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What You Should Do if Your iPhone Screen Mirroring Is No Longer Working

Elsa Updated on Apr 24, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

The iPhone's screen mirroring feature, otherwise known as AirPlay, is one of the most used features on my phone. When it works, it's great and has the ability to enhance my streaming experience. But, sometimes, it doesn't work as intended, and it's up to me to troubleshoot and figure out what's not working.

Usually, finding the solution is simple, but if you're not familiar with troubleshooting an iPhone and are not sure where to look, you're going to have a hard time finding the solution you need. That's where we come in.

In this article, we'll talk about the most common reasons why your iPhone screen mirroring isn't working and what you can do to resolve the issue.

1Why Does the Screen Sharing Option on my iPhone Just Keep Spinning

Have you ever tried using your screen sharing option on your iPhone only to be met with the loading circle to keep spinning without actually connecting? When this happens, your phone may also freeze up, preventing you from closing the screen or doing anything else on your device.

There's a simple solution to work around this error. You want to do a force reboot on your phone that simply restarts it. Don't worry, this isn't going to clear away any of your data, and this just restarts your phone when the screen freezes up.

Quickly press and release the volume up, then quickly press and release the volume down. From here, you want to press and hold the side button that locks the screen. Continue holding the side button until the Apple logo appears, and this should restart your phone. If this option doesn't work, you may need to wait until your phone times out and restarts itself on its own. If you give it enough time, it should reboot after a few minutes, and you can try using the screen-sharing feature once again.

2Troubleshooting for Screen Mirroring iPhone to TV Not Working

There are many reasons why your iPhone isn't able to screen the mirror to your TV. Here are the most common issues and resolutions for them.

Check to See if Your TV is Airplay-Compatible

You first want to determine whether your TV is Airplay compatible or not. What this means is, does it have the capability of connecting to an Apple device? For starters, Apple TVs are automatically enabled to be able tOptionAirPlay. Unfortunately, some TVs don't have this feature, making it a little more challenging to screen mirror directly from your iPhone, but not impossible.

If you're unsure, you can use this resource to see if your device is located on the list of capable TVs. If yours isn't, you aren't going to be able to connect directly through AirPLay, but you can use a solution we'll introduce later in this article.

Check to See if Your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Your iPhone must be connected to the Wi-Fi network in order for AirPlay to work. Unlock your iPhone and look for the Wi-Fi symbol. If it shows it's connected, then you know that the iPhone's Wi-Fi isn't a problem. If it's not connected, go into the settings. From there, select "Wi-Fi" and find your network name. Connect to the network and see if your phone connects. If Optionen you're ready to try using AirPlay again.

If there's a chance that your Wi-Fi connects, but you're still not able to, you want to test out the browser to make sure your internet is actually working properly. Sometimes, the modem may not be giving off an internet connection, but since it's on your iPhone is able to connect to the Wi-Fi signal, just without being able to access the data.

Check To See if Your Internet is Working Properly

So, if you've connected your iPhone to the Wi-Fi and aren't able to access the internet through Safari or another web browser, it's time to do some other troubleshooting. Go onto your TV, computer, or another phone and see if they are connected to the Wi-Fi. If so, try accessing the internet or streaming to see if they receive data. If they are, this points to there being an issue with your iPhone.

Usually, restarting your phone should do the trick. But you may need to go back into the settings, select your Wi-Fi network, and click "forget this network".

From there, you can find the network again, enter your password, and be on your way.

Restart Your Modem

If you're trying to access the internet on other devices and aren't receiving data, there may be an issue with your modem. Find your internet modem and unplug its power source for 30 seconds. You don't want to unplug anything from the wall; instead, only unplug the power source directly connected to the modem. This is not the cable cord that twists into the back of it; always keep that cord connected, as this is where the data feeds into the device.

After you've restarted the modem, check and see if your iPhone is connected and test out the internet. Chances are, you're going to be able to access the internet now, and the screen mirror feature should work.

Restart Your TV or Streaming Device

Another reason why your iPhone may not be able to connect to your TV or another streaming device, such as an Apple TV box, is that those devices are having some sort of issue. After verifying that your TV is connected to the internet by trying to access the internet or streaming, it's time to unplug the device. You can unplug your TV directly from the wall and keep it unplugged for 30 seconds. After that, turn your TV on and give it some time to come back to life and reconnect to the internet.

Verify that your TV is connected to the internet in the settings or by accessing the internet. Once verified, test your Apple screen mirroring feature again, which should likely resolve your issue.

Update Your Software

Lastly, one step most people overlook is making sure both devices have updated software. Go into your iPhone's settings and see if it shows a "software update available" feature located towards the top of the screen. This lets you know that there is an update available, and it may be preventing you from being able to screen Mirror effectively.

On your TV, if you go into the settings, there should be some sort of software update tab that also lets you know if there are any updates available. If there are any updates needed, accept them and test out your screen mirroring once they are complete. If you're not someone who has automatic updates enabled, this is something you should be checking regularly to keep your security updated and all of your devices functioning properly.

3Improve Screen Mirroring Performance with a Great Mirroring App

Screen mirroring is essentially one of the best features that cell phones, computers, and TVs offer today. You can do many wonderful things with screen mirrorings, such as watching movies, streaming videos, presenting documents, and hosting meetings. When screen mirroring works, it's great! But when it doesn't, it's very frustrating, to say the least.

As you've learned earlier in this article, many things can go wrong when trying to screen mirror from your iPhone to your TV. Even though there are many workarounds to these issues, sometimes it's easier to use an alternative measure.

AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a screen mirroring app that allows you to send your iPhone's screen directly to your TV or any other device. The app offers a free version that requires you to be connected to a local network and provides you with just enough features to get the job done. But, if you're looking for even more features with the added benefit, there's also a paid tier.

AirDroid Cast has crystal clear audio and seamless video streaming, making it easy to stream your favorite movies and videos, and use for two way audio communication. The HD video image is free from lagging, and great for gaming or watching television without having any interruptions.

AirDroid Cast's features are being able to control your iPhone or Android phone directly from your computer. You can turn your PC or TV into an Airplay receiver even if they aren't necessarily Airplay capable. This is an excellent tool if you're using devices that aren't Apple products, making it easy for you to screen mirrors without needing to use excess cords.

You can use AirDroid Cast's web app:, which makes it easy to screen mirrors quickly and effortlessly.

  • Simply go to that website on your TV or computer and make a note of the QR code that's presented on the screen.
  • From there, you want to download the AirDroid Cast app on your iPhone, found in the App Store. Once downloaded, there will be an option for you to either scan or enter the QR code, which enables both devices to share data with each other.
  • You can start using the screen mirroring ability right away, as you should see quickly that everything you now do on your iPhone is shown on your external device.

4People Also Ask

1. Why won't my iPhone find my TV for Screen Mirroring?

The most common reason your iPhone can't find your TV is that the TV isn't connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

2. How Do I Get My TV to Show Up On Screen Mirroring?

First, you want to make sure your TV is connected to the same Wi-Fi as your iPhone. Go into your TV settings and select the Wi-Fi tab. Make sure you're connected to the Wi-Fi and try again.

3. Where is Screen Mirroring on iPhone Settings?

Screen mirroring is located in the drop-down window on your iPhone. From the top of your screen, scroll down, and you should see the screen mirror icon located in the right corner of the top right square. Click on the icon and select the device you're looking to connect to.

4. How to Turn Off Screen Mirroring on iPhone?

To turn off screen mirroring on your iPhone, you want to go back into the drop-down window, as previously mentioned. Click on the screen mirror icon, and you should see a checkmark next to an external device, such as your TV or computer. Select the "iPhone" option, which should then turn off screen mirroring.

5. Can I Screen MIrror My iPhone to Windows PC?

Yes, you can screen mirror your iPhone to your Windows PC, but not necessarily right away. You want to use AirDroid Cast to cast your device, as this allows you to screen mirror the Windows product even if it doesn't have AirPlay capabilities.

5Bottom Line

Screen mirroring is a fun way to utilize all of the wonders of your phone's technological capabilities. But, many issues can arise when trying to use Airplay, especially using a device that isn't capable. Luckily, there are many solutions to get screen mirroring in working order or cast your iPhone to an external device without even using its screen mirror feature.

If you have an iPhone and are tired of having issues connected to your AirPlay, or have a device that isn't AirPlay capable, make sure you check out AirDroid Cast, as this is the best way for you to utilize your device's casting abilities easily and effortlessly.

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