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What to Do When Screen Mirroring Doesn’t Work?

Elsa Updated on Jun 20, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

“Recently, I connected my iPhone to my Apple TV with great hopes of sharing an amazing event video clip with my family and friends. All of their eyes were on me as they looked eagerly to watch what I had for them. But unfortunately, I couldn't connect my phone to the TV. They were excited to see the event but I was wondering “why is my screen mirroring not working?”

This made me search frantically for a quick fix lest the party be ruined in earnest. Thankfully though there was something on Google regarding screen mirroring not working, that saved me: Here are some of my top solutions if your screen mirroring not working.

Common Screen Mirroring Issues and How to Fix?

Screen mirroring is a special technology that allows you to mirror your smartphone's screen on your TV screen. The content will be shown exactly as it appears on your mobile device, meaning that you can watch any videos or whatever else you do on your phone with others on the big display.

screen mirroring not working

However, some issues related to Screen Mirroring, such as latency and interference, might arise between both devices involved. Common screen mirroring issues include:

  • Phone compatibility problems
  • TV compatibility problems
  • The screen mirroring connection is stuck
  • The Wi-Fi connection is not the same.

1.1 Screen Mirroring Not Working iPhone:

Apple Screen Mirroring is an iOS feature that lets you wirelessly project whatever is on your iPhone or iPad screen onto a connected TV. Screen mirroring on iOS devices allows you to mirror or share your show with friends and family via Apple TV.

You can click for more details if iPhone screen mirror is not working or iPad screen mirroring is not working.

1.2 Android Screen Mirroring Not Working:

Smartphones running Android 4.2 and later operating systems include screen mirroring technology. If a user uses a Samsung smartphone for screen mirroring, it may contain a Samsung version of screen mirroring called Smart View. This feature is easy to use on Samsung TVs with Wi-Fi connectivity.

Android screen mirroring not working

Screen mirroring usually works pretty seamlessly on Android; however, it's not always perfect and can be unreliable in certain situations. If this happens to you too and the issue persists, here is how to get screen mirroring to work:

  • Restart Your Devices
  • Use a wireless adapter or HDMI port
  • Check TV input
  • Connect one device at a time
  • Check Bluetooth
  • Pair The Device With a TV
  • Use A Third Party Mirror Software

1.3 How to Fix the Screen Mirroring Not Working Issue?

If you can perform simple tasks on your device, the solutions below should help you to fix the screen mirroring not working issue.

1. Restart your device

Sometimes certain glitches can plague smartphones making it difficult to do even the simplest things on them. Restart your android phone if screen mirroring is not working properly.

2. Remove Physical Obstacles

Double-check whether or not there are cables or other physical objects causing interference between your phone and your TV. The mirroring feature uses wireless technologies, so make sure all such obstacles have been carefully examined before trying to connect the two devices.

3. Check the Wi-Fi router

Just like your computer, your Wi-Fi router is prone to harmful device conflicts that cause software issues and slow down your internet connection. Therefore, check if your Wi-Fi is working properly.

What To Do When Screen Mirroring Doesn't Work?

Here is what you can do if your screen mirroring is not working:

  • Ensure the Wi-Fi network is the same on both devices.
  • Enable AirPlay on both devices.
  • Turn off airplane mode.
  • Update your software.
  • Check your TV's input is the same as that of the device.
  • Ensure all of your cables are plugged in properly.
  • Try restarting both devices.
  • Check Airplay compatibility.

How to Fix AirDroid Cast Screen Mirroring Not Working?

Some of you may look for the solutions for AirDroid screen mirroring not working. This part will dive into the common AirDroid screen mirroring issues and solutions.

Common AirDroid Cast Screen Mirroring Issues

Down below are the commonly-seen problems while AirDroid Screen Mirroring stops working:

  • AirDroid Cast network issue
  • AirDroid Cast not connecting
  • AirDroid Cast poor network
  • Failed to mirror device screen in AirDroid Cast
  • AirDroid Cast Web not working
  • Connection timed out
  • Screen mirroring is interrupted

Generally speaking, these problems happen because of the network problems or the incorrect settings.

How to Fix AirDroid Cast Screen Mirroring Not Working?

There is something you can do to make the screen mirroring feature working again.

1. Try to reconnect your device

If you find the screen mirroring not working or interrupted, you can try to disconnect the current devices, and reconnect again. Usually this will fix the problems.

2. Check the network

As you may know, the network connection plays an important role while screen mirroring, so you should check the network condition to see if something is wrong with the network. You will run into the network issue or not connecting issue or connection timed out if your network is not working properly, or if the network connection is poor.

3. Check the necessary settings

To start screen mirroring using AirDroid Cast, you will need to allow the casting permissions. Denying the permission will stop the screen mirroring process.

Meanwhile, the Bluetooth settings are also crucial and you should make sure to turn on Bluetooth.

In addition, you will also have to enable the USB debugging setting on your Android device.

Therefore, make sure you have followed the prompted instructions and configured everything properly.

4. Try another connection method

Sometimes it is difficult to troubleshoot and locate the exact problem, and you can also try another connection method to continue the screen mirroring process. Since AirDroid Cast offers 3 methods for connection: Wireless, AirPlay, and USB.

AirDroid Cast connection methods

For instance, if you are having the problem connecting wirelessly, then try USB and see if it works for you.

5. Update the software to the latest version

Outdated program can contain buggy issues, and maybe this is why AirDroid Cast screen mirroring is not working. It is always recommended to keep the application up-to-date in order to avoid existing issues and get a better experience.

To update the software, go to the Settings in the application, and then go to About to check for updates.

update AirDroid Cast

For more detailed instructions, check this help page.

What Can I Do To Prevent This In The Future?

Preventing screen mirroring issues in the future is a breeze if you keep your device software updated and stick to the right network. Try turning on and off your Bluetooth a few times just for good measure, as it should help fix any errors.

You can help avoid screen mirroring disruptions in the future easily by preventing restrictions on your phone. Due to the privacy statements, you may be unable to simply transfer or share movies using AirPlay at the instance and this privacy feature could be the middle of the issue screen mirroring not acting properly.

The Best Alternative for Built-in Screen Mirror Feature

If your screen2 mirroring is still not working despite trying all quick fixes for screen mirroring issues, you might look for an alternative to a built-in screen mirroring feature. In that case, AirDroid Cast is the best alternative.

AirDroid Cast is a screen mirroring software that you can use to connect your mobile devices to your PC. It's available for Android, iOS devices, Windows PC and Macs, etc. So, regardless of which device you are using, you'll be able to share content between your PC and mobile device.

AirDroid Cast

How to Set Up AirDroid Cast to Start Screen Mirroring?

Step 1. Download and install the app

Download and install AirDroid Cast application on both your devices by clicking the "Try It Free" button below or from the AirDroid Cast official website.

Step 2. Select mirroring method

Open AirDroid Cast on your computer, there are 3 connection methods you can choose.

WLAN: Use your AirDroid Cast app to scan the QR code or enter the cast code that is displayed on your computer.

AirDroid Cast mirroring methods

AirPlay: This method is only available for iPhone, it turns your PC into an AirPlay receiver. Scrolling down your phone screen and tap on "Screen mirroring" option, choose "AirDroid Cast - XXX".

AirPlay method on AirDroid Cast

USB: You need to find a USB cable to connect your phone and computer, and then choose your device from AirDroid Cast list for connection.

USB cable method on AirDroid Cast

Step 3. Start screen sharing:

To start screen sharing allows the screen casting permissions.

Tips: If you want to mirror your phone/PC screen to a TV, you need to open a browser on your TV and go to Then you can start mirroring within 2 minutes.

Apart from the screen sharing feature, AirDroid Cast also allows you to take control of your device on a computer. Here are some of the other exciting features of the application:

  • Enables you to remotely control other devices.
  • Cross-platform supports.
  • AirDroid Cast web version allows you to cast your devices to a browser, you can also use it to cast your phone to TV.
  • Remote connection is available, you can mirror and control your phone even if it doesn't near you. Here is how to use AirDroid Cast to Screen Mirror online.

What's the Difference between Casting and Mirroring?

Mirroring and casting may be similar terms, but there are differences between the two that can be potentially confusing. When you cast content from one device to another, you see the display on both devices at the same time, whereas when you mirror content from one screen to another device, this information is shared in real-time.

Mirroring shows video or audio on both screens when content is being shared; however, it's worth noting that only certain apps have this ability.

casting vs mirroring

When your screen mirrors your devices, you'll be able to see both your desktop and mobile device screens together on one computer. You can control the content of both simultaneously from one device.

However, if you cast from your tablet or smartphone to a larger device like a streaming stick or smart TV, you no longer have control over the content on that bigger screen since it's only displaying what's coming from another device.

Is It Possible to Do Screen Mirroring with Bluetooth?

Yes, it is.

Although not all devices allow Bluetooth screen mirroring, you may do it from your Android phone to a PC or a Smart TV. Turn it on and search on your Smart TV for Android Phone, then begin mirroring. However, this strategy is ineffective since Bluetooth lacks the necessary capacity to accommodate large media files such as movies and videos. As a result, Bluetooth cannot provide a high-quality display.

Related: How to Use AirPlay on Windows?

7. Conclusion

Screen mirroring can be a useful thing to get to work with your TV or phone, and depending upon the device you're utilizing in the mirroring process, there may be some limitations due to screen mirroring not working. Luckily there are numerous different options available for Android and Apple devices as well as TVs which help one diagnose problems when screen mirroring doesn't connect for whatever reason. Hopefully, the tips in this article will help you to get screen mirroring working on your favorite device.

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