[4 Easy Ways]How to Cast from iPhone to TV ?

Screen-casting is a process of casting one screen to another screen, such as from an iPhone operation to other devices. Normally they are operations with bigger screen, like Mac, PC or TV. In this blog, we will introduce 4 easy ways to cast from iPhone to TV, inclucing the Apple TV and Android smart TV.

1 How do I Cast iPhone to Apple TV?

1Cast from iPhone to PC or Mac with AirPlay

Screen-cast iPhone to Apple TV or other smart TV is not a big problem. Screen-casting is done when both devices are connected with the same Wi-Fi network due to the digital right management system of Apple.

In the digital right management system, some media is not able to be played on third-party apps. This includes iTunes right-protected media, Netflix, and YouTube.The iPhone operating system 14 allows users to airplay 4K video from mobile media to TV. Airplay acts like a Google cast. You can cast your iPhone media, smart speaker, and Spotify to play on Chrome cast.

  • Connect both your iPhone and your TV device to the same WiFi network.
  • Tap the AirPlay icon.
  • Select the TV you want to connect.
  • Enter the AirPlay passcode.
  • 2 How to Cast iPhone to TV without Apple TV?

    Cast from iPhone to TV with Chromecast

    Chromecast is a streaming device. It helps in connecting to cast iPhone to TV without Apple TV. It connects to your iPhone. Tablets, or computers with large smart TV through a Wireless network.

    You can connect to play your mobile phone digital media to your monitor or TV with an HDMI port. HDMI port is a high-definition multimedia interface transmitting digital video and audio cast to your smart TV or projector through a cable.

    When you are using chrome cast to play digital media on a smart TV, you can stream video from online connections like YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and other servers streaming online content. Here are the steps to connect your iPhone to TV

  • Connect your iPhone and Chromecast to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Install the Google Home app, turn on Bluetooth, and set up your device.
  • Open the app you want to stream and tap the Stream button.
  • Now Google will start streaming the content to your device.
  • Cast from iPhone to TV with A Lightning Digital AV Adapter

    You can cast from iPhone to TV through a lightning digital AV adapter. A lighting digital AV adapter is an apple phone connecting dongle small modem that allows access to 3G, 4G, G5, and 6G data providing. Now you can connect your iPhone to TV by the following steps:

  • Plugin your AV digital adapter with your iPhone charging point.
  • Connect one end of USB, VGA, or HDMI with an AV digital adapter.
  • Other ends of the cable with smart screen monitors, TV, or a projector to cast iPhone to TV.
  • Cast from iPhone to TV with third-Party App 

    ApowerMirror is a screen Mirroring app. It is the easy and simple user experience software to enable you to cast iPhone to Android or Apple screen TV. It is supporting Android, iOS devices, MAC, and Windows for a better experience.

  • Confirm your iPhone and your computer are connected to the identical Wi-Fi network. .
  • Download and install ApowerMirror on your iphone and TV
  • Open the Control Center and tap “Screen Mirroring” on your phone.
  • Choose the device named “ApowerMirror” on your phone .
  • Then Choose a video you would like to look at. Rotate your phone screen to a horizontal screen.
  • Click on full screen in ApowerMirror so you’ll be able to enjoy the video.
  • 3 Which is the Best Way to Cast iPhone to Android TV?

    Cast iPhone to Samsung TV

    The Samsung SmartThings app is an app installed in Samsung Android TV that enables to screencast from Android, Windows, and iPhone to Samsung smart screen. You can cast to LG TV from your iPhone follow the steps below.

  • Connect your iPhone and Samsung TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Download, install and open the Smart View app
  • Select the TV you want to connect.
  • Start Mirroring. Click “Allow” on the TV.
  • Cast iPhone to Roku TV

    You can cast iPhone to Roku TV by using software compatible and installed on both devices. Replica mirror for Chrome cast enables Roku TV to cast from iPhone both connecting the same network. Go to Settings > System > Screen mirroring and select prompt or always allow to cast content from your iPhone to your Roku. You can cast your iPhone to Apple TV.

  • Connect your iPhone and Roku TV to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Download Replica on your phone from the App Store; install and open it.
  • Connect to your Cast TV Device
  • Start mirror to duplicate your iphone screen
  • Cast iPhone to Vizio TV

    The Vizio Smart Cast app is the available Apple app store. Installed in your iPhone then you can cast your iPhone to Vizio TV if both networks have the same connection. When the app finds your Vizio TV, select it, then tap Pair on the Bluetooth Pairing Request pop-up.

    Cast iPhone to LG TV

    The LG Mirror app is the available Apple app store. Installed in iPhone then you can cast your iPhone to LG TV by launching the app and the app finds your LG TV, then mirroring. Your iPhone content will be broadcast on LG TV.


    • AirDroid Cast has launched web version. In this way you can cast your iPhone to TV without any hassle. You just need to press“web browser”in your smart TV and search webcast.airdroid.com to start mirroring.

    4 Bonus Tip- Can I Cast iPhone to PC or Mac?

    1Cast from iPhone to TV with AirDroid Cast

    With AirDroid Cast, you can cast your screen from an associate AirPlay-compatible device like an iPhone, or iPad. Your Windows laptop maybe was an associate in Nursing AirPlay receiver so that you’ll play videos, movies, or games on an even bigger screen. Also, you can use this app to stream your device to PC/Mac via Wi-fi or USB, and then you can control all of your devices from your desktop without the need for any dedicated remote app. Initiate the cast request just two steps :

    Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Cast
    Download and install AirDroid Cast onto your Laptop and mobile devices by click the button below.

    Step 2.Choose the way to cast.
  • WLAN: Input the cast code or use the QR code shown on your computer and then tap start casting.

  • Airplay: Tap “Screen Mirroring” in the Control Center on your iPhone, and then choose your computer from the available devices on the list.

  • Cable: Use a USB cable to cast your iPhone screen to computer.

  • This AirDroid Cast casts phone or tablet defenses to your PC or Mac screen inconspicuously over your third-party network, with no redundant tackle required.

    5 Final Verdict

    The aforementioned cast ways from iPhone to TV are trusted and popular. If you are really looking for how to cast iPhone to other devices, AirDroid Cast apps can realize it without the use of bulky cords or expensive hardware. It is time to say goodbye to the lines that clog your entertainment space. I believe the above steps are detailed enough to find the answer for you.

    FAQs about Cast iPhone to other Devices

    How Do I Cast iPhone and iPad on Mac at the Same Time?
    You can do it with third-party apps like an AirDroid Cast. If you use this app, If you use this app, you can even cast 5 devices at the same time with just one click "open new window", and it's completely free.
    How Do I Cast from iPhone to TV without Wi-Fi?
    The Apple peer-to-peer feature enables to cast from iPhone to TV. You can use this feature when you want to screen share without a Wi-Fi connection.
    Why Is My Airplay Not Working?
    It's essential to keep your Apple bias streamlined to help fix generally known bugs or introduce precious features to your device.
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