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In today's fast-paced digital world, texting has become an immensely popular way of staying connected with loved ones. Thanks to the widespread use of smartphones, people can now use messaging apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, and Facebook Messenger to stay in touch no matter where they are.

However, despite the convenience of texting, it can be challenging to decipher the meaning behind various abbreviations and acronyms commonly used in text messages. One such acronym is RT, frequently used in social media and texting.

rt meaning

This article aims to shed light on RT's meaning and definition, exploring its different interpretations and usage in various contexts. Whether you are a social media influencer, business owner, or casual texter, understanding the different meanings of RT can help you communicate more efficiently and effectively with your audience.

So, let's delve deeper into what RT signifies in texting and social media.

What Does RT Mean

RT is the widely used acronym in texting, especially in social media. There are several meanings of RT, and some of those meanings and acronyms are explained below:


RT commonly stands for retweet. Retweeting is a popular feature of Twitter that allows users to share someone's tweet with their followers. They can add any extra text and share it with their followers.

Sometimes RT is added at the start of any tweet so everyone knows that this tweet does not belong to him; instead, it is created and written by someone else.

what does rt mean retweet

Real Talk

Secondly, RT stands for real talk. It means that someone is saying something with honesty. The slang is a short form to convince someone that he is speaking candidly or honestly about such a topic.

real talk


Retyped is also an acronym for RT, which means manual forward. It means that the sender of this message has retyped or he retypes some part of it. It also means that the sender does not own the copyright of such text.

rt meaning text retyped

Round Table

Lastly, the RT also means the round table. The round table is a meeting or conversation where everyone has the right to participate equally. So, the RT indicates that the meeting will be a round table, and everyone has equal rights to contribute to the meeting.

mean of rt round table

In summary, RT has different meanings depending on the type of conversation and platform.

Learn More about Retweeting

Retweeting is a common thing on social media. It is one of the most popular features of Twitter, where users can share someone's tweet with their followers. It is done automatically with the help of a button given under every tweet.

The user is given the freedom to add their views to that tweet. For example, if Morgan Freeman shares a thought on Twitter, you want to share the tweet. In this case, you've to push that retweet button given under that tweet, and you'll be given two options. You can either share the tweet as it is or add your thoughts to it. Retweeting mostly occurs on Twitter, but similar features are on all social media platforms.

what does rt mean on Twitter retweet

RT Use Examples in Texting

If someone says, "RT this message if you agree," then you should retweet the message (i.e., tweet) if you agree with what he said.

Similarly, if your friend asks, "Can you RT this email for me? I'm in a hurry," your friend asks for help. He is asking you to retype that email. 

If there's any discussion, someone suddenly says, "Let's RT this issue tomorrow." It means he's asking for a round table meeting where everyone can help resolve the said issue.

So, now you've observed how the RT meaning and acronym change from one type of message to another. The meaning and acronym of RT only depend upon the type of conversation you are having.

History of RT

The use of RT originally started when Twitter was launched back in 2006. Although it was the start of Twitter, people were unfamiliar with this platform and its acronyms. However, the feature for retweets was available in 2009, and it was abbreviated to RT when social media and texting were sky-high. 

The introduction of retweets and smartphones made this abbreviation more common in all generations. With time people started to chat a lot and then used RT for many different meanings. Now RT has many meanings, and it all depends on the tone and type of conversation. It is how RT was modernized from retweeting to real talk and much more.

Other Twitter Slang and Abbreviations

Other slang and abbreviations are also used on Twitter and other social media apps. Similar abbreviations of RT are somehow connected through meaning, platform, and history. Some of this slang and abbreviations are listed and explained below.

RN stands for right now. Twitter offers a limited text (number of characters) for each tweet, so people started using commonly used long words in abbreviations, and RN is one of them.

TTYL is another abbreviation that stands for talk to you later. This abbreviation is also mainly used on Twitter.

QT stands for the quoted tweet, and it is also a Twitter feature where you can add your opinion while retweeting the tweet.

MT stands for the modified tweet, which is used when any previous tweet is being edited or added a few more meanings or dates to the tweet.

ICYMI stands for in case you missed it. The user wants to draw attention to any critical thing viewers might have missed.

Get Notification about Teen Slang like RT

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Final Words

In conclusion, there's been a huge spike in the use of social media, which has led to the high use of posting and texting instead of calling. People use acronyms like RT for communication, and many do not understand the meaning of such acronyms.

We have started a series explaining every acronym used in texting and social media posting. The purpose is to educate the parents about the use of such acronyms. So they can understand what is going on in their child's life and they can take protective measures for their child's safety.

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