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[2023] Top 3 Methods on How to Cast Android Screen to TV

Elsa Updated on Aug 30, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Are you wondering how to cast an Android Screen to a TV for live streaming, viewing it on the bigger screen, or screen recording? Now, there are three primary use cases for how to cast from Android phone to TV.  You might be looking for videos or games an Android tinny screen to a TV bigger screen.

Part 1 : How to Cast Android Screen to TV?

It depends on which Android phone device you are using. There are different ways that you can enable screen mirroring. On the most recent devices, this option is available from the top screen panel of screen mirroring or to enable the smart view or cast. 

Use Google Chromecast to Cast Android Screen to TV

To cast Android to TV bigger screen via native software like Google Cast Receiver have built-in feature in latest Android TV. You should also need Google Chromecast streaming devices like Chromecast with Google TV or Google Nest Hub devices that can cast Android to the TV screen.

You can cast the Android screen to TV bigger screen via native software like Chromecast  by following the steps:

  1.  Make sure your TV Wi-Fi is connected to an equivalent Wi-Fi network as your Android device.
  2. Install the Google Home app from the Smart TV Google Play Store.
  3. Install Google Chromecast if you have no built-in feature in Smart TV. You will see TVs Chromecast built-it software if the TV has native cast screen software.
  4. You can enable screen sharing, mirroring, and casting by taping the quick settings through the Android phone and enabling the cast screen. You need to turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for the cast screen.
  5. Tap on the Cast screen from the Android phone and enable the cast screen.
  6. Choose the native device software from the available list of software running on a Smart TV.

Now, you can enjoy a phone screen on a bigger TV screen.

 Note : Android device version 5.0 or later can cast an Android Screen to a TV bigger screen. The Android version of 5.0 was released in 2014. You can check your Android phone version by opening the setting app of the phone and checking About Phone.

Use AirDroid Cast to Cast Android Screen to TV

Airdroid Cast is very powerful and very easy-to-use screen mirroring tool suitable for online presentations, remote meetings, game streaming. After downloading the app to your phone and opening AirDroid Cast veb on your TV, you can begin wireless screencasting from Android to TV.

How to Work it on your TV:

All you need to do is open the AirDroid Cast web on the Puffin browser for Android TV and Google Chrome for Smart. Overview of AirDroid Cast Web Version:

How to Work it on your Android:

Step 1. Download and install app
You need to download and install AirDroid Cast on your Android phone.
Step 2. Connect your Android to TV
Scan the QR code shown on TV from your AirDroid Cast of the Android phone device.

Step 3. Startup screen mirroring
AirDroid Cast will show a permission for the start cast screen on your Android phone. Tap "enable” and “start now” botton. The AirDroid Cast will start capturing the Android device screen to a TV bigger screen.

 Tips : You need to connect your Android device and your TV to the same internet.


  1. Uses a wireless connection that guarantee easy access to phone
  2. Requires simple steps to set up
  3. No sign in is needed to use the web version of this software

Use Media Streaming Devices to Cast Android Screen to TV

Using ScreenBeam Mini 2 to Cast Android to TV. ScreenBeam Mini 2 is a wireless display receiver. It is connected HDMI cable and USB port for power or laptop connecting.


  1. HDMI cable connected ScreenBeam Mini 2 plug-in to TV.
  2. Plug-In HDMI cable TV HDMI port and USB cable of ScreenBeam Mini 2 into the TV port or power adapter.
  3. Go to the TV input setting and choose the HDMI cable connection port.
  4. Open the Android phone quick setting and choose screen mirroring, smart view, cast, or screen sharing after connecting with the ScreenBeam Mini 2 wireless receiver shown in the dropdown list of the available devices.
  5. Now, screen mirroring from an Android Screen to a TV screen starts.

Part 2 : How to Cast to Roku TV from Android?

There are easy and simple steps to cast an Android Screen to Roku TV. Turn on your TV and set it to display the input associated with your Roku device. Swipe down from the top of the screen on your Android device if you want to mirror your Roku TV.


  1. To open the menu and tap Cast or Screen Mirroring in this menu.
  2. The cast menu opens, and all the available devices list is shown for you to connect.
  3. To ensure all the available devices are shown for you to connect and tap more settings.
  4. Tap the vertical dot in the menu and tap enable wireless display.
  5. All available devices will be shown on a wirelessly display.
  6. Tap the name of the Roku TV you want to mirror your Android Screen in this list.
  7. Now, screen mirroring of your Android device to Roku TV starts.

Note : If you also want to use other effective ways, here are some solutions. Follow this link to learn more about cast android to Roku TV.

Part 3 : How to Cast Android to Apple TV?

Apple TV is a digital media player that enables a cast screen on the TV. AirPlay is a native streaming feature for Apple TV. All you need to cast from Android to Apple TV or AirPlay via third-party app like Airplay for Android & TV.


  1. Install the apps and launch apps on an Android device.
  2. Go to the quick setting and tap the screen share or cast button.
  3. You should connect Android and Apple TV under the same wireless network router.
  4. Tap AirPlay from available devices on your Android phone that you want to cast on Apple TV
  5. Tap on the cast options of the Android device screen.
  6. Now, screen mirroring will start as you connect with your Apple TV.

 Note : To enable AirPlay, go to setting and tap AirPlay expand. Tap on Enable Streaming a permission reminder to approve the current Wi-Fi for AirPlay.

Part 4 : How to Cast to Samsung TV from Android?

You can cast to Samsung TV from an Android phone by using the Samsung SmartThings Apps for Smart TV. Samsung SmartThings enables your Android device to connect to Samsung TV.  Turn on Samsung TV and switch to the input display.


  1. Install Samsung Smarthing on your Android device.
  2. Establish the same wireless network connection between your Samsung TV and Android device.
  3. Open Wi-Fi direct to enable your Android device to connect to nearby devices.
  4. Launch SmartThings apps on your phone. It requires a pin code to display on Samsung TV by SmartThings.
  5. Now you can watch what you need to cast on large Samsung TV from an Android device.

Part 5 : Final Verdict

The conclusion of the article on casting Android Screens to TV describes the ultimate guide and best way of screen casting based on user experience. You can cast from Android to TV via native software apps. Other media streaming devices are used to turn your TV into a cast screen via Amazon FireTV stick and ScreenBeam Mini2.

If your TV does not support the built-in apps then you can enjoy the screen Cast Android to TV via the AirDroid Cast app. AirDroid Cast enables you to cast an Android Screen to TV via the web browser and AirDroid Cast software using on an Android phone to cast on TV.

FAQs about Casting Android Screen to TV

Why can't I cast to my TV from my Android?
If you are facing issues with the cast screen from Chromecast built-in from Android to TV. Make sure, you are using the updated version of Google cast receiver version 1.33 or higher.
How to update the Google cast receiver on Android TV?
You can update the Google cast receiver by signing in to Google Play on your Android TV. Choose my apps > Google Cast Receiver > Update.
Why is my cast screen not working?
You can fix your cast screen by turning it on and off for 1 minute including Chromecast, phone, Wi-Fi router, and Chromecast receiver is not disabled.
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