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[2023 Newest] Download & Play Drag Racing Games for PC

Elsa Updated on May 8, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Did you know that you can play some of the best car racing games on your PC? Drag Racing games, though thrilling and fast-paced, are oftentimes not as enjoyable with small screens.

Playing on your mobile device may be convenient but a laptop or PC allows you to enjoy the game more comfortably while giving you much better controls which enable you to more thoroughly immerse yourself in the action.

Here in this article, you will get to know how to play Drag Racing Games for PC.

1 drag racing games for pc

1. What Are Drag Racing Games?

Playing Drag Racing Games on PC has never been as fun as it is now! Here are the main features of Drag Racing games.

Powerful Graphics:

The main feature of a Drag Racing game is the graphics. You don't need to wait for loading or progress in the game due to its wonderful graphics.

Sound effects:

Racing games are accompanied by music and sound effects which help to make the experience much better.

Compatible with bigger screens:

Drag Racing games are much more enjoyable to play on more responsive PCs. Being able to use your mouse or touchpad to interact with the game makes everything seem more realistic.


Drag Racing games provide you the opportunity to play with friends and family, making it easier for you to expect the best from yourself and reach greater heights in high scores.

Thrilling competition:

What's most known about racing games is the fierce and thrilling competition behind them. As the name suggests, it is about experiencing a head-to-head race with an opponent on a race track.

Variety of vehicles to experience:

Racing games are endless. They cannot be limited to a specific category of cars, bikes, trucks, and buses. You can even begin racing in space vehicles or race movie characters if you want to change things up.

2. How to Play Drag Racing Games on PC?

Playing Drag Racing on your PC is a lot more exciting than you'd expect, and it provides users with more incredible visual effects and motion controls over mobile devices. Here is how to play Drag Racing games PC.

Way 1. Play Drag Racing Games on PC with AirDroid Cast:

A great way to play Drag Racing games on PC is using the AirDroid Cast. It has a mirroring feature that lets you connect your phone to a computer, tablet, or even the TV and display your gameplay in HD.

Playing Drag Racing games on PC with AirDroid Cast is easy because you can easily connect your mobile phone to the PC with the inbuilt feature of screen casting Android devices. This simple application allows you to control your phone on your desktop.

Here is how to cast your game to PC with AirDroid Cast:

Step 1. Download and install the app

Download and install the AirDroid Cast application on the desktop and mobile phones by click "Try It Free" button below or from the AirDroid Cast official website.

Step 2. Select casting method

Open AirDroid on your computer. There are 3 connection methods that you can choose to cast your phone.

WLAN: Use your AirDroid Cast app to scan the QR code or enter the cast code that is displayed on your computer.

AirPlay: This method is only available for iPhone, scroll down your phone screen and tap on "Screen mirroring" option, choose "AirDroid Cast - XXX".

USB: You need to find a USB cable to connect your phone and computer, and then choose your device from AirDroid Cast list for connection.

Step 3. Start playing a game on your PC

Once the initial connection is established, tap on the hand icon on the interface, then you can open any other Android game for either device and play it as usual.

Way 2. Download Drag Racing for PC with Emulator:

To play the Drag Racing game on your PC, you would need a compatible Android Emulator. There are tons of emulators but only a few are compatible with Drag Racing for PC.

We suggest installing LDPlayer which is one of the best available Android Emulators when it comes to gaming compatibility and performance.

It is an Android emulator that allows you to play the latest Android games on your PC. It's specifically designed to give you cutting-edge graphics, without compromising general system resources such as RAM and hard drive space when in-game. In addition, LDPlayer is more optimized than other Android emulators. To top it all off, it's free.

Here is How to play Drag Racing on a PC with Emulator.

  1. Download and install the LDPlayer on the computer.

  2. Open the LDPlayer and search "Drag Racing" on the search bar.

  3. Download the game from Google Play or LD Store.

  4. After installation, start the game by clicking on the game icon.

  5. Enjoy the on your PC with LDPlayer.

3. Best 5 Drag Racing Games for PC

1. EV3 Drag Racing

EV3 is at the top of the list of best Drag Racing games for PC. EV3 is more than just pushing buttons on a remote control car. It's real-life racing with thrill, spills, and fun that goes along with it. When you drive a car in EV3, you experience what it's like to be at the helm of your real-life vehicle.

They have designed a system where everyone can enjoy customizing their very own ride by operating the controls themselves or by letting the computer do all the work for you.

2 eva drag racing

In this Drag Racing game, you'll feel like one of the top drivers who race regularly. In tournaments or Drag Racing championships, you can take part in 1-on-1 drag races using any device with an internet connection.

You can also play against other players from around the world and continue your progress on any device with the same driver profile. The "Auto Stage" feature allows instant setup without distractions.

2. Drag Racing Streets

Drag Racing Streets is another best Drag Racing game for PC. In this game, your ultimate goal is to be fully in control of your customized car and racing with it. Build a personalized vehicle from scratch with different aspects of various real-world cars and combine them into one.

3 drag racing streets

You can even build a dream race car from scratch. You can set up your transmission to change between auto and manual modes whenever you need or want to switch things up during races. Also, you can join weekly game tournaments with other players, and win great prizes!

3. CSR Racing

CSR Racing is an amazingly realistic and exciting racing game for desktop and best of all, it's completely free. CSR Racing features amazing graphics and addictive gameplay with a range of high-performance cars including Audi R8, BMW M3, Ford Mustang, and Chevy Corvette.

4 csr racing

You can even customize them with turbo and nitro chargers to make them go faster. CSR Racing looks especially beautiful on retina displays as it was optimized for the latest generation of Macs.

4. Need for Speed No Limits

Electronic Arts are well-known for its racing franchises, with the Need for Speed No Limits game being one of their more recent creations. With NFS No Limits you can immerse yourself in a realistic landscape where street racing reigns supreme.

5 need for speed no limits

Work your way up from rags to riches by upgrading your ride and give each opponent who crosses your path a good run for his money whether it be by overtaking them or beating them at their own sneaky game.

5. Drag Racing

Drag Racing is a very popular and highly entertaining game. This game consists of different types of cars, ranging from 50 different styles. Apart from its exceptionally high-quality graphics and sound system, you can also play Drag Racing online with your opponents if desired.

6 drag racing gamesIn this game, you'll come across some smooth pathways. That makes your experience even more exciting than ever.

4. What Is the Best Offline Racing Games?

There are many great offline racing games available, but here are some of the best ones:

Asphalt 8: Airborne - This game features intense racing action with over 220 high-performance cars and stunning graphics.

Real Racing 3 - This game offers realistic physics and graphics, with over 200 cars and 39 circuits to race on.

Need for Speed: Most Wanted - This game has a great mix of high-speed racing and police chases, with a variety of cars to choose from.

GRID Autosport - This game has a wide range of racing disciplines, from touring cars to endurance racing, and features realistic physics and graphics.

F1 2020 - This game allows you to experience the excitement of Formula 1 racing, with all the teams, drivers, and circuits from the 2020 season.

Ultimately, the best offline racing game for you will depend on your preferences and the platform you're playing on.

5. Is There a Drag Racing Simulator?

There are various racing simulators for PC, including Forza Horizon, iRacing, and Drag Racing. However, Drag Sim 2018 is the latest Drag Racing simulator that will immerse you in an exciting new world and introduce you to a whole host of cool features.

Start by upgrading your vehicle, manipulating its paintwork, and customizing it with 80+ spectacular wheels. Then, get stuck into driving over 70 thrilling race cars at speeds over 240mph. After that, take control of 16 unique racing machines on 11 awesome circuits from around the world.

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6. Which is the Best Racing Game for an Android?

Asphalt 9: Legends is one of the Best Racing Games for Android. This game includes the gorgeous graphics and the smoothest gameplay out of any of its competitors. The textures and scenery are unbelievable, along with the landscapes, buildings, roads, and everything else included within each environment.

It is accompanied by a new control system "TouchDrive" in place so that players don't have to get carsick from all those wide turns. In addition to a full career mode, it also provides wild arcade-style racing action and brings in an online multiplayer feature that allows up to 12 players to have fun from all around the world at any given moment.

7. Final Verdict:

If you want to play Drag Racing games on a PC, there are several ways for you to explore to enjoy them. First, check out the game's official website as it offers a PC downloadable version of the game. If you'd rather use the mobile version instead and enjoy it via your computer screen, try AirDroid Cast, which allows users to mirror their phones directly onto their computers and 'cast' the game or any other app they wish to play onto their larger computer screens by connecting them wirelessly.

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