How to Sync Android Music, Photos, Notes, Contact on Mac?

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Apple makes it easy to interact between Apple devices within the ecosystem. Whether you want to sync your music and photos or switch between Bluetooth devices like AirPods seamlessly, It's very convenient when all your devices are from Apple. They want you to buy more Apple products.

Therefore, when you have devices outside of the ecosystem, for instance, if you use an Android phone with a MAC computer, it can be more challenging to use them together. You have to take extra steps, and things don't automatically sync up. But with AirDroid, you can easily sync Android to MAC. Let's dive into Android Sync Music Mac.

Part 1: Can you Sync an Android Phone with a Mac?

The answer is Yes. Using Androids with Apple devices is always a little tricky. Apple wants you to use all their products, and therefore they make it very convenient to use them together. Devices like iPhones, AirPods, Apple watches, and MACs automatically work in sync with each other. This reason is why a lot of people love the Apple ecosystem.

But many people don't want to shift all their devices to the Apple ecosystem, and some prefer to use Androids. Thanks to third-party apps, your troubles are much easier to deal with now. You can use a file-sharing app like AirDroid to sync or backup your data.


You can use AirDroid Personal in two ways to sync your data. There's a backup feature for photos and videos on the app. This feature lets you back up your files to your MAC, and you can access them if your phone gets lost or stolen.

You can also sync your entire phone and access everything using the AirDroid web app. As long as you log in on both devices, you can click on Photos to see the photos and download them or upload pictures; you can do the same with videos, music, etc.

Key Features

  • Easily connect and control your Android phone from a PC wirelessly
  • Transfers all types of data between devices
  • Manage&Backup files wirelessly
  • Allows you to manage notifications and SMS
  • Users can listen one-way audio remotely to keep tabs on the surroundings
  • Gives access to remote camera, with sound, that you can use as a security purpose
  • Compatible with all platforms including Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android

Part 2: How To Sync Photos From Android To MAC with Backup

You can back up photos for free on your MAC with your AirDroid account. If you want to backup or sync videos to your MAC, you'll need a premium account. Follow these steps to sync your photos and videos.

Step 1. Download and Install AirDroid Personal
You need to download and install the AirDroid Personal app on your phone and MAC. Then create an account and log in to the same account on both devices. These should connect them.

install airdroid google play store

Step 2. Go to Backup on your Phone
On the AirDroid app on your phone, go to Tools from the bottom menu and click on the Backup icon.

go to tools


Step 3. Choose a device to backup to
You should see your MAC desktop or laptop show up on the screen. Select the device you want to back up or sync your photos to and tap Yes. This action should now automatically back up all your photos on your camera roll and your videos if you are on a Premium account.

go to backup

backup your photos

Step 4. Accessing the data on your MAC
You can open the AirDroid app on your MAC and select your Android device from the left sidebar. Click on the Backup tab and click on Open Folder to view your backed-up files.

access backup pictures

Part 3: How to Sync Android Music with MAC

You can access all the music on your Android phone from your MAC device by logging into the AirDroid web version. Click on the Music icon, and you should see all your music show up.

music airdroid

You can also use apps like Spotify or Apple Music, which both have apps that run on both MAC and Android devices, to have all your music and playlist synced up on the go. You can sync all your changes and listen to all your songs by logging into the app. You can add local mp3 files to the Spotify app, too, if you want.

Part 4: How to Sync Android Text Messages to MAC

If you want to sync more than just photos and videos, AirDroid lets you do that too. Log in to your account on your Android phone and then go to AirDroid Web and log in to the same account on your MAC. Now you can access your entire phone from your MAC and sync all changes.

Step 1. Grant permission to read your messages
Go to the Me icon on the bottom menu and click on Security and Remote Features.

go to the me icon

Step 2. Enable access
Then click on the Messages option from the list of features. Then click Enable Access to give access to your messages.

click on messages

backup your photos

Step 3. Go to Messages on the MAC
Now you can click on the Messages icon from the web version home screen to access all your messages from your MAC. This action will sync Android Messages to MAC.


Part 5: How to Sync MAC Contacts with Android

If you want to access your Android contacts from your MAC, go to AirDroid Web and click on the Contacts icon. You might need to grant permission to access the contacts. In that case, follow the same steps as you did with the Messages Permission.


On the other hand, if you want to access your MAC contacts from your Android or sync to each other, you can use a web app like SyncGene to transfer your contacts.

Step 1. Create an account
Go to SyncGene and then create an account. You'll have to verify your account with your email.

syncgene account create

Step 2. Add your accounts
Then add your Google Account linked with your Android phone and your Apple iCloud account connected with your MAC.

syncgene add accounts

Step 3. Sync Contacts
After that, you find the Filters tab and select Contacts. Click Save and Sync All, and you have successfully synced all your contacts.

Part 6: How to Sync MAC Notes with Android

The notes app is a great place to scribble down your thoughts and ideas to look back on later. While on iOS devices, the app automatically syncs with your MAC, on Android, it's a bit more challenging to access your notes. While you can't edit them from your Android, you can still access them in the following way.

Step 1. Open System Preferences
Click on the System Preferences icon from your Dock and select Internet Accounts.

internet accounts mac

Step 2. Add your Google Account
Now select the Google logo and log in to the Google account you use on your Android.

sync google account mac and android 1

Step 3. Select the Notes app
Once you've added your Google account, you can now click on the Google account from the sidebar and check the Notes app to sync it to your Android phone.

how to see notes on mac from android

And that's it! You can now access your notes by logging into your Google account. It should be under the Notes section in Google Drive or your Gmail app. If you want all your old Notes to show up, you have to copy them manually from iCloud storage to Google Drive storage. It's a bit of a hassle, but you can save your notes to your Google account at least from now.

Part 7: Conclusion

Using an Android phone with a MAC can sometimes be a bit of a hassle, but with third-party apps like AirDroid, which offer cross-platform support, you can do everything with ease. Starting from syncing contacts to texts to even photos, you know all about Android sync music MAC.


Why do you need to sync your Android to MAC?

Since all our work and personal lives are very interconnected with smartphones and the

internet, you may often need to access a file both on your phone and your PC.

Whether it be to keep a backup or use it conveniently, having your devices synced up allows you to get easy access to your files.

Is there a size limit to how many files you can access using your AirDroid app?
No, since you are only accessing and changing files already stored on the Android device, there is no file size limit. Unless you are transferring files, you can remotely access all your files on the Android from your MAC device.
Can you sync an Android phone with a MAC using cloud storage?

Yes, since you can use Google Drive on both your MAC device and your Android, you can also use cloud storage services that support both devices to sync your data. As long as you save your files to the cloud, you can access them anywhere.

But you won't be able to access local data stored on your Android using a cloud storage app.

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