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Suppose you often use social media and, more importantly, interact with dating topics. In that case, the word sneaky link isn't probably a new term to you. Yes, you might know the meaning of sneaky link, but you have probably heard of it or seen it used several times.

There are many slang words nowadays on the social web that most people aren't aware of or don't know their meaning. We can talk of slang words like ISTG (I swear to God), FWB (Friend with benefits), OMG (Oh my God), GOAT (greatest of all time), and many others.

A "sneaky link" seems to be the most recent term circulating within the TikTok app. The platform is constantly introducing new terms as well as challenges.

And so, to help you do your work easily, we will discuss the sneaky link definition and how this slang word is used in conversation.

Part 1: What Does Sneaky Link Mean?

Sneaky link is a slang term used to describe a person that someone is secretly hooking up with, and it is commonly used in the context of romantic or sexual relationships.

Urban Dictionary clarifies, "a sneaky link can be a sexual or non-sexual experience or relationship with somebody else that nobody knows about."

Sneaky Link meaning

You may see someone saying they are my sneaky link, or we have sneaky linked with him (Linked, in this case, refers to meeting up). You might have also heard the slang word FWB, which refers to "friends with benefits."

These two terms usually relate in some way or have some close relation as they almost infer similar meanings. FWB and sneaky link in the dating context refers to having casual sex without any major commitments. FWB is more direct than sneaky link bust; they share some core features as they are not something serious – just for fun.

Now that you know what sneaky link means, let's discover who uses this slang word.

Part 2: Who Uses the "Sneaky Link" Slang Word?

Ideally, anyone can use this word if they feel like doing so. However, when we analyze which group of people uses it more, it is teenagers and young adults.

Sneaky link is a common phrase since they most frequently utilize "sneaky connection" to characterize covert relationships on social media platforms like TikTok and Twitter. These groups are ideally still more active regarding the sexual side; that's why they tend to have more than one fiancé.'

They have grown up in the social media area where DMing, on Tinder, and in person, people can meet their secret connection mates is becoming a common thing. In more innocent situations, the flings might only consist of kissing, although they frequently involve sexual activity.

The phrase became well-known on TikTok in May 2021 due to the song "Sneaky Link" by HXLLYWOOD becoming a hit on social media.

song Sneaky Link

How can someone use a slang word? Well, let's see!

Part 3: How Is the "Sneaky Link" Slang Word Used?

To help you understand how this slang word is used, we will have to use examples:

As a Checky Reply

Currently, on platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and Tik Tok people share a photo of themselves. Under their post, you can post a reply to complement them, flirt, or joke a little with them. If you want to flirt, you can reply with something like one below:


  • Girl! I can be your sneaky link!
  • Eish! You soooo damn gorgeous, girl; I would love to be your sneaky link so we can complete this connection!

Well, the reply might sound flirty or like a pickup line. Only use it where relevant and in posts like Instagram stories that won't make it look creepy.

Show a Secret Hookup

If you want to tell someone that you have someone you have been meeting in secret without sounding obvious, you can use this term. For example, you can say:

Friend: Hey girl, I saw you with someone yesterday at around 9 pm; who was he?

You: Don't even say it, girl; he is my new sneaky link, LOL!

Refer to Their Secret Lover

You can also use a 'sneaky link' to refer to their secret lover, for example:

YOU: He and his sneaky link are quickly falling in love.

Show You Have Secretly Met Someone

Sometimes you don't have to tell someone that you have secretly met with someone a couple of times. All you can do is use the phrase "sneaky linked."

So, in a text, you can send something like this.

You: We have sneakily linked with Vicky twice now!

When Talking to Sneaky Link

Apart from the above uses, you can also use this word link alone when talking with your sneaky link. For example:

You: Hey, are you free to link tonight?

Him: Yeah, let's link up.'

Part 4: How to Know If Your Kid Is Using the "Sneaky Link" Slang Word?

The phrase "sneaky link" is a renowned word among the young generation; however, even the millennials or boomers are well aware of it. Simply put, a "sneaky link" is a hookup or a covert with a secret partner. Most people and social media users like to link the phrase to someone you have secret sex with.

Therefore, this term isn't friendly, and you will be worried if you find it in your kids' phone conversation. So, to avoid being kept in the dark while they meet up with their sneaky link, it will be ideal to track their conversation to get notified before anything serious happens.

To conveniently track their conversation on all social platforms and normal text messages, you can use an app like AirDroid Parental Control.

AirDroid Parental Monitoring

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Some of the core features that make it the best monitoring tool are:

a) Sync App Notifications: You will simultaneously receive the notification content whenever an app on your child's device sends out a notification. You can track notifications from all social media apps, be it WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook Messenger, and others.

b) Social Content Monitor: Set "sneaky link" as a keyword to find out if your child uses such words on their social apps. You can create a list of categories and customize keywords, then specify apps to start the monitoring. By doing this, once triggered, you will receive an alert with the details of that word.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, all discreet hookups are an example of stealthy links. People with sneaky links might conceal it because they are having an affair, feel guilty about their actions, or like the suspense of the unknown.

However, it is important to note that you can have a sneaky link, which won't be termed cheating. For example, if you are single but have a guy or girl you have been meeting in private, you still refer to them as a sneaky link. Unfortunately, most sneaky links happen when someone is dating or in a committed relationship, which makes sneaky link cheating.

If you doubt your girl or man has a sneaky link, you can use the AirDroid Parental Control app to test if something sneaky is going on. This app is easy to use, affordable, and beneficial, so try it now.

Sneaky Link FAQs

Is Sneaky Link a Relationship?
Sneaky link is a term used to refer to a type of relationship. It isn't an open relationship that other people know; you and a few close people; maybe 1 or 2 of your friends know about your sneaky link. So, calling it a relationship is ok since it involves having sex and meet-ups. Overall, it is a secret relationship. 
Is Sneaky Link about Cheating?
A sneaky link isn't ideally cheating; however, most sneaky links happen when a partner is in another relationship, thus making it cheating. Furthermore, a sneaky link isn't just about meeting with another person in secret; it also involves having an affair with that person (sexually), which confirms the sneaky link to be cheating.
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