GG Meaning: The Definition, Use Cases and More

GG is a commonly used acronym in online gaming. It's a congratulatory message to someone when they've won or to express sympathy when they've lost.

All You Need to Know about KMS Meaning

KMS means "kill myself." If it is sarcastic, no need to worry. But if it is used in a serious conversation and too many times, that is the clue to step in.

SUS Meaning: The Definition, Use Cases, and More

What does Sus mean? If you are a social media lover, you've probably encountered the slang word. "Sus" is short for "suspicious," and we can use it differently.

What Is a Body Count? – Body Count Meaning in Relationship

When it comes to relationships, Body Count refers to the number of people each person has had sex with. A person's body count can either be low or high.

FWB Meaning: Parents Need to Know about the Slang FWB

FWB means "Friend-With-Benefits," it describes a physically intimate relationship between two people without commitment. An FWB relationship is isn't romantic.

Sneaky Link Meaning: Definition, Origin, Use Cases and More

Sneaky link is a term used to describe a person that someone is secretly hooking up with. People with sneaky links might conceal it because of several reasons

ISTG Meaning and Use Cases in Text & Social App

ISTG stands for "I Swear to God." It is commonly used on the social web. Besides knowing ISTG's meaning, it is also essential to know its use cases.

What Does KYS Mean: KYS Meaning, Origin, Use Cases and More

The acronym "KYS" has different meanings, but the main one is "Kill Yourself." Teens may use it to tease, bully, express disappointment, or fend off someone.

KM Meaning & Use Cases in Messaging & Social App

KM is a truncation for the expression kiss me. It can be used in both funny and serious ways. Other meanings include keep mum, kill me, kilometer, etc.

YW Meaning: The Definition, Use Cases and Alternate Meanings

Most people don't know what YW means since they keep seeing it used differently. Typically, YW means You're Welcome; however, there are alternative meanings.