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[Best Methods] How to Mirror iPhone to TV?

Elsa Updated on Jul 18, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

There used to be a time when every piece of technology worked separately. You had to set up everything on its own and if you wanted to play a video on a different device, you would have to find it on that device or you couldn’t play it at all! Using a screen mirroring app is one of the solution to solve the problem, That is something that went away with Apple TV!

However, all that convenience comes at a price of almost $200. In this post, we’re going to be talking about how to mirror the iPhone to TV without Apple TV, so you can enjoy your screen mirrored, without a problem!

how to mirror iPhone to TV

What Is Screen Mirroring? How Does It Work on iPhone?

Screen mirroring is a technique that allows you to share a display screen using different technologies, such as AirPlay, Miracast, or Chromecast. This is particularly useful if you have media on a smaller screen, say a smartphone, and you want to view it on a larger display.

Perhaps you're a mobile gamer and want to view content on a larger screen, or maybe you're a teacher in need of a bigger screen for a presentation, or maybe you just want to watch Netflix on your TV, the possibilities are endless.

Screen mirroring is also sometimes referred to as screen casting and screen sharing. While it is totally possible to carry out iPhone screen mirroring. However, it should be noted that the screen casting technique is not proprietary to Apple devices.

iPhones are famous for being close about cross platform technologies or not allowing much to play with their hardware and software. Luckily, screen mirroring iPhone is not among those technologies that require a lot of tinkering on iPhones. Aside from using third-party technologies like Chromecast to achieve this feat, it is also possible to utilize Apple's own native technology called Airplay.

How to Mirror iPhone to TV?

It can’t be easier to mirror iPhone to TV if you have an Apple TV, as you can directly AirPlay iPhone to TV easily. However, what if you don’t have an Apple TV? Can you still perform screen mirroring iPhone to TV? Don’t worry. We will guide you through.

Screen Mirroring iPhone to TV via AirPlay

While Apple does natively support screen mirroring via AirPlay, and only Apple's selective devices are compatible with it. But the list is quite long and there are high chances that your device would be listed. You can check out this page to see if your TV is compatible with Apple's AirPlay.

How to AirPlay iPhone to TVs that are AirPlay compatible, such as Apple TV and some of Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Hisense TV? Follow these steps:

  1. Step 1.Make sure your iPhone and TV are connected to the same WiFi or network.
  2. Step 2.Swipe up or down your iPhone screen to enter the Control Center.
  3. Step 3.Tap the screen mirroring icon from the Control Center.
  4. AirPlay iPhone to TV

  5. Step 4.You will be able to choose the TV from the available device list. Tap your TV to start screen mirroring.
  6. Step 5.You will be asked to enter the cast code for the first time.

Another method to AirPlay iPhone to TV is via the AirPlay feature in specific apps, such as Photos app or YouTube app in your device. Tap the media content you want to play, and tap the AirPlay icon or screen mirroring icon to cast it to your TV.

Tada! Your iPhone screen will be mirrored to your TV now. Enjoy the big screen view!

How to Mirror iPhone to TV via Chromecast?

If due to some reason you cannot get AirPlay to work, maybe your device is not supported, then you can use Google's Chromecast instead. Chromecast is Google's proprietary gadget that is particularly built for casting or mirroring screens across multiple platforms, including iPhones.

Unlike AirPlay, which requires specific devices, Chromecast works with any TV with an HDMI port, such as Samsung TV, Google TV, and Sony TV. To start casting your iPhone's screen with Chromecast, follow these steps.

  1. Step 1.Make sure you have your Chromecast all set up and working with your TV.
  2. Step 2.Make sure your iPhone is connected to the same network or WiFi as your Chromecast.
  3. Step 3.Download and install the Google Home app from your iPhone's App Store.
  4. Google Home in Apple App Store

  5. Step 4.Once downloaded, open it up and tap the + Plus icon on the top left corner.
  6. Step 5.Now select Set up device then tap New devices. To complete this step, you will need to enable Location Services for the Google Home app if you haven’t already.
  7. set up device in Google Home

  8. Step 6.You will be given the option of default Home, or you can create a new Home with your custom settings.
  9. Step 7.Now cross-check that your Chromecast device is active and is within 20ft distance of your iPhone.
  10. Step 8.You might be required to select Chromecast / Google TV if it doesn’t automatically detect it.
  11. Step 9.Follow along the setup to finish setting it up.

Then your iPhone screen will be displayed on TV. Play the content on iPhone and enjoy it on your TV screen.

Using AirDroid Cast to Mirror iPhone to All Smart TV

While the Apple TV, Roku, and HDMI methods all work for mirroring an iPhone’s screen on TV, if you don’t want to go out and buy a separate device or adapter to mirror your iPhone’s screen on the TV, there’s another way too. This one is called AirDroid Cast.

AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a casting tool that you can use to cast any device on the TV. That means that it not only covers iPhones but also Android devices and every type of laptop or computer you could have! With this one, you don’t need to buy anything separately, you can get to mirroring your iPhone screen instantly!

Using AirDroid Cast is fairly simple:

Step 1.Download AirDroid Cast app
Download and install the AirDroid Cast app on your iPhone from the official website. Click this button to try it for free.
Step 2.Open the Airdroid Cast web on TV
Open the browser on your TV and search “” to start mirroring. You can scan the code from your iPhone screen or you may add the code manually.

AirDroid Cast Web overview

Step 3.Allow the permissions
Allow the permissions required to start screen mirroring.
Step 4.Enjoy a big TV screen
Now AirDroid Cast will start showing your mobile screen on a big TV screen and you can enjoy and watch your favorite videos on your phone and then it will be shown on your TV.

cast iPhone to TV via AirDroid Cast

It’s easy to use and effective, and there are so many features to it! You can use Two-Way audio, and even mirror your screen remotely!

Video Tutorial to Mirror iPhone to TV:

Benefits of using AirDroid Cast:

  • Hold full-on meetings from your home!
  • Join a virtual meeting by using the same casting code together
  • Use the two-way audio
  • Integrates with other meeting tools like Zoom and Google Meet
  • Share your screen with the others in the same meeting
  • Type out things and cast them onto a student’s laptop (even through Zoom)
  • Cast your games or videos onto the TV and enjoy them on a bigger screen!

Other 3 Practice Ways to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

Apple TV made it possible for anyone to project their iPhone, iPad, or Mac screen onto their TV. It has been easy, seamless, and works perfectly. However, all that convenience comes at a price of almost $200.

One of the biggest problems with spending $200 just to be able to watch your phone’s screen mirrored onto your TV just seems a little too steep for something that only serves one purpose.

The good thing is, there are alternatives! There are lots of ways you can mirror your iPhone to a Samsung TV without Apple TV!

Way1: Use an Adapter to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

One of the most popular methods is to use an Apple Digital AV Adapter. These cost a fraction of what Apple TV costs ($49 to be exact), and work perfectly to mirror the iPhone to Samsung TV without Apple TV and other brands too! For this method, all you really have to do is hook up the adapter to the iPhone or iDevice and then use an HDMI cable.

mirror iPhone to TV via cable

Use it to hook it up to your TV.

  1. Take Your HDMI Cable, and find the HDMI Port on your TV.
  2. Then, plug the HDMI into the TV.
  3. Use the other side of the HDMI cable to connect to the adapter.
  4. Plug your phone in.
  5. Go to the HDMI input on your TV and your phone should be mirroring already!

Limitations of using an Adapter:

Although you also have to factor in the fact that the HDMI cable will also cost you anywhere between $15 to $25 on its own, bringing up the overall cost of this method to around $75.

Another issue with this method is the fact that you’ll have to keep the iDevice hooked up to the wire at all times, so you don’t get a lot of freedom to move around. Although it is a great method, if you’re someone that’s fine with not moving around much, this would work fairly well! If you do, you’ll have to go with a wireless option instead.

Way 2: Use a Streaming Device to Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV

Apple TV Alternative: Roku

If you want to go wireless, but not go the Apple TV route, you could also try out the Roku. Roku is a device that works similarly to Apple TV, but it offers support for more than just Apple devices. That also means that you could use it to mirror any device you might have in your home!

mirror iphonr to TV via Roku

These devices start at $29 plus, it works similar to how Apple TV does.

Using the Roku is fairly simple:

  1. You can just hook it up to the TV.
  2. Open your control center and go to “screen mirroring”.
  3. Then, find your Roku device on the list of available devices and tap on it.
  4. Your iDevice will begin to mirror the screen after the set-up.

Limitations of Roku:

This is a great option, but there are still limitations to the Roku. One of the main limitations is that not all Rokus support 4K. So unless you have a 4K compliant version, you’ll be stuck watching a 720p or 1080p screen. That might be okay for smaller TV screens, but those with bigger screens will start to see the pixels almost right away.

It is bearable, but if you’re one who really wants all the quality possible, you might have a hard time adjusting to the Roku.

Way 3: Mirror iPhone to TV Without Apple TV via Airplay

Some smart TVs will allow you to wirelessly mirror your iPhone’s screen to the TV. This method might not work for older TVs, but it will work for newer TVs which are compatible with Airplay2. With it, as long as your devices are compatible and you are on the same Wi-Fi, the connection will work seamlessly.

mirror iPhone to TV via AirPlay

To use AirPlay to Mirror Your iPhone to Any Smart TV

  1. Open up the video you want to mirror on your screen
  2. On the top corner of your screen, you’ll see an output option
  3. Tap that option
  4. Select AirPlay and tap on the option that has your Smart TVs name on it
  5. Select the option and start mirroring now

A Brief Comparison Between the Different Methods

One of the biggest things about screen mirroring is that it should be convenient. That convenience kind of goes out the window if you have to physically sit by your TV as you mirror your phone onto the screen. This will put the adapter method lower on our list of preferences, even though it’s still an okay option.

Methods Ease of use Price Compatibility
AirDroid Cast Extremely easy to use Free + Paid Versions Seamless across Andriod and iOS
Adapter/HDMI Requires several wires to set up $75 Works with all TVs
Roku Easy to use $29 Works across all devices easily
AirPlay Slight learning curve Free Only works with iPhones
Chromecast More time and steps to set up At least $20 Chromecast devices

Final Verdict

While screen mirroring is often thought of as an easy thing to do, unless you’re using the right device to cast your iPhone screen on the TV, you’re not going to have the smoothest experience. AirDroid Cast is the best option to mirror your iPhone to the TV without Apple TV, because you can use it from the comfort of your home immediately. You don’t have to buy anything for simple mirroring, and if you do want all the extra stuff, you always have options!

However, if you do want to use the other methods, you can use the HDMI cable to go old-school, use the Roku, or simply Airplay from your iPhone. There’s a method out there that will work for everyone!

FAQs about Screen Mirroring iPhone

How can I mirror my iphone to my tv without Apple TV?
Yes. The screen mirroring options on the iPhone works without an Apple TV too. You can easily use an adapter, a third party device, or software like AirDroid Cast to mirror your iPhone screen without Apple TV.
Why is my screen mirroring not working?
Sometimes, if there are other wireless devices connected to an iPhone, the screen mirroring feature on the phone will not work properly. Try to disconnect all devices from the iPhone and then try to mirror your screen again.
How do I mirror my iPhone to my TV without Wi-Fi?
If you want to mirror your iPhone screen to your TV without Wi-Fi, the adapter method of using the adapter with an HDMI cable will be your best bet. This is a completely offline method and will work seamlessly without any wireless internet connection.
How can I mirror my phone screen to my TV?
You can mirror your iPhone's screen to a TV by either using Apple's AirPlay, Google's Chromecast device, or third-party screen mirroring apps.
Do I need an Apple TV to mirror my iPhone to a TV?
Not exactly. You can mirror iPhone to TV without Apple TV by the methods in this post.
How to fix iPhone screen mirroring not working?
  1. Make sure to connect your iPhone and TV to the same WiFi network.
  2. Check the proper screen mirroring technology your TV is using and perform the steps correctly.
  3. Restart both devices.
  4. It is recommended to turn on Bluetooth for your devices.
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