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How to Make A Phone Call from the Computer?

Elsa Updated on Sep 20, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Living alone far from family is difficult and managing a large business also needs to connect with people on call for hours. So, keeping a mobile phone all the time with your ears is a tiring job.

This article will be fascinating and fruitful for everyone, you will be able to make a phone call from computer after reading.

Several tools allow you to make phone calls from a computer. Some apps allow only calling from the app to that particular app, but some apps enable you to control your mobile on a PC and then call from a computer to any mobile or landline number.

1 3 Forms to Make a Phone Call from a Computer

We can use three basic forms to make a phone call on PC, and each form has a list of Apps that works on its principle.

1. Control Phone to Make a Call from the Computer

The first and most interesting way is to connect your phone to a computer and then control your mobile from the PC to make calls and also perform other related functions. Just like we connect our mobile to the LED in a car with Bluetooth, we make calls from the LED.

make phone call from computer

App to Phone

There are various apps that allow us to make calls from that particular app to any mobile number.

App to App

Various Apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, etc. allow us to call only other users of that specific app.

2 How to Make a Phone Call from a Computer?

The Hardware You Need:

The process is quite simple, and you need only a computer, a mobile phone, and an earphone.

The Software You Need - Our 5 Recommends

Here are the five best apps used most widely to make a phone call from the computer. Each App has its importance and features.

1. AirDroid Cast

Be careful to read this part as it is the fastest and most unique app that provides you with many features other than making a call from the computer. AirDorid Cast is a screen mirroring app that enables you to cast your phone to the computer, and then you can also control your phone using the mouse or keyboards. You can open the contact list and make calls you need.

AirDroid Cast - cast Android to PC

How to Make a Phone Call with AirDroid Cast in 3 Steps

  1. Download and install AirDroid Cast on your mobile and computer and then launch this app.

  2. Now select the medium (wireless/AirPlay/USB cable) and follow the instruction to connect both your devices and then start screen mirroring.

  3. Click “Control” icon to activate control feature, you will need to download AirDroi Control Add-on on your mobile to allow permission to computer to control your mobile and then you can easily access and control your mobile. You can make calls and also receive incoming calls from your computer.

More Features You Can Get from AirDroid Cast

Dual Side Audio Transmission

You can use AirDroid Cast for communicating from both sides, which is the necessary element we need to call someone.You can directly use the microphone and audio of your phone on computer.

airdroid cast web

Typing Remotely

You can also control your phone screen on a PC with a mouse and keyboard from the computer. Such as chatting on social mobile phone apps. Keeping away from mobile, you can also send and receive messages on your computer.


You can share the screen and get control over other devices even without having the same OS. For example, screen sharing is possible from Android to iPhone and vice versa. 

2. Google Voice

Google Voice is a platform for making calls using a specific number. It is free for the U.S can Canada numbers and but some numbers are not free to call. If you want to call international numbers, you must have credit in your account and add the country code before the number.


  1. Google Voice works on a computer using a Web Application on Android and iOS devices.

  2. It only supports Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari, and Firefox browsers.

  3. You can make and receive calls on your Google Voice number from

Using Steps:

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and then search

  2. You will get a call option at the bottom. Click on it and if the number is saved search in the bar and select it. If you don’t have the number then dial in manually from the dial icon.

  3. Click on the Call icon to initiate the call.


  • You can use it for both personal and professional use.
  • Calls in U.S and Canada are free.
  • For international calls, you will be charged international rates.


  • No calls to emergency numbers are allowed.
  • You have to pay for calls other than the U.S and Canada numbers.

3. Link to Windows

Link is Windows is an Android Application developed by Microsoft. It allows you to connect your Android mobile to your PC and then keep your phone in your pocket and manage everything you do on mobile from your PC. It is one of the best Apps for managing incoming and outgoing calls from your computer.


It is only compatible with Android devices.

Using Steps:

  1. Search the Phone Link on your PC and then choose the Phone Link App from the results. Then select ‘Get Started.’ Also, Sign in with your Microsoft account.

  2. Download the Phone Link App on your mobile and connect it with the computer.

  3. Press Allow button to access your mobile from PC and then use it to make calls from computer.

  4. Pricing: It is entirely free to use.


    • You need not pay anything to make calls using the Link to Windows App.
    • It does not contain any Ads while playing it. 


    • Many users claim that it has connectivity issues.
    • It does not support iOS devices.

    4. FaceTime

    FaceTime App is compatible with Mac computers as Apple designs it. So, it only supports iOS devices. Calling from a computer is only possible if the receiving device is iOS and has the FaceTime App installed. It is free to use but not compatible to work on Android devices. You can use the Wi-Fi network to run it for free.

    Compatibility: It is only compatible with iOS devices.

    Pricing: It is free to use. You can download the App for free using a Wi-Fi connection.

    Using Steps:

    1. Open the App on your Mac computer and enter your name into it.

    2. Search the person you want to call and make sure he must have downloaded the App on his iOS device.

    3. Click on the phone icon to call the person whose number you have selected.


    • You can talk for hours without paying, either using your iPhone or Mac.
    • It also supports video calls so you can see your loved one on call.


    • It does not support Windows O.S. or Android mobiles.
    • It consumes extensive internet data while calling.

    5. Skype

    Skype is an Application that allows you to make audio and video calls worldwide with your concerned ones. It involves individual and group meetings, whatever you want. Skype is free to call anywhere, but the limitation is that the other person must have Skype, and you know his I.D. to get connected.


    It is compatible with android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.

    Pricing:You can use Skype for free to call anyone on Skype.

    Using Steps:

    1. Download the App and create your account with your name, or you can also add your number.
    2. Add the account I.D in the search bar of the person you want to make a call. Select the desired I.D and open the profile.
    3. Send a connection request to the person from his profile. He will be notified and accept your connection request.
    4. After the request is accepted, you will be able to make a voice call and video call.


    • There is no location restriction like other Apps. It can be used worldwide. It has no OS limitations.
    • You can share your pictures, videos and documents to anyone in your contact list.


    • It does not offers calling to the emergency numbers.
    • Sound and video quality effects with the poor internet service.

    3 User's Reviews of These Apps

    Top Positive Reviews

    1. AirDroid Cast

    It is a user-friendly app and connects first time you try to screen mirror. It also provides HD quality display. Connectivity is easy to manage using various mediums that it support.

    2. Google Voice

    You can send messages, make calls and perform other operations using the web app. Using the number enable you to connect with people even when you are abroad.

    3. Link to Windows

    Best for getting notifications of your mobile on the PC to get aware of all the call and message details you are receiving on your mobile. Access your mobile data easily on your computer and file sharing on email becomes easy.

    4. FaceTime

    Wonderful app for newbies who have bought an iPhone for the first time because it is the simplest App for chatting with our loved ones. It is good to go for its quality audio and video results.

    5. Skype

    It allows you to make video calls to see your loved ones. It requires very specific settings to use it. It’s free to share pictures, videos etc. with our friends and family.

    Top Critical Reviews

    1. AirDroid Cast

    Got some issues in connectivity but using the duide from webpage resolves the issue. Moreover customer support is also very helpful in resolving the issues.

    2. Google Voice

    Unable to get notified when someone calls. Using such App for business is not appropriate because you can miss an important call. Even unable to get missed calls notification. Call sometimes disconnect due to some error.

    3. Link to Windows

    Unable to work in most cases. Even after performing all the basic steps error does not remove. Only good at Samsung devices and other phone like Google Pixel have so many issues in using it.

    4. FaceTime

    This app is not good for its updating as it creates a lot of problems in updating the App. It is not appropriate for some models of iPhone and create issues in using this app.

    5. Skype

    It drops the calls constantly and video quality is most of the time poor even unable to view the screen during call. Sound quality is also not good and a lot of distortion is heard while call.

    4 Why do We Need to Make Calls from PC?

    There is a vast list of reasons why we feel a need to make calls from PC. No one wants to keep the phone in hand or with ears all the time, so using a computer for a call is much easier.

    Free to make calls

    Using an app for calling from a computer is cheaper than ordinary phone calls. Only a Wi-Fi connection is mostly enough to make calls from a computer. Features related to calling are more in a computer using various Apps than on a mobile phone.

    Forgotten your phone at home

    If you forget your phone at home or in the office, you can use your computer to make calls and save time.

    Virtual Number

    Using a virtual number also accommodates you in separating your personal and professional life.

    5 How Can I Use My Computer to Make and Receive Calls from My Phone?

    The best way to make calls from a phone is by using the AirDroid Cast app. Here are some important reasons why we recommend it.

    Available in All Mobiles

    AirDroid Cast, a cross-platform sharing app, can be used on Android and iPhone OS. So, no matter your phone, you can easily connect it to the computer and make calls from it.


    AirDroid Cast has a user-friendly interface and takes a maximum of five minutes to connect with another device with more than one medium you can choose for your convenience. Even using it for the first time, you will face no difficulty.


    The app is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Thus, it is evident that it fulfills all the security measures a secure App must possess.

    6 Final Words - What We Think

    Making a phone call without touching your phone is surprising but not after too much technological advancement. Numerous apps allow you to call from your computer. Some apps only allow App-to-App calling, so you are limited to only those who also have the same qpp. But some Apps will enable you to call the phone. In that case, you are free to contact anyone without using your phone. AirDroid Cast is one of the apps that allow screen mirroring from mobile to computer, and you can control your mobile on a computer, thus enabling you to make calls from a computer to any number you want.

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