Emo: The Origins, Meaning & Definition, Use Cases and More

Have you noticed a shy kid who often dresses in black-themed clothing? It is likely that they are depressed, suicidal, and practicing the Emo culture.

Boujee Meaning: The Definition, Use Cases, Evolution, and More

Both boujee and bougie come from French. The meaning has been changing over time. Check the post to know the evolution of boujee meaning and bougie definition.

1111 Angel Number Meaning: All You May Want to Know

1111 Angel Number means living the angels, god is letting everything be and believing the higher authorities. However, what will happen depend on what you do.

GOAT Meaning: What Does Goat Stand for and How to Use It

GOAT stands for "Greatest Of All Time." It is used to describe the astonishing achievements that athletes, musicians & other celebrities have achieved.

ASL Meaning in Slang: The Origin, Definition, Use Cases, and More

Originally, ASL meant "American Sign Language." The slang meaning is to ask a person's age/sex/location. TikTok users, develops a different meaning "as hell."