What Is Anime and Why It Is Popular Among Teens

"Anime" refers to animated content from Japan. It technically refers to any animation regardless of its origin but is most associated with animation from Japan.

What Does STFU Mean?STFU Meaning, Use Cases & More

Are you tired of seeing "STFU" popping up everywhere and wondering what it means? Well, we're to help define 'what does STFU mean' and how it is used.

OTP Meaning: What Does OTP Mean in Text

Have you ever heard someone talking about it and wanted to know what OTP means? Well, the OTP meaning is One True Pairing, which is used differently.

What Does Cap Mean? The Definition, Origin

Find out the meaning, origin, and use of the cap and no cap slang in this article and how parents can monitor such slang.

Bruh Meaning: Definition, Use Cases, Origin & More

Bruh is one of the slang words and phrases that are currently used in daily chats. What is Bruh's Meaning, and how is Bruh used in the text? Well, let's see.

No Cap Meaning: Definition, Origin, Use Cases and More

"No cap" is slang that means "no lie" to emphasize the truthfulness of a statement or story. It is also a shorthand way of saying "no exaggeration."

PPL Meaning: Definition, Alternative Meaning and Use Cases

PPL stands for "people" and is a shorthand way of referring to a group of individuals. How is it used, and does it have other meanings? Let's See!

OG Meaning: The Definition, Use Cases, and More

OG is among the oldest and most widely used slang words. OG stands for 'Original Gangster,' and this phrase can be used differently.

420 Meaning: Understanding 420 for Your Teenage Children

420 is mostly used and known as a cannabis culture to plan a place & an outing to smoke weed and get high. It has a long history of being associated with weed.

1437 Meaning and Its Basic Use

The meaning of 1437 is I love you forever. It is widely used for spiritual love or joke. There are also other numbers meaning I love you, like 143, 381, etc.