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5 Ways to Use iMessage on Windows [Newest Update]

Elsa Updated on Jan 26, 2024 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Can you use iMessage on a Windows computer?

Yes, of course! There are different ways to get iMessage for Windows, such as using the official Microsoft Phone Link App. We are breaking down the practical methods of using iMessage on a Windows computer.

use iMessage on Windows

15 Ways to Use iMessage for Windows

Here are five methods that Windows users can easily access iMessage on a Windows PC or laptop. You can choose the method according to your ciscumstance.

Way 1. Via Phone Link (for Win 11 Only)

When considering using iMessage on Windows PC, the official method is run iMessage on PC via the Windows Phone Link App. The Phone Link App, developed by Microsoft, is of great help in sending and receiving text messages from Windows on your mobile phone. In 2023, Microsoft has added the supported for iOS devices, so you can now manage your notifications on iOS devices from a Windows 11 computer, including iMessages.

Note: Make sure your iPhone is running iOS 14 or later and your computer is running Windows 11. If not, upgrade the device system to the latest version.

How to use iMessage on PC, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1.Before utilizing Phone Link, please confirm that your PC is enrolled in the Windows Insider Program. This can be verified via Settings > Windows Update > Windows Insider Program.
  2. Step 2.Download and install Windows Phone Link App on your Windows computer.
  3. Step 3.Launch the Phone Link App on your PC, and click iPhone on the launch screen.
  4. choose iPhone in Phone Link

  5. Step 4.Now click the Action Center on the bottom right of your desktop to turn on Bluetooth.
  6. Step 5.Follow the on-screen instructions on the Phone Linke App to finish pairing your iPhone with Windows through Bluetooth.
  7. Step 6.You will be asked to grant permission on your iPhone, then allow the requested permissions.
  8. Step 7.After connecting, the iMessages on your iPhone will be mirrored and transferred to your Windows PC.
  9. Step 8.On your Windows PC, click "Messages" in the Phone Link App to check iMessages sent and received; click "Calls" to see the dialer and make a phone call from the computer; click "Notifications" on the left when there are new iMessages coming in.
  10. use iMessage on Windows via Phone Link

It's quite easy to use iMessage on Windows via the Phone Link App, however, you can not see the full history of iMessage on PC currently, and only the iMessages sent and received while connecting.

Way 2. Via Chrome Remote Desktop (A Mac Needed)

The second way to get iMessage on your Windows computer is using the Chrome Remote Desktop, which allows you to access your MacBook from Windows.

Therefore, you will need to own a Mac device. This method supports Windows 7, 8, 10, and 11.

How to use iMessage on a Windows computer with Mac:

  1. Step 1.Search “Chrome Remote Desktop” and install it on both Mac and Windows computers.
  2. Step 2.When you have downloaded the Chrome Remote Desktop extension on Mac and Windows computers, then allow the Mac computer to be shared with the Windows computer.
  3. Chrome Remote Desktop

  4. Step 3.Go to a Mac computer and then open a Chrome web browser.
  5. Step 4.Now press the "Remote Desktop Icon" on the right side address bar. It will provide you with a code, which you will be able to save.
  6. Step 5.Now Go to Windows PC, launch Chrome, and Chrome Remote Desktop extension.
  7. Step 6.Click on the given option to connect Chrome remotely. Then enter the code that is generated on Mac.
  8. Step 7.After providing the code, you will get access to Mac from Windows PC to use iMessage from PC.

Way 3. Using AirDroid Cast (for Win 7/8/10/11)

AirDroid Cast aids the user to mirror and control the iPhone device quickly from a computer. By doing so, you can use the iMessage app directly from your PC or laptop.

You can send iMessage, receive iMessage, or type anything on your Windows with the help of the control feature of AirDroid Cast. It is a useful tool because you can view video content on a bigger screen and view iMessages, on a Windows PC without restrictions and without jailbreaking your iPhone/iPad.

AirDroid Cast

To use AirDroid Cast to access iMessage from Windows, follow these steps:

  1. Step 1.Download and install AirDroid Cast on your Windows computer and your iPhone/iPad (from App Store).
  2. Step 2.Launch the app on both devices.
  3. Step 3.There are three connecting options displayed on your PC.
  4. Wireless: You can scan the QR code using the app on the iOS device, or input the Cast Code and tap "Start Casting".
  5. AirPlay: You can directly AirPlay your iOS device to Windows from Control Center.
  6. USB: This allows you to connect your iOS device with PC using a lightning cable.
  7. 3 connecting options on AirDroid Cast

  8. Step 4.Choose one of the desired connecting option, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect.
  9. Step 5.After connecting, your iOS device screen will be mirrored to the computer. Now you can view the iMessages and notifications from your computer.
  10. mirror iPhone to PC

  11. Step 6.Click "Turn on Control" to enable the control feature, so that you can use the iMessage app directly, such as reading the messages and sending iMessages from your computer.
  12. Turn on Control

Here is a video tutorial about using iMessage on Windows PC:

Using iOS Emulator iPadian (for Win 7/8/10/11)

Another method to run iMessage from a Windows PC is using an iOS emulator. iOS emulator software helps simulate the iOS device environment on a computer, so that you can run the iOS apps from another device.

Steps to get iMessage from Windows using an iPadian Emulator:

  1. Step 1.Visit and then download the emulator available.
  2. Step 2.Install the file with Extension.exe on your PC.
  3. Step 3.Now Run the Emulator, and accept all the terms and conditions.
  4. iPadian Emulator

  5. Step 4.After the installation, launch the iPadian software on your PC.
  6. Step 5.Search the Apple messenger app and launch it.
  7. Step 6.Now you have easy access to iMessage on a PC.

Way 5. With Cydia (Jailbreaking) (for Win 7/8/10/11)

The last method recommended to run iMessage on PC is using Cydia, which needs to jailbreak your iPhone. It is sort of technical and requires more time. So be careful using this method.

Note: Jailbreaking your iPhone can be risky, and it will cause losing your device data. So ensure to back up your device before jailbreaking.

How to use iMessage on Windows by jailbreaking iPhone:

  1. Step 1.First of All, Go to on your iOS device and then download Cydia.
  2. Step 2.After you have installed Cydia, open settings and then go to General in order to allow a new profile creation.
  3. Run iMessage for Windows with Cydia

  4. Step 3.Now create a username and password and open the Web Browser on your PC, and under the enable tab, enter the IP address.
  5. iPadian Emulator

  6. Step 4.Select Enter, fill in the username, and then a password to complete the setup.
  7. Step 5.Now you can connect your iPhone to your Windows computer.

2Comparison & How to Choose

Here's the comparison for the 5 methods to get iMessage from a Windows computer.

Name Requirement Required Time Safety Price
Microsoft Phone LinkiOS 14 or later and Windows 113-5 minutesThe official wayFree
AirDroid CastiPhone and Windows PCMaximum 5 minutesIt is the most secure way The free version is available
CydiaMS window, 20 GB, 128 RAMApproximate 20 minutesIt poses safety threatsFree
EmulatorWindows 7,8,10About 20 minutesNot safe (according to feedback on the official site)$25 per month
Chrome ExtensionMac, and Windows 7,8, 10 PCMore than 20 minutesNot safe, have some security threatsFree

Simply put, if you own a Windows 11 computer, then the Microsoft Phone Link App is the best choice for you, as it is official, free, and easy! If your computer runs Windows 10, 8, 0r 7, then AirDroid Cast or the iOS emulator program would be great because they support most Windows OS versions.

These PC applications help you to send messages to other users like iMessage if you are facing a problem in getting iMessage on your PC then download and install these applications on your PC as an alternative for iMessages.

3Must-See FAQs

Can you download iMessage on PC?
No. Currently, you can not download iMessages on a Windows PC. viewing iMessage or sending and receiving iMessage from Windows is possible.
Can I Access iMessage on Windows without Jailbreaking?

Is it possible to get iMessages on Windows without jailbreaking? Yes, you can get iOS notifications from Windows without jailbreaking. The practical methods are using the Phone Link app, the mirroring and control app, or using an iOS emulator program.

Jailbreaking is a little tough for bigger and people have some security and privacy issues. You just need to install AirDroid Cast on PC and iOS devices, then you can fully control your iOS device and get all iOS messages on your Windows PC without jailbreaking.

Is There Any iMessage App for Windows?

No, there is no iMessage app for Windows or Android. You can try the workarounds to use the iMessage app from the Windows PC. Alternatively, There are many applications for Windows that just work like iMessages such as WhatsApp for PC, Facebook messenger, text free, text now, plus Sms, mightly text, etc.

These PC applications help you to send messages to other users like iMessage if you are facing a problem in getting iMessage on your PC then download and install these applications on your PC as an alternative for iMessages.

How to get iMessage on PC without Mac?
To use iMessage on Windows without Mac, you can try using the Microsoft Phone Link App, AirDroid Cast, or an iOS emulator.
Is there a difference between a text message and an iMessage?
Yes, iMessages and text messages are different from each other. the iMessage option is available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac, which works on the internet. But text message service is available on all mobile phones which work without an internet connection. But text messages are paid. You have to purchase a package; on the other hand, iMessage is totally free.
How do I activate my iMessage?
Activation of iMessage is easy. Go to your iPhone setting, and click on "Messages." Next, click on iMessage and turn it on; the slider bar will be green. Finally, if your iMessage service is enabled, you can send messages.
Can I Check My iMessages Online?
Yes, you can track iMessages with tracing or monitoring apps. There are a vast number of iMessage tracking apps; download tracking apps and enjoy online tracking of iMessage.

4Final Verdict - iMessage for Windows

iMessage is a convenient service that aids users in sending and receiving messages free of cost. The iMessage service is available on iPhone, but you can also access iMessage on Windows. Various tried and tested methods are in the market that help Windows users to use iMessage from a Windows computer. These methods are good but have some limitations, but AirDroid Cast is one perfect method that provides access to iMessage on Windows. If you are a Windows PC user, download and install AirDroid Cast on your PC and enjoy the iMessage service for free.

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