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[2023] How Do You Download & Use Kik on a Mac?

Elsa Updated on Jul 8, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Kik is an online app you can use to chat not only with your friends but you can also make new friends, and it is also possible to hide your bio. You can join groups to chat with open-minded people using Kik.

Kik does not support any PC or Mac, but we can’t say it is impossible. You can get various solutions online to get Kik for Mac. Let’s have a detailed discussion on 2 best methods for using Kik on Mac.

kik on mac

Part 1. How to Use Kik on A Mac with BlueStacks?

Though there are other emulators available but prefer the Bluestacks emulator, it is commercial software with Windows and Mac versions. It is a powerful Android emulator that allows you to play mobile games and utilize applications on your computer like you would on a mobile device.


  • It costs $2 per month after the free trial but is quite good at what it does. This price does not feel to anyone because the Kik itself is free to use, and you only have to pay a minor amount for the emulator. You can also use the emulator for gaming purposes for the same price.

Detailed Steps to use Kik for Mac with BlueStacks:

You can enjoy Kik on Mac using the following steps with the help of BlueStacks:

Step 1.Download BlueStacks
Download Bluestacks for Mac and install it. The download button automatically identifies your operating system and downloads the most recent version.

Step 2.Launch the Application
After successfully installing it, launch the app and sign in with the account you have created.
Step 3.Search for Kik and Download
On the Home screen, double-click the Google Play Store icon. Look for and install the Kik app to make new friends and join various groups for a chat.

Supported platforms:

You can use BlueStacks on both the PC and Mac to download Android games and other applications and play them on a big screen to enjoy them more.


Bluestacks costs $2 per month after its free trial version.

Part 2. How to Use Kik for Mac without BlueStacks?

Almost everyone is aware of Bluestacks, but now we will discuss a great application that will enable you to run Kik on your PC or Mac more smoothly than the Bluestacks. The name of the application is AirDroid Cast. It requires easy processing to watch and run Kik on a PC or Mac.

Mirror & control Kik Mac via AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a powerful application to cast your mobile screen to your Mac.This application allows a simple installation process and enables you to use your Kik application on a PC.

An advantage of using AirDroid Cast is that it supports iOS and Android devices to share their screen so a maximum community can utilize it. Moreover, it supports 3 connection methods, and you can use any of them that you feel easy.

AirDroid Cast - cast Android to PC

How to Use AirDroid Cast to Run Kik on Mac?

Let’s have a look at using Kik for Mac without BlueStacks.

Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast
First, you must download the application on both devices, i.e., mobile phone and Mac. You can download by click “Try It Free” button below. Google Play Store and App Store are also available.
Step 2.Connect your phone to Mac
AirDroid Cast supports 3 connection methods for user.

Via WLAN: On your Mac, you will see a QR code or cast code number, you will need to scan one of them from your mobile device. After adding code, they will ask you to allow access between both devices.

Via USB: You need to prepare a USB cable to connec both your devices, and follow the instruction to finish setting. The advantage of this method is low delay.

Via AirPlay: If you are using iPhone,you can cast your phone screen to Mac via AriPlay.

Step 3.Start mirroring and controlling your phone screen on PC
After connection, your phone screen will be showed on your PC. Now you can simply click the hand icon to start controlling your phone screen. Open Kik app and start to use Kik on Mac.

kik on mac

Some Advantages of AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is not only limited to helping you run Kik on Mac, but you can share any application from your mobile phone without wasting time. Here are a few benefits of AirDroid Cast:

Remote meetings

Whenever outside, you can use AirDroid Cast for having meetings with your team sitting in the office with no difference and distractions.

Two-way communication

It also provides you with the best feature for two-way communication. Microphones and speakers are there to have a conversation on the big screen.


There is no need to take a laptop and other gadgets with you for the presentation. Just connect your mobile with a Pc or Mac and share slides on a big screen to create a good impact on your audience.

Online Teaching

Instructors and teachers can deliver online lectures to their students and share their screens. Doing this keeps them safe from the outside environment and saves both cost and time.


Entertainment is an essential part of life. You can watch movies and shows and play phone games on a big screen using AirDroid Cast.

Part 3. Can You Use Kik on Browser?

No, there still does not exist a way to use Kik on any browser now. But you can view your Kik interface on a browser by casting your phone screen to a browser via AirDroid Cast Web.

AirDroid Cast has made casting easier with its latest achievement - AirDroid Cast Web. It needs no installation of application at the receiver end and just opening the web link and allowing access to the mobile phone. Users can cast a screen and enjoy Kik on Browser.

Here is a detailed description of using Kik on the AirDroid Cast Web browser:

Step 1.Install the AirDroid Cast on your mobile phone
You only need to install AirDroid Cast on the sender’s device now. Install it from Google Play Store or Apple store, depending upon your device. 
Step 2.Open Web Browser on Mac
On your Mac device, open the following link,, you don’t need to install the application on your Mac device.
Step 3.Scan the Code and start casting
You will get a scan code that you will have to scan from your mobile phone or add the code on your mobile. Then allow a trusted device from both ends to start casting. 

Part 4. How Do I Save Kik Chats on Android to Mac?

If you have Mac, then you must use the ‘Backuptrans Android Kik Transfer Mac.’ It is a quick and easy way to backup Kik messages with attachments from Android to Mac in only a few clicks.

Your Kik Messages will preserve in a computer-readable database. Then you can easily view, export or print Kik chat on your computer whenever you desire. You can also transfer Kik chat history from one Android Phone to another directly on a Mac computer. You can share it from the other Android device you want.

Part 5. Is Kik Better than WhatsApp?



  1. Whatsapp allows you to chat with only those you know and have their mobile numbers, but Kik is different and exciting.
  2. You can search for strangers and make new friends. Whatsapp is just an instant messaging app, while you can categorize Kik as a dating app.
  3. You can join various groups you want, while on Whatsapp, you only get added if the group admin adds you. You cannot search for any group on Whatsapp.
  4. Moreover, the number of users for Kik is worldwide, while people do not prefer Whatsapp in all countries of the world.

Part 6. Final Words

This article was all about using Kik on Mac OS. Although it is not supported, you can use emulators for this purpose. Still, we found some restrictions using emulators, so we discuss another simple and easy application. AirDroid Cast is an application that supports Android and iOS devices to cast their screen on Mac and use Kik. So we recommend AirDroid Cast to run Kik for Mac as the best option.

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