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As time is getting advanced and developed into a much more modern and precise world, language has had to deal with its impact too. In the world ruled by Gen-Z, texting and communication through the digital world have been modified in a way only the later generations can understand. The generation has come up with its slang and its meanings. It was used behind them, which caused a huge difference in the understanding of parents who only wished to understand their children.

kms meaning

Slang that we talk about if you observe closely, you'll realize that they existed before too, but only in numbers, which the latest generation converted into the short form of words. If you're a parent and want to know what KMS is and everything related to it, you will need to continue reading the article.

KMS Meaning

KMS is an internet slang abbreviation, meaning "kill myself." It was often used in text messages or online like "I'm gonna KMS," or "I want to KMS."

what does KMS

It might be hard for a parent to comprehend that their child might be using this slang. However, it must be noted that the term is often used casually and metaphorically, and not literally.

Sometimes KMS meaning depends on the type of sentence the children are using. If it is sarcastic, then there is nothing to worry about. But if there is a serious conversation going on and KMS is used in between the convo too many times, then that is the clue for you to step in.

KMS in Urban Dictionary

The Urban dictionary is the best if you want a swift and precise answer to such slang and words. Being a parent of old age can be hectic when you plan to learn how the kids communicate these days, which is why an urban dictionary plays an important role in many lives.

The meaning of KMS in the urban dictionary is the same as its real meaning, which is "kill myself." The urban dictionary, however, explains the slang more logically and insensitively. So if you see your child using KMS slang in a serious conversation, it is time for you to step in and put your foot down.

KMS on Text & Snap

You might wonder if there are multiple meanings of KMS, which is somewhat true. What KMS means entirely depends on the type of conversation that is going on between the children. Suppose they are using sarcasm and are joking about certain things. In that case, using KMS is a green signal that your child is completely fine and is enjoying themselves.

Even though KMS stands for "kill myself," it is true that children these days tend to use such slang while pulling a prank or joking about it with an entire group of friends. All you need to do is to understand the type of conversation that is going on between your kid and his friends, and you will realize on your own if they mean it or are just joking about it.

KMS on text might seem more serious than using it on any other application. However, using it on snap indicates that the kid is joking about it and is not serious about pulling such an act. So before you schedule a long lecture for your children, you need to understand the type of environment they are using the slang. What does KMS mean on Snapchat? It is simply the epitome of joking with your friends and having fun. What does KMS mean in a text message? It means it is time for you to get closer to your children.

KMS on Snapchat

KMS on Discord

Since Discord is solely the place to share your personal experiences or thoughts, it has also become famous for KMS slang. On Discord, an emoji is invented to represent the slang more smartly. As a parent, you might not like such an idea, but the latest generation has grown fond of it.

When Your Child Says "I Want to KMS"

They use it jokingly or sometimes even during a serious topic which is why, as a parent, you need to be more careful and observant around your children. If you ever encounter a situation where the kid is using KMS slang in a serious conversation, try to let them know that you love them and will always be there for them. Tell them how bad you would feel if you lost a kid like them. Let them know they are not alone and ask them what they would do if they ever encountered the same situation with their friends. It could result in them realizing that KMS reality is not worth it.

child says KMS

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