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Hello there! Have you ever come across the word dope in a text or even found yourself in a situation where someone used it in a conversation, and you did not know what to say? You are not alone.

As much as the use of the word dope is increasingly being used, especially among young people but never the less, there are many people with no clue as to what the word is all about. 

Like seriously, what is dope? Is it an insult? A compliment? Something extremely rude? A joke? Or something that is deeply different from what we expect? Well, there is no need to worry about that because we have covered you.

dope meaning

In this article, we will provide you with the meaning, synonyms, how we can use the word during a conversation, and, best of all, how to respond to it in a conversation.

With that, be ready to get started!

1What Does Dope Mean in Texting?

Dope is a slang phrase people use all the time, both in texting and virtual communication. We can use it to refer to not one but many things.

More importantly, it is a simple and cool way of saying something is very good or excellent – used to describe something as cool. It can also describe someone smart or even talented and something that one considers favourable.

Usually, replying with just one word in a conversation may be considered rude or not polite, but in this case, it is a playful way of conversing. Especially when used to praise something or someone.

2When Did the Word Dope Start to Be Used?

It isn't easy to know exactly when the word was first used, but it has been used for a long time to mean different things.

For instance, in the 1800s, it was used to refer to doop in Dutch, which meant 'Thick Sause,' and in the 1850s, as a mild insult to mean someone is incredibly stupid. Therefore, the word dope has come a long way.

Shockingly, in some cases, dope is even used to mean drugs or someone who has used drugs. It may also refer to drugs that some athletes take or even imply information known to only a small group of people.

3How Is the Phrase Dope Used?

The word dope is used in many and varying ways one can imagine, but more importantly or the most common meaning is the one below.

Describe How Cool Something Is

The slang phrase dope is often used to describe something, a person, or an exceptional or fantastic event. People mostly use it to express how they feel about someone or something. Teenagers mostly use it. 

For example, one may say;

  • Your brother is dope!
  • That new mall is dope!
  • The talent show we attended yesterday was dope!

Here are some other ways in which we can use the slang phrase. Please do not fail to look to them as they may benefit you once you know them.

Drugs Synonym

In some cases, the phrase has been used as a synonym for specific drugs. It may also be used as an in-name for overall drugs, where people can talk about drugs without actually Altering the word drugs. 

Here are some examples to show how your teen can use the slang word dope to mean drugs in texting on in a conversation.

  • He was kicked out of school for smoking dope.
  • I will inform your parents if you don't stop doping.

Mean Silly or Stupid

A person may use dope to mean the other person is silly or stupid. In this scenario, the phrase connotes an insult and may indicate rudeness or lack of respect for someone. Here are some examples of how we can use the word in a sentence to mean stupid.

  • Are you dope? You shouldn't have thrown away such nice shoes.
  • Don't play with dirt, you dope!

Mean Information

We can also use the phrase dope to imply information, especially secret or hidden information. Below are some examples in sentences.

  • The police dug up some dope that could incriminate him.
  • The Newspaper revealed inside dope on fertilizer companies

Doping (Cheating in sports)

We can use dope to indicate giving a person or an animal drug to help them perform better or make them perform worse in a competition. 

It is not news to you; you may have heard of Athletes being banned for doing this. Below is an example of how the word can be used in a sentence to bring out this meaning.

  • The athlete was disqualified after failing to pass the dope test.

4Which Group of People Use the Word Dope?

Many people in different situations use the phrase dope for communication, while others try not to avoid it or don't use it at all. It is mostly used by young people, especially teenagers, to express themselves to others who understand the word. 

Teens use the word to mean things like desirable or even people they deem awesome. They may also use the word to indicate other things that might not be ideal for them; hence, it is important to note how the word is used. And identify its meaning in different situations. 

5How to Identify If Your Child Is Using the Dope Slang Word

Knowing the kind of slang words your child uses as a parent is very important. It is because as much as words like dope are mostly harmless, they may use it to cover up something bad like risky behavior or to talk with people who may be dangerous.

Here are some ways to know whether your kid is using the word dope. 

Often Check What Your Child Does on the Internet

Some kids may have access to the internet. Such kids may be using slang words there without their parent's knowledge. If you often check what they do on the internet, you may come across words like dope or other words indicating that your child is using slang. You can do this with the help of parental control app

Speak with Your Child and Find out from Them

If parents talk to their children and ask them directly whether they are using slang phrases like the word dope, in most cases, especially when there is no judgment and they are provided with a safe space, then the children are more likely to give genuine answers.

Take Keen of Your Child's Behavior

Children's use of slang phrases is often accompanied by behavioral changes depending on their slang words. It is, therefore, effective when you take keen of how your child behaves to identify the slang words they are using.

Make Sure You Pay Attention to the Language That Your Child Uses

It is very important to parents because you may be able to take note of suspicious or unusual phrases and be keen to ask them what they mean or even research them. These words may include words like 'dope.'

What Are the Best Parental Control Apps?

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  • It can give you control for you to be able to determine what is good for your child at all times.
  • Understanding how your kid spends time connected to the internet is most important to you as a parent.
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6Final Statement

In conclusion, the slang term "Dope" has a variety of meanings depending on the context. 

It can be used to describe something as cool or awesome, as well as something unfavourable. We can also use it to describe a person or an object. 

Regardless of how it is used, it is important to understand the context in which someone uses the word to ensure that the correct meaning is being conveyed.

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