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Now You Can Check Text Messages Online Easily!

Elsa Updated on Nov 24, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q: How to See My Text Messages Online?

SMS texting is one of the most used communication services all over the world. I can not imagine living without texting my friends and family. This has become one of the major ways of information exchange.

After doing some research, I found very useful information and find out that many people also try to figure out how to check text messages online. Therefore I decided to share some useful solutions that will help you to check text messages online.

1 Top 7 Ways to Check Text Messages Online

Since you came across this article, you must be looking for ways to check text messages online. Therefore below, you will find some useful tips, tools, and their usage steps.

check text messages online

Way 1. MySMS

MySMS is a software that enables you to watch your Android phone messages on PC online if you physically have no access to the mobile phone. The users can view all received, sent, and draft messages via this application.

How Does It Work?

This software works smoothly, but you must follow the steps below to view messages online:

  1. Go to the google play store on your Android device, and install this application.

  2. After installation, log in or create an account if you don't have any; for creating an account, add your name, email, telephone number any other information.

  3. Go to PC, visit MySMS web page, now on webpage view all receive and delivered massages.

Way 2. View Android/iPhone Text Messages on a Web

If you want to view Android or iPhone text messages on a web browser, you can do this by using AirDroid Cast Web. The most interesting thing is that you do not need to make an extra effort to install it on your PC because it works great without installation.

  1. Install AirDrod Cast application on your Android or iPhone. You can get it from Google Play Store/App Store/its official website.

  2. After this, move to the PC where you want to check messages online, go to the browser, type

  3. After visiting, it will show you the QR code and 9-digit casting code option; use this code on your mobile phone on the Airdroid Cast application or scan this QR code.

  4. After casting the code/scanning, your mobile phone screen will be shared on the PC; now you need to turn on the control feature. You will see a hand icon in the AirDroid Cast desktop client left menu, click on it and follow the instruction to finish setting. Then you can check your Android/ iPhone messages online.

Way 3. AirDroid Cast Desktop Client

One of the best and easiest solution which will allow you to see text messages online is AirDroid Cast. It is a pretty unique application that will give you the possibility to share and control your mobile phone screen on a desktop device such as a PC or Mac. By using AirDroid Cast, the process to see text messages online become simple and can be done in a minute.

How to Use AirDroid Cast to Check Text Messages Online?

Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast
Download and installation of AirDroid Cast have to be done on both, the PC and on the phone. You can download it by click “Try It Free” button below or go to its official website.The download process and sign-up are very simple and all you need to do is to follow the instructions that will be appeared on the screens.
Step 2.Connect both two devices
There are several ways to see text messages online via AirDroid Cast.

Method 1: The first way is sharing mobile phone screen on a PC via "Wireless" connection. Simply scan the QR code or enter the Cast Code which showed on your AirDroid Cast PC software to connect your phone and PC.

Method 2: The second method is for iOS users and the screen can be shared via the AirPlay. Scrolling your iPhone screen and tap on “Screen Mirroring”, choose “AirDroid Cast - XXX” for connection.

Method 3: The third way is to connect by USB. With this method, screen sharing can be done via a regular USB cable. Connect your mobile phone and PC through a USB cable, and then click your mobile phone on the available list displayed on the PC.

Step 3.Start mirroring and using your phone
After the connection is successful, click on the hand icon on the AirDroid Cast interface to activate the control function, and then you can start to control your mobile phone and view SMS online on your PC.

check text messages on line view AirDroid Cast

Way 4. Google’s Messages for Web - Android User

Another method on how to check text messages online is by the use of Google’s message for Web. this google feature gives the opportunity for Android users to check text messages online.

This can be done by the connection of the computer and mobile phone. The connection is established with a QR code and for every computer and tablet, a unique code is created. The Pairing of the computer and the phone is done by this QR code. This tool gives the opportunity to see text messages and conversations.

To use this feature, you will need to do the following:

  1. Open messages on the phone, tap More, and choose device pairing.
  2. Open Messages for Web on the chrome browser and scan the QR code that will be appeared on the PC screen.
  3. The phone will vibrate when the pairing is done and that is how to check text messages online with the use of Google’s Message for Web.

Way 5. iCloud - iOS User

To check text messages online with the use of iCloud, first of all, make sure that you have the same Apple ID on your phone and on your Desktop device too. The messages will not appear if you have a different Apple ID or have the iCloud turned off. This can be done by following the several steps below:

  1. On the Mac, go to the “Messages” app and choose messages, then go to preferences and click iMessage.
  2. The new options will appear which will let you enable the messages in iCloud. Enable this option.

  3. icloud messages

  4. The messages that are currently on your phone will be stored on the Mac too. Open the messages app and you will be able to view text messages online.

Way 6. My Verizon

When I was exploring how to check my text messages online, one of the ways that appeared was My Verizon. Eventually, I went for it and tried it. On My Verison, the messages are displayed for the specific mobile phone number that is signed in it. If the sender has a text signature, then My Verizon will give you an “Attachment Removed” message.

You can simply go to the My Verizon website on your browser and log in. From the home screen navigate to Text Online. Accept the terms and conditions/ After this, on the left side, the conversations will appear which you can eventually check and read.

Way 7. T-Mobile

Generally, T-mobile does not keep the communications on the servers. However, by the use of the T-mobile application, it is possible to check text messages online. To use this feature, you have to download T- The mobile application. Sign up and log in by following simple instructions. After you do all this, you will have access to all messages and contacts.

2 How to Check Deleted Messages Online?

Deleted Text Messages that originally were stored on Android or iPhone can be checked online via the recovery software. In most cases, the software requires subscriptions. Such a tool is the DroidKit. This is the website where the backup and recovery of the deleted text messages is possible.

This tool has two modes, quick recovery mod, and deep recovery mode. The first one makes the scanning instantly and the rooting of the device is not required. Additionally, the process only takes up to a minute. Deep recovery looks for the data in deep memory.

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3 Can I Check My Child's Text Messages Online?

Why You Need To Read My Child's SMS?

Reading the child’s SMSs is a part of responsible and careful parenting. The most important reason for this is to keep them safe. In today’s world, so much information is available online.

There are billions of people using modern technology and it is very easy to get in contact with anybody. Therefore, it is important to see what child texts and who the kid has a conversation with.

Check Child's Text Messages by Using AirDroid Parental Control

There are several software programs that will let you check the child’s text messages online. One such software is AirDroid Parental Control app. This app shows the child’s phone activities and allows parents to monitor the text messages. Its features include monitoring of calls and text messages, location tracking, and app usage.

How to Use AirDroid Parental Control App?

  1. Download the AirDroid Parental Control app by click the download button below or from the App Store.

  2. Install and launch the app and then sign in to the account.

  3. Take your child’s device and tie it up by following the instructions that appeared on Parent’s device.

  4. AirDroid Parental Control

  5. Start Parental control.

4 Check Text Messages from My Old Number

Text messages are typically not overwritten by new data. Therefore, if you use the recovery software, they can be checked and recovered online. One of the software like this is UltData. This particular tool can scan text messages up to the quantity of 1000 just in a few seconds.



In this article, we discussed 5 ways to check text messages online. Now you already know all the details about the different solutions and can choose the one that suits you and your interest the most. As an overall impression, all methods have their pros and cons. However, AirDroid Cast seems to be the most convenient tool to check text messages online. It offers a wide range of features and will help you to see your text messages on PC.

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