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6 Best Free Screen Mirroring Apps for Android

Elsa Updated on May 13, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

So, what are you holding out? Let us abandon the old way of using a projector to watch anything on large displays favoring screen-sharing technology. Screen Mirroring is a method of imaging the content on your smartphone, tablet, or computer screen to another device. The free mirroring app for Android is a valuable tool that assists consumers with daily duties.

free mirroring app for android

As smartphone innovation improved, image viewing enhanced with the invention of large-screen views from the phone to TV via a simple connection. Many people believe that a screen mirroring software for Android is only for viewing a video; it also allows you to check messages, mail, and social networking.

Part 1: What Are Mirroring Apps for Android?

Free Screen Mirroring App for Android is not just handy for watching movies on large displays, but you can also use it to play games, have video conference calls, code, and do various other things. Smartphones can accomplish practically everything these days, but their main disadvantage is their tiny screen. Screen mirroring is an excellent answer to this problem.

Part 2: Top 6 Free Mirroring Apps for Android

Some of the most powerful applications for mirroring your phone screen offer the ability to connect to another device. These phone mirror applications for Android are widely popular, but we cover the finest of them in this list below.

1AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is a powerful and straightforward screen mirroring app for Android to pc and controlling utility that allows you to share mobile displays with any Windows or computer and take direct control of these mobile devices on a computer.

AirDroid Cast

Unique Features

  • Controlling a mobile device from a compute.
  • Screen Mirroring an Android to pc with two-way audi.
  • It is compatible with a distant network.
  • Multiple displays on the same computer


Transfer and management of files.

AirDroid can control Android Devices Remotely.

AirDroid can Screencast your PC's screen to another Pc.

Management and security via remote access.


Remote data is required when using AirDroid, not under the local area network.

One-Way Audio is unavailable during screen mirroring.


Teamviewer is an excellent free screen mirroring app for Android to pc, and the developers are instantly accessing them to fix technical difficulties. It's a typical application for the screen mirroring program, although it is capable of much more.


Unique Features

Both devices have a passcode-protected connection.

It allows for real-time screen sharing with high quality.

Use the app to communicate with your teammates.


Sharing your gadget with others via the internet.

Simple file sharing.

Allows you to connect to many workstations.


This software has sparked several privacy concerns.

3Chrome Remote Desktop

It promises and delivers as a Google-developed screen-sharing app for Android to PC. This app is helpful for more than just mirroring your android screen. It will allow your PC to remotely access the smartphone, which may also be utilized for screen mirroring.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Unique Features

There is no additional software required on the PC to use the website.

Both Android and iPhone have a secure connection.


Device and data exchange that is secure

Remote device management is possible.


Updates of this app take time.

4Microsoft Remote Desktop

Microsoft Remote Desktop is the most fabulous screen mirroring app, reflecting your PC screen to your phone. Begin by connecting to a Windows PC using the app on your smartphone. After configuring the computer, it is ready to be operated remotely.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Unique Features

Uses virtual applications.

Microsoft Remote Desktop allows you to connect securely.

It is possible to broadcast audio and video.

Make use of the multi-touch motions.


Work remotely.

Top security.

Easy access.

Easy management


During remote connections, distant users sign out automatically.

Options are dispersed throughout many programs and might be challenging to find.

5Google Home

Google Home is yet another screen mirroring app for Android that links your device to a TV with enhanced functionality. It relates almost everything needed to make your phone run better on the TV screen, including volume, and your TV and Android connect to the same network.

Google Home

Unique Features

Google Home has the Google Assistant function.

Many third-party intelligent gadgets are also compatible with Google Home. When purchasing a non-Google smart device, check sure it is Google Assistant compatible.

You can completely control everything from intelligent gadgets to app services with the Google Home app.


Sets up and controls Google Nest or Home speakers and screens and Chromecast.

It can control thousands of compatible lights, cameras, speakers, and other devices.

The app may also manage services such as calendar events, to-do lists, and media subscriptions.


Limited innovative home capacity.

Speaker might be louder.


Castto is the ideal screen mirroring app for your Android devices. This app is the most fantastic option for folks who don't want to get too technical with the features.


Unique Features

Quickly detects the device.

Secure connection.


It has a secure connection to protect your data, files, and applications.

Castto app is simple, easy to use, and accessible.

It helps you stream movies, music, and photos to your TV.


Need to connect to the same Wi-Fi

Part 3: Have a Look at What Users Say on Google Play

Took me ages to find a way to cast my phone to a pc that doesn't have Wi-Fi; that's free (the accessible version of this cast which is all I need) & it's easy to set up & use. This app does all that & the quality is superb. I wish I could afford to pay for the premium, but I'm delighted with what I've got. --AirDroid Cast review from johnny boyle

AirDroid Cast review from johnny boyle

It works well for what I need it for, remote access to my PC. There's noticeable latency on the partner's end, yet it doesn't affect the accuracy of the cursor position. I wish there were more you could tinker with within the settings to make it better for poor-Wi-Fi settings, as is sometimes the case in my house. --Teamviewer review from Michael Barry

Great client interfacing! The only caveat is that the top tab that allows keyboard input or mouse/touch option will disappear after first showing up. ---- Chrome Remote Desktop review from Ben K.

According to Jeffrey Perren, The app works well, but many features are inconsistent. For example, I have multiple speakers set up in Google Home to provide whole-home entertainment. . Sarah Herbert reviewed the Castto and said that she loved this app!! It's always worked perfectly, except for one thing recently. I can't get the volume to go past the lowest setting.

Part 4: How to Choose the Best Mirroring App for Android

When selecting a mirror app for an Android phone, keep in mind that your decision depends on the functionality you want to access and, to some degree, the sort of devices you are connecting.

  • If you have a smart TV and a smartphone, you can link them over Wi-Fi.
  • If you don't have a smartphone-enabled TV, you need to use a device like Chromecast.
  • Select the screen mirror option to mirror your Android phone to your television.
  • If you want to mirror a phone to a computer or vice versa, you can install an app on both devices.
  • If you have no idea what this app is about, don't worry. Later in the post, we will go through the features and costs of these screen mirroring apps for Android.

All of the programs listed above allow you to mirror one device's screen and audio to another. You can select according to your requirements.

Bonus: Share Android Screen to Smart TV with Native Mirroring

Many smart TVs and smartphones have inherent screen mirroring capabilities. Many Android devices, for example, can cast the net to practically any device that supports Miracast or Chromecast.

You can screen mirror without downloading an extra app as long as your smart TV, smart dongle, or anything can do it. Mirroring is the quickest and most effective way to conduct screen mirroring as long as you have the necessary equipment in your house or location.


The best screen mirroring software should be simple to set up and use. When selecting a screencast app for Android, consider these critical factors. Airdroid Cast is, without a doubt, the best screen mirroring app for Android with variable casting options. With these applications, you may connect your Android to your PC or stream your iPhone to your Smart TV.

FAQS about Mirroring Android

Q 1. Is There a Free Mirror App for Android?
Yes, there are many free mirror apps. LetsView, for example, is a mobile screen-sharing app for Android with excellent mirroring capabilities. It is a wireless screen mirroring tool that works on Android and iOS smartphones and Mac, Windows, and televisions.
Q 2. What Is the Best Mirroring App for Android?
The best screen sharing apps for Android to Android · Chrome Remote Desktop. · Google Home. · Microsoft Remote Desktop. · TeamViewer. · Your Phone Companion. · Bonus: Native smartphone solutions 
Q 3. How Do I Mirror Android to My Tv?
Screen sharing app for Android to TV follows the following steps 1. Navigate to your Android, TV, or bridge device (media streamer) menu. 2. Enable screen mirroring on both the phone and the television. 3. Look for the TV or bridge device. 4. After the Android phone or tablet and TV or device have found and recognized each other, start a connect operation.
Q 4. How Can I Mirror My Android Screen to My Computer Using USB?
You can screen share your Android to pc by: 1. Download mirroring software for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome. 2. Connect your device to your laptop via a USB cord. 3. Allow the USB debugging popup on your Android device. 4. Open the Installer File on your computer. 5. The program will display a message, "detected a device."
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