Find and Contact You," choose "Who could give you requests from people" and "Friends of friends" to prevent any unknown user from sending your kid a friend request.

Facebook privacy setting about contacting someone

Step 7. Sometimes, people are confused about how to block inappropriate content on Facebook? So if someone is annoying your child on Facebook, you may block them by navigating to the "Main Menu," clicking on "Settings," selecting "Blocking," and then adding the profile name of the offending individual.

block users on Facebook

Step 8. To see your child's Facebook activities, tap on the profile icon and more, pick "Activity Log."

Activity Log on Facebook

By following these measures, you may successfully secure your child's Facebook privacy and protect them from harmful individuals.

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Wrapping Up

So, in the end, young brains are pretty delicate, making them open to encountering difficult circumstances, and they lack the maturity to recognize what is good and wrong.

Your child's safety in the internet virtual world is a significant worry.

Therefore, parents should supervise and monitor their child's online behaviour, particularly on popular social networking platforms such as Facebook.

Whether you use Facebook parental control or the Airdroid app, your kid's safety should be your utmost priority!

FAQs about Facebook Parental Control

How to Block Games on Facebook?
To disable Facebook's integration with applications, games, and websites, follow these steps: 1. Click the top-right corner of Facebook 2. Select Privacy & settings, then click Settings. 3. Select Apps and Websites from the menu on the left. 4. Scroll through to Preferences, then select Turn Off next to Apps, websites, and games.
How to Turn off Parental Controls on Facebook?
As a parent, you may want to know when you posted a Facebook remark or uploaded a picture. Open the 'child's profile page', touch the three dots, click 'Privacy options', keep scrolling to the 'Privacy section' and then pick 'Activity Log' to see the Activity log. Additionally, you may remove individual posts from this area.
How Do I Limit Content Access On Facebook?
To log in, you must be the administrator of your Facebook profile.  Choose 'Edit Page' and 'Edit Settings' to modify a page. You may block words by choosing 'Page Moderation' and entering them manually. By selecting 'Save Changes', you may save your modifications.
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