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LonelyScreen Review – Is this iOS Mirroring App Safe to Use?

Elsa Updated on Jul 15, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q: What is LonelyScreen?

LonelyScreen is a very simple-to-use software that enables you to cast your iPhone or iPad screen on a computer or Mac without taking the support of any other tool or plug-in. It works as an AirPlay receiver for PC or Mac to play music and videos, games, and live streaming.

Watching things on a small screen is very irritating and boring so we need to play them on a large screen as we love to watch live cricket matches on large screens. In this LonelyScreen Review, we will discuss its usage and features.

Part 1. Is LonelyScreen iOS Mirroring App Safe?

The question that came to mind before using any application is whether it is safe or not? So, is Lonelyscreen safe? After watching the reviews from different platforms, we have concluded that LonelyScreen iOS Mirroring App is not safe to use.


Reviews from Quora

We have visited Quora to see the reviews of people who have experienced it. LonelyScreen for iOS is found unsafe depending upon the platform where it is downloaded. If it is downloaded from Apple Store it means this app has fulfilled all the security requirements that it has been enabled to be downloaded from there.

Now, if you get this app from any other Store, then it is not safe. It may contain malicious content like a virus that can harm your data or your iOS device in either way.

The second thing that you should consider before using it is that you can have an idea if you have any critical data in your device that is super-secret and important then you should not prefer this application but if you think there is nothing many important data in your device, then you can try it with no worries.

Part 2. Is LonelyScreen Free?

LonelyScreen provides its free Trial version with its limited features while it has premium packages also depending upon the situation you can choose the package.

1How long is the Free Trial for LonelyScreen?

The important thing to be clear to everyone here is that it is just for a few days with limited features only. The free trial for Lonelyscreen is for very limited days.

2Premium Plan of LonelyScreen

The premium package for LonelyScreen is categorized into two terms:

Personal Use: $14.95 per year.

Business Use: $29.95 per year.

If you are running a company, then you must prefer the business plan and if you only want to use it personally then the personal use package is enough.

Part 3. How to Use LonelyScreen iOS Mirroring App?

Here are a very few simple steps to know how to use Lonelyscreen.

Step 1.Download and install the application
Download the Lonelyscreen app on your computer from and install it to launch the application. It is also a possibility that you will have to allow access to the application to work on your computer.
Step 2.Select fix it and rename it
After opening the application on your PC, Click on the “Fix it” option and then rename the tool use are using for your access.
Step 3.Connect your iOS device to Wi-Fi
Now, connect your iOS device with the same Wi-Fi with which your computer is connected.
Step 4.Access the control center
Access the Control center and then your AirPlay will automatically be updated.
Step 5.Choose your computer from AirPlay list
From AirPlay list search the name that you have chosen for your computer and click on it to start the mirroring.

Part 4. Pros and Cons of LonelyScreen


  • LonelyScreen is a user-friendly application that allows you to mirror your iOS device on your PC.
  • It provides a 30-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like its features your amount will be returned.
  • You can watch movies, play games, and deliver your presentations on a large screen using this application.
  • Connect is possible between the two devices with the same Wi-Fi network.
  • AirPlay is automatically updated when access is granted to the LonelyScreen.


  • LonelyScreen is although useful for mirroring purposes yet has a lot of flaws that make it less popular among the people.
  • It is not a fully secure application. It may contain malicious content which is why it is said to secure your data first before installing it on your PC.
  • It provides a free trial version but for a very limited period with limited features. These features are not enough to fulfill your need for this.
  • Due to the virus threat, you have to go through some additional steps to provide access to this application on your behalf because the system will warn you. These steps may seem to be irritating to you.
  • Its premium package is a bit costly as compared to other applications.
  • It supports only iOS devices. Lonelyscreen is not suitable for Android devices which is one of the basic reasons it is not liked by a large community that owns Android phones.

Part 5. What Are Some Alternatives of LonelyScreen?

1AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is an application that has gained popularity due to its famous feature for mirroring and controlling the screen of your Android and iOS devices. It provides the screencasting for both the Android and the iOS devices and also for PC having Windows or Mac OS.


Remotely attend meetings

This feature is really helpful when you are not in the office and you have to arrange a meeting with your colleagues. You can share the screen remotely and have a meeting remotely without any issue.

Online presentation

Instead of taking your laptop with you for displaying slides in your office meeting, just simply connect your mobile with the office PC and share the slides with the best quality result. Using this unique method will also create a positive impact on your presentation to your seniors.

Online teaching remotely

This app is beneficial for teachers to teach their students online by showing them a large screen without the use of any projector. Use your device as a handy whiteboard and share the material with your students. Students’ feedback can also be taken using the two-way audio feature.

Detailed Steps to Set Up AirDroid Cast

Step 1.Download and install the application
Firstly, you need to install the app on both the devices you want to connect and then launch the application. (AirDroid Cast now supports web version, you can start screen mirroring through your browser without installing on your computer side).
Step 2.Connect both the devices

The connection between both the devices can be established using three basic methods:

Connection Wirelessly: Whether the both devices are under the local or remote network, you can connect them by scan QR code or enter mirroring code on your PC side.

Connection through USB cable:You also can use a USB cable to connect them without any delay.

Connection through AirPlay:If you are using iOS devices, then tab the “screen mirroring” center and connect to AirDroid Cast.

Step 3.Start Screen Mirroring
After connection, you will be able to mirror and control your mobile phone on the PC.

2Wondershare MirrorGo

Wondershare MirrorGo is another application that can be used to mirror your Android screen on a PC.

You can play games on a big screen with a more comfortable keyboard and mouse to enjoy it more. Using this tool, there will be an interruption as some apps may crash and errors occurs.



  • Screen mirroring is made possible using this application for playing games, watching movies, and for many professional presentations and meetings.
  • The screen of your Android phone is controlled by using this application and controls can be handled more conveniently.


  • This application is only compatible with Android mobiles. iPhone users are not entertained by this application.
  • The downloading process may take some time to download.
  • Pricing is a bit costly that everyone cannot afford.

3Mirroring 360

Mirroring360 is essentially a software program that you can install on your home windows PC or Mac laptop, and which can be used to mirror the presentations of more than a few devices to the PC. iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac devices are all supported and with the aid of wirelessly connecting any of these devices to your PC, Mirroring360 allows super screen mirroring.


  • Screen sharing is enabled for up to 40 people.
  • A screen recording feature is also provided using this application.


  • Screen sharing is only possible if the device is licensed.
  • Sharing screen to a wider list of people needs to have a Pro Edition.

Part 6. What is the best alternative to LonelyScreen?

The best alternative to LonelyScreen is AirDroid Cast as it supports both the Android and iOS versions with its unique and extraordinary features that other applications do not provide.

It not only mirrors the screen but also provides a controlling feature to have the best controls to remotely perform presentations and play games with the best controls.

This application is also used by teachers and other professionals and even individuals use it for entertainment with their family and friends.

Part 7. Conclusion

Hopefully, after reading this article, everyone is clear about what LonelyScreen app is and what the purpose of using such kinds of applications is. We also read about some features that other applications possess but the LonelyScreen lacks. After discussing different applications we conclude that AirDroid Cast is the best application that can be used by anyone as it targets both professionals and non-professionals. Professionals can use it for their official meetings and lectures while kids can use it to watch movies and play games with best-controlling features.

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