[Full Guide]How to Play Android Games on a PC (Windows 10 & 11)?

Your game is getting intense and you are at the peak of excitement, but then you start to wish you could play your games in a more comfortable and riveting manner. Obviously, your PC is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about upgrading your experience, but how can this be achieved?

This guide will cover the most reliable methods on how to play Android games on PC windows 10 or 11. We will explore the available tools that can make your expectations turn into a reality.

Part 1: Play Games on PC: Windows 10 or 11?

Generally speaking, Windows 10 is a better operating system for gaming than Windows 11. That’s because when Microsoft released Windows 11, they made several changes to the graphics architecture that made it incompatible with most game rendering techniques.

What this means for you is that if you Play Android Games on PC and it doesn’t work, then chances are your graphics card isn’t compatible with Windows 11. Still, there are some games that run in compatibility mode on the newer operating system. It’s also worth noting that with both operating systems, you can use a remote app to control your device from your desktop.

Part 2: How to Play Android Games on PC ?

There are different ways to play Android games on PC and this section is dedicated to explaining these methods. You can use the AirDroid Cast app, Google Chrome extension, or Android emulators to achieve a better gaming adventure.

Use AirDroid Cast App to Play Android Games on PC

Most Android phones have a “cast” or “mirror” built-in feature that helps you display your gaming activities on a bigger screen. AirDroid Cast app is an easier and less complicated way to upgrade your gaming experience, and the best part is that you can upgrade your game controls from a desktop using this app via Wi-Fi or via USB. Here are the steps to cast your game to PC:

Step 1.Download, install and open AirDroid Cast.
Download and install AirDroid Cast onto your PC and Android phone by click the button below.
Step 2.Choose the way to cast
Send a connection request by scanning the provided QR code or using the cast code provided

Via USB:
Send a connection request by connecting the USB cable to your PC and your phone

Step 3.Start playing game on your PC
Once the connection is established, you can open up any Android games on either device and play them as usual.
If you want to control the screen of the Android device on your PC, click the hand icon on the left side.


  • AirDroid Cast allows you to use the computer’s keyboard and mouse to control your Android/iOS device.
  • Multiple screens all on One Computer.
  • Supports up to 5 devices, casting all at the same time
  • You can cast device’s audio and microphone sound.

2 Use Google Chrome Extensions to Play Android Games on PC

Google chrome extension is another good software for running Android apps including games. It is also easy to use as it involves the google browser.

The installation is very quick and easy, and the process is self-explanatory. When installation is done, you will be able to access all of your favorite Android games from your desktop.


  • Install and launch the chrome app on your PC if you do not have it.
  • Download an extension like Archon that can help you run multiple APKs at once.
  • Extract the extension to your chrome. In the chrome menu, you can activate the developer mode and launch the extension.
  • After launching this extension, you can open various APKs from your PC and even from your Android phone.
  • Limitation:

    • This method only works on Google Chrome and doesn’t work on other browsers, and It may not support every game or APK you try to launch as some of them are unable to function on your extension.

    3 Use Android Emulators to Play Android Games on PC

    One of the best ways to play your Android games on a PC is by using an Android emulator. An Android emulator is software that allows you to run and play any Android game on your PC. Below are some of the best Android emulators you can check out.

    1. Bluestacks

    This is a well-known Android emulator that allows you to play any Android game on any device. the key feature of this software is complete access to the Google play store which allows you to install apps and not just games, it also allows the users to create customized game controls which can lead to the exploration of so many opportunities.


    1. Download Bluestacks on your PC or Mac by visiting their website and clicking the download button.
    2. After installation, open up the application and sign in with your Gmail account.
    3. Select “My Apps” at the top of your screen and then click “Google Play Store” from the drop-down menu bar.
    4. Search for your desired game from here and install it onto Bluestacks accordingly.
  • Allows users to write macros to help save new controls
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Allows installation of APKs
  • Access to Google play store
  • Resource-intensive and requires basic knowledge using similar software

  • Recommended requirements Minimum requirements
    OS: Windows 10 operating system OS: Windows 7 operating system
    Processor: an Intel or Multi-core processor Processor: an Intel processor.
    RAM: 8GB RAM: 4GB
    Hard drive storage: at least 5GB Hard drive storage: an SSD hard disk

    This software can be used in Windows, Macbook, or Linux, and if you are worried about security and privacy issues, Bluestacks is involved in a partnership with notable companies like Samsung and Intel. This way you can use this app with guaranteed safety.

    2. Gameloop

    Game loop is the product of Tencent one of the largest technology companies, in addition to this, they are also the developer of call of duty and PUBG, and this makes this emulator perfect for playing these two games. This emulator is mainly focused on games and all the standard controls are available on this application, they are also features that allow you to customize keys and install APKs which is not always possible with an Android phone.


    1. Install Gameloop Emulator.
    2. Start Gameloop and connect your smartphone via a Wi-Fi network.
    3. Then, start the game of your choice on your PC (such as League of Legends) and activate the controller by pressing Start Game.
    4. A window should pop up on your phone showing which keys correspond to which functions in the game.
    5. Click Connect Phone button at the bottom right corner of that window – this will make all of your phone’s buttons available in-game.
    6. From here you can play any game with ease and without having to touch your phone constantly.

  • Great for playing intense games
  • Good customization settings
  • No access to Google play store
  • Running multiple instances is not possible
  • Recommended requirements Minimum requirements
    OS: Windows 10 operating system OS: Windows 7 operating system
    Processor: Intel Core i3 or AMD processor Processor:  Intel or AMD Phenom II X4 processor 
    RAM: 8GB RAM: 4GB
    Hard drive storage: SSD hard drive Hard drive storage: At least 2GB 

    3. NOX player

    This software is very similar to Bluestack as it allows complete access to the Google play store. You can customize your key mappings and also install any APK in this application. A distinctive feature this software possesses is that it allows you to drag and drop files from your PC into the emulator, this gives you more opportunity to customize your background.


    1. Download the latest version of Nox Player for Windows PC and then install
    2. Run the program and click “Select Your Device”
    3. Select “Android Emulator” from the list
    4. Click “OK”
    5. Check “Accept License Agreement”
    6. When prompted, create a new folder in which to store your files and click “Next”
      Click “Finish”

  • Ability to run multiple instances
  • Access to Google play store
  • Section provided for most used controls
  • Easy access to other controls
  • About of ads are displayed in this app
  • Recommended requirements Minimum requirements
    OS: Windows 8 or 10 operating OS: Windows XP SP3 or Windows 7 operating system
    Processor: multiple core processors Processor: an Intel, AMD, or dual-core processors
    RAM: 4GB RAM: 1.5GB RAM
    Hard drive storage: 1.5GB Hard drive storage: At least 1GB of hard drive storage space.

    Part 3: Which is the Best Way to Play Android Games on PC

    We have explained three different ways to play Android games on PC and while they are all effective, some are better than others. If you want to upgrade your current gaming experience in a less complicated way that still allows the multiplayer feature, then you should consider the AirDroid Cast app.The only requirement is that you have an Android phone to connect your computer to it.

    Part 4: Which Android Games Can I Play on PC?

    There are many games available for Android. If you’re a Windows user, you may be wondering which games are compatible with your system. Here are some of the most popular and best-selling Android games that can be played on your PC: – Candy Crush Soda Saga – Clash of Clans – Angry Birds 2 (Birds On Ice) – The Walking Dead: Road to Survival – Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes – Minecraft Pocket Edition -Kingdom Royale -World of Tanks Blitz -NBA 2K18 -Clash Royale -Asphalt 8: Airborne.

    Part 5: Final Verdict

    If you want to take your gaming adventure to the next level, then upgrading to playing on a PC is a great idea, but this can only be achieved with the best tools. We have reviewed a lot of special tools that can enhance your gaming journey and the best one is Airdroid Cast, as it offers the best entertainment experience for playing Android games on PC Windows 10 or 11.

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