[2022 Newest] How to Mirror A Phone to Another Phone?

Q: Can you screen mirror phone to phone?

Yes, you can.

Many users like to transfer their phone screens to other phone screens to reflect content like movies, videos and games to another phone. This may help you enjoy movies together with your friend without sharing the same phone screen!

The method of how to mirror a phone to another phone can also be used to fix problems with your smart-phone device. To do this, we will introduce you to the different screen mirroring tools that you can use.

how to mirror a phone to another phone

Part 1. Prerequisite for Mirror Phone to Phone

As for Android phones and tablets, for instance, they do not have a built-in screen mirroring feature – at least not yet. While it would be nice to have this function, it is still quite easy to mirror the content of one Android device to another. So, what do you need to mirror a phone? You will need third party apps to mirror you phone screen, be it iOS or Android. Of course, we will introduce you to the simplest and best applications you can use to mirror one phone to another phone.

Part 2. How to Mirror A Phone to Another Phone?

The Best Way to Mirror Android to iPhone or Vice Verse

Above all, we recommend using AirDroid Cast Web. Through this tool, you can enjoy screen mirroring anytime and anywhere according to your needs. Casting your phone screen to a browser turns easier than before. This tool supports different cast phone to phone options:

  1. Android to Android
  2. Android to iPhone
  3. iPhone to iPhone
  4. iPhone to Android
  5. Smartphone to SmartTV and PC

How to Use AirDroid Cast Web to Mirror Android to iPhone or Vice verse?

Step 1.Download AirDroid Cast on your sending device
You only need to install AirDroid Cast on your smartphone(the screen you want to cast), and then you can start your mirroring within 2 minutes. You can download this app by clicking the “Try It Free” button below or go to the Google Play Store or App Store according to what kind of phone you are using.
Step 2.Lauch AirDroid Cast Web
Open webcast.airdroid.com on another phone. You will see a QR code or cast code number displayed on the page. Now use AirDroid Cast on your sending phone to scan this code or enter the cast code. Within 1 minute, you can successfully connect them.

Step 3.Start mirroring
After a successful connection, your phone screen will be shown on another phone. This is the method of mirroring a phone to another phone via AirDroid Cast Web.


Mirror Android to Android

Alongside the method we have introduced above that supports mirroring Android to Android, we also find another tool that can help you do this. ApowerMirror is a reputable screen mirroring tool that can help you transfer your Android phone to another device and vice versa.

This fantastic tool was initially developed as a tool to transfer your phone to computer and vice versa. Now it also allows users to transfer phones to phones and or phones to tablets. It offers the best screen mirroring features as it can transfer in high resolution.

intall apowermirror

To learn how to transfer Android to Android with ApowerMirror, follow the steps below:

  1. Get the app from Google Play Store. Launch the app once it is installed.
  2. Connect both Android devices to the same WiFi network.
  3. Tap the mirror button and it will automatically detect available devices. Just select the name of your Android device.
  4. Finally, go to Start Now to begin the mirroring process. Your Android device will now be transferred to another Android device.

Mirror iPhone to iPhone

The next program that you can use to mirror from iPhone to iPhone is AirView. It is a free application that lets you send your videos from one iPhone to another. AirView supports videos of different origins such as http, rtsp, mms and rtmp.

With its simple interface, you can set up your device and don’t have to go through a complicated procedure. The app uses AirPlay technology, but you need to jailbreak your phone for it. This will mirror your iPhone to another iPhone:

  1. Search for AirView’s .ipa file to get the app’s installer. Once you’re done, download it to your iPhone, which will serve as the receiver, and launch it.
  2. Next, open the video you want to stream on your streaming device and click the video share icon next to the forward button.
  3. Select your iPhone from the detected devices to connect.
  4. After that, you will see your video on the other device.

Part 3. Tips: How to Mirror Android/iPhone Screen to PC?

If you, however, want to mirror either your Android or iOS device screen to your PC, we suggest using AirDroid Cast as it is a simple yet excellent tool to help you connect your devices.

With AirDroid Cast, you can view all the streaming or content stored on your smartphone on a bigger screen. Share videos, mobile games, movies, photos, and e-books on a bigger screen and add to the fun.

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to use AirDroid Cast to mirror phone to PC:

Step 1.Download AirDroid Cast onto your Android/iPhone for free
As for the casting device (Android/iPhone) and your computer, you can download it by click “Try It Free” button below or from the official AirDroid Cast website or Google Play Store/App Store.
Step 2.Show phone screen on PC
There are 3 connection methods that you can choose.

Via WLAN: In this option, you can choose to scan the QR code or enter the cast code which is displayed on the PC side. You can even mirror a remote phone.

Via USB: Connect a USB cable to your phone and computer,on the list of available devices, click on your phone.

Via AirPlay: This option is only available for iOS users, you need to go to “screen mirroring” center and simply click “AirDroid Cast-XXX” on your phone to cast your phone screen to PC.

Step 3.Start mirroring
Upon successful connection, the screen of your phone will be displayed on the computer. You can also click the hand icon to set up control feature.

Key Features of AirDroid Cast

  • Share screens from multiple phone with one PC
  • Connect different devices to one account and you can view all their screens on the computer at the same time.

  • Two-way Audio
  • Users can directly talk to each other using the two-way audio function during remote meetings. This greatly enhances the efficiency in communicating with others.

  • No network restrictions
  • The screen mirroring works perfectly whether your phone and computers are connected to the same local network or not.

    Part 4. Final Words

    We hope that you have learned something new with this article and have found new or more practical solutions on how to mirror a phone to another phone. Mirroring phone to phone can be quite the game changing solution, whether you are playing video games or watching movies. We have discussed several methods above, these are optional free and also paid solutions, depending on your needs. However, the best software that we recommend to mirror phone to another phone is AirDroid Cast Web as it comes with many convenient and simple to use.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I Use AirPlay with Android?
    Yes. You need to install AirMusic on your device, change a few settings and then connect to an AirPlay receiver. You can then enjoy, for instance, listening to any of your favorite songs.
    How Do I Mirror My Android to TV?

    There are different tools you can use to mirror Android phone to TV:

    1. AirDroid Cast Web
    2. Miracast
    3. ChromeCast
    4. DLNA
    5. WiFi Direct

    There are many helpful guides on the Internet on how to use these tools.

    How to Mirror Phone to Phone without Wi-Fi?
    You can use Miracast to mirror one phone to another phone without having to use Wi-Fi. Simply download the app and connect the two devices with each other. You can read up on guides in order to find out the required using steps.
    Can I Mirror and Control My Phone on PC?
    Yes, you can do so by simply using AirDroid Cast which supports mirror and control phone screen on PC. To get started with AirDroid Cast, simply visit the official website.
    How to Screen Mirror Phone to Tablet?
    AirDroid Cast Web is an easy-to-use tool that enables you to mirror a phone to a tablet. Simply download and install the AirDroid Cast app on your phone and open webcast.airdroid.com on your tablet,then you can start mirroring.
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