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10 Best Child Phone Tracker Apps for Android and iPhone

Elsa Updated on Sep 13, 2022 Filed to: Parent Control

The world has transformed into a digital village with the latest technological advancement. In this digitized world, it is straightforward to manipulate young kids. Therefore, parents must keep a check on social media usage. Parents keep on thinking of ways how to track kids' phones. Hence, the ever-increasing social media trend has caused a wave of panic among parents.

AirDroid Parental Control

A child phone tracker app is the only viable option to deal with this problem. With a tracking app, parents will have control over the digital well-being of their kids. Resultantly, they can ensure that the kids do not get in harm's way by using illicit social media platforms or apps. A tracker app for a child's phone will rectify this digital problem of the modern world.

Part 1. Top 5 Child Phone Tracker Apps for Android

Product HighlightsFree TrialStealth ModePrice
AirDroid Parental Control·Screen Mirroring for real-time monitoring
·One-way audio system
·Remote camera control
·Notifications’ synchronization
3-14 daysYes$9.99/Month
Find My Kids·Real-time GPS locator
·Family chat feature within the app
7 daysNo$2.99/Month (1 device)
$16.99/Year (3 devices)
$25.99/Lifetime (3 devices)
Life360 Family Locator·Crash detection
·Emergency dispatch
·ID theft protection
7 daysNo$9.99-19.99/Month
Kaspersky Safe Kids·Block harmful content
·YouTube management
7 daysNo$14.99/Month
Cell Phone Tracker·Call recordings
·Text messages

1AirDroid Child Phone Tracker

AirDroid Parental Control is the most dynamic app to track kids' phones. It offers a wide range of parental control options. Furthermore, it is effortless to use, and your child will not be able to know that you are tracking them.

AirDroid Parental Control

The following list summarizes the features of AirDroid to track kids' phones:

  • A comprehensive report of each app usage (Daily and Weekly)
  • Option to block and set limitations on app & screen time usage
  • Real-time location and geofencing
  • Screen mirroring to monitor live online activity
  • One-way Audio to hear the surroundings of your child
  • Controlling kids' cameras remotely
  • Synchronization of notifications and SMS
  • Instant alerts for low battery, no update, etc.
  • AirDroid is a diverse kids' phone tracker app that assists parents in keeping a check. You can set up screen time limits and app management limits. Furthermore, you can check the location anytime with this app. Another chief benefit of this app is that you can check the location history of your kids for up to 30 days.

    Furthermore, tracking kids' phones with the AirDroid app is easy and fast. The best feature of this app is the screen mirroring option. This option provides real-time tracking of activities. This app can manage a maximum of 10 devices per subscription plan.

    2Find My Kids

    How to track your kids' phones? It is the most frequent question in the minds of concerned parents. Well, Find My Kids is an excellent option to keep a check on your kids.

    Find My Kids

    It is a premium parental control and GPS locator app with the following aspects:

  • Real-time GPS Locator
  • One-Way Audio system
  • Sending loud alert
  • Apps management
  • Battery check
  • Family chat feature within the app
  • You can track kids' phone locations easily using this app. Furthermore, you can send your kids a loud notification if they are not responding to your calls. This app can manage a maximum of three devices which is a drawback in case you have a large family.

    However, this app's plus point is that it offers a one-time subscription. Moreover, this app also provides parental control features.

    3Life360 Family Locator

    Life360 Family Locator is an app that connects different family members. It proves vital in accidental situations. You can track kids' phone locations with this app.

    Life360 Family Locator

    It has the following key features:

    • 24/7 Roadside assistance
    • Crash detection and dispatch of emergency services
    • 30 days location history
    • Family driving summary
    • SOS alert feature
    • Driver reports and free towing services
    • ID Theft protection
    • Stolen phone protection

    With this app, you can get a location history of up to 30 days. It is a family locator and emergency response app. The drawback of this app is it will only allow you to track kids' phone locations. It does not provide app management and screen time parental controls. It is more inclined towards an emergency response system. Thus, you get an alert when your family members get in an accident.

    4Kaspersky Safe Kids

    This multi-purpose app is a combination of parental control and location monitoring. With this child phone tracker app, you can manage your child's digital activities.

    Kaspersky Safe Kids

    Following are the key features of this multi-dimensional app:

    • Block harmful sites and content
    • Blocking YouTube search requests
    • Managing app usage
    • Setting screen time limits
    • Child psychologists' services
    • Checking YouTube search history on app and browser
    • Real-time notifications and location tracking
    • Detailed reports of digital habits

    Kaspersky is a parental control app that provides control of YouTube and other apps. Furthermore, you can also manage the app usage of your kids by setting up limitations. It is a viable tool for kids' phone trackers. The drawback of this method is that it does not provide screen mirroring.

    5Cell Phone tracker

    Cell Phone Tracker is a mobile tracking app with some parenting control features. You can track kids' phone locations with this app easily. However, this app is majorly inclined towards mobile tracking.

    Cell Phone Tracker

    The core features of this tracking app are as follows:

    • Call recordings
    • History of text messages
    • Browsing history
    • Call recordings of messenger apps
    • Real-time location
    • Photos tracker

    The drawback of this application is that it does not provide parental controls. Furthermore, it is only compatible with Android operating systems. You can only check the call records, messages, location, and browsing history. However, it is good to track kids' phone locations. Furthermore, it has a 30 days trial period and different subscription plans.

    Part 2. Top 5 Child Phone Tracker Apps for iPhone

    You can have a bird's eye view of the comparison between different tracking apps:

    Product HighlightsFree TrialStealth ModePrice
    Qustodio·Filtration of content and apps
    ·Get alerts and SOS
    3 daysNo$54.95-$137.95/Year
    Norton Family·Content and site monitoring
    ·Web supervision
    30 daysNo$49.99-$124.99/Year
    FamiSafe·Tik Tok management
    ·YouTube history
    3 daysNo$10.99/Month
    Circle Home Plus·Web filtration
    ·Managing internet security
    14 daysNo$69/Quarter
    Glympse·Location sharing
    ·Roadside assistance


    Qustodio is a tracker app for a child's phone that provides many features. It is compatible with a wide range of devices. You can not only locate your child's phone but also manage the app's usage effectively. You can block apps and set time limitations.


    Furthermore, you can monitor every activity using this child phone tracker app. This app is the perfect answer to how to track kids' phones. Check out the below list of features regarding this tracking app:

    • Filtration of content and apps
    • Limiting screen time
    • Blocking unwanted content and apps
    • Getting alerts when kids try to access blocked content
    • Monitor activity
    • Setting time limits for digital well-being
    • Locating family members
    • Tracking calls and SMS
    • Get alerts and SOS
    • Multilingual

    You can use this app to track kids' phones remotely. There are multiple subscription plans for this device. Every subscription plan protects a different number of devices. However, the only drawback of this app is that the panic button option is only for the Android version.

    2Norton Family

    Norton Family is a parental control and educational app. It is ideal for developing healthy digital habits in kids. This child phone tracker app is not limited to location tracking.

    Norton Family

    It also has a bunch of other features, which are as follows:

    • Monitoring sites and content
    • Restricting the screen time
    • Checking the location
    • 30 days location history data
    • Instant lock feature
    • App management
    • Web and video streaming supervision
    • Alerts

    This kids' phone tracker app is a diverse app. It has many different features, with instant lock as a unique one. The parents can lock the phone of kids remotely anytime they want. Different subscription plans are available. Moreover, you can manage as many as five devices. It is available in more than 150 countries. The only backdrop of this app is that it is not compatible with MAC and Windows 10 S versions.


    FamiSafe is a parental control application that provides different features. It is very straightforward to use and compatible with almost every system.


    Parents can use this child phone tracker app to check the digital activities of the young ones strictly.

    • Real-time GPS location
    • Driving report
    • Geofencing
    • App management
    • Blocking explicit sites and content
    • Detecting explicit pictures
    • Safe search
    • Managing screen time
    • Tik Tok history
    • YouTube history
    • Web filtration

    How to track my kids' phones? If this is the query in your mind, the answer is FamiSafe. With this app, you have different parenting controls. You get the authority to select the type of content your child can view. Furthermore, you can decide the screen time. The instant lock feature allows you to lock your child's phone.

    The backdrop of this app is that it does not feature screen mirroring.

    4Circle Home Plus

    Circle Home Plus is another dynamic app that provides a wide range of parental control options. Wi-Fi is the primary carrier of device management for this app. This child phone tracker app is straightforward to install and use. You have first to set this app on the Wi-Fi router.

    Afterwards, you can install the app on the relevant devices. You can control screen time, app management, device location, and web browsing through this app. Furthermore, you can also pause the internet for any device with a single click. Moreover, you can also control the devices remotely using this child phone tracker app.

    Circle Home Plus


    Glympse is a free location-sharing app that you may use as a child phone tracker. It is very to use as no sign-up is required. Moreover, you can share your real-time location. You can also receive the location of your friends and family.


    It has the following features:

    • Sharing Real-time location
    • Open sharing of location
    • Passive app
    • Able to send ETA
    • Finding friends by viewing their locations
    • SOS for roadside assistance

    This app is only valid when you have to track kids' phone locations. Furthermore, you can also send an ETA to your friends and family. Therefore, it is not preferable if you are looking for parental control app.

    Part 3. How to Choose the Best App to Track Kids' Phones?

    Selecting a child phone tracker app may seem difficult as there are many options. However, the selection criteria become easy if you have some critical factors. The below list will help you narrow down on the child phone tracker app:

    • The age group of your child
    • Types of parental controls you want
    • Number of devices you want to protect
    • Screen time management

    Part 4. How Does a Child Phone Tracker Work?

    A kids' phone tracker app is straightforward to use. The working mechanism of every phone tracker app is straightforward. The tracker app works through the connection between your device and the child's device. Firstly, you must install the child phone tracker app on your device.

    After that, you have to install the app on the target phone. You can connect your app with the child's phone from within your app. You can access all the tracking and parental control features from your app's dashboard.

    Child Phone Tracker Apps: The Crux

    Digital well-being has become a significant aspect of the learning system of young kids. It is a crucial stage where the parents must ensure that their kids do not get to see harmful content. In this aspect, it is necessary to keep a check and balance on kids' devices using a child phone tracker app.

    You can choose the type of tracker app per your requirements. However, AirDroid's parental control app is the most viable option as it has diverse controls. It can track kids' phone location remotely. Moreover, it will also provide the history of location data. Furthermore, you can also manage apps and screen time. The best advantage is that it provides screen mirroring for real-time monitoring. Thus, it is the best option for tracking kids' phones.

    Hottest Questions Related to Track Child's Phone

    Can I see my child's phone without them knowing?
    Yes, you can see your child's phone without them knowing. You can use a tracker app for the child's phone to allow you access remotely. These tracking apps do not let the child know when you are monitoring them.
    How Can I Track My Child's Phone Location?
    You can easily track your child's phone location using a track kids phone app. Many of these apps provide real-time location and geofencing features. Therefore, you will get alerts if your child enters or moves out of the geofenced area.
    What Is the Best App for Tracking Your Child's Phone?
    AirDroid parental control app is the best for tracking kids' phone locations. This app provides the highest number of parental control and tracking features. Furthermore, it also provides a screen mirroring option. This option is exclusive to this app.
    Is There a Free Parental Control App for Android?
    Yes, Glympse is a free parental control app. However, the backdrop is that it is very limited in functionality. You cannot check the location of the child. However, the child can share the location. Due to the limited functionality, free child phone tracker apps are not preferable.
    How Can I See What My Kids Are Doing Online for Free?
    You can use several apps to check the online activity of your kids. However, the free tracking apps have minimal functionality and provide poor results. Therefore, it is preferable to use AirDroid's parental control app. It will keep an eye on every online activity of your kids.
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