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Best 10 AirPlay Android Apps for Streaming

Elsa Updated on Aug 18, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Do you want to get AirPlay Android but are upset that you can’t make it work? We have you covered!

You may use AirPlay to broadcast music and video from your iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Mac, and even your Windows PC running iTunes. Just hit the AirPlay symbol on your phone and pick the device you want to broadcast it to, and you're done. But there are a few systems this protocol doesn't work on, including Android.

Good news: With the help of some amazing apps, you can broadcast from your Android to any Apple or other AirPlay-enabled device.

airplay android apps

1 Best 10 AirPlay Android Apps

With this list of the best AirPlay apps, you'll be able to stream all your favorite music and videos directly to your TV or PC with ease.

Let’s review them each to get a quick idea if they are worth spending your time on!

1. AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is the first app on our list. To connect your Android smartphone to other devices like Windows/Mac or TV. We are unable to use AirPlay on Android mobile phones but there is no need to worry when we have the access to this wonderful app as AirDroid Cast enables us to screen mirror our Android devices.

As a remote media server, AirDroid Cast can broadcast your music, photographs and movies to any computer or mobile device with or without Internet access. It also allows you to operate your Android or iOS smartphone from a computer.

With AirDroid Cast multi-screen mode, you can also look into different Windows, tabs, and apps that you use on your other devices. It is an excellent feature that a standard screen mirroring app should possess. Another cool thing is that you can mirror up to five different devices that is also helpful in multiplayer gaming with best controls.

It provides a seamless and easy process to launch it and start mirroring.

  1. Download and install AirDroid Cast on your Android phone and your PC/Mac (which as received device).

  2. AirDroid Cast allows you to connect the devices using a USB Cable, WLAN and AirPlay. Depending upon your feasibility, you can choose any of the medium to connect both the devices. Here we are introduce how to connect both devices via WLAN option.

  3. On the receiver device, you will get a QR Code and a 9-digit cast code, scan the QR code or enter the cast code from your Android phone and then allow permission from both the devices to start screen mirroring.


  • Using AirDroid Cast, you can not only mirror the screen but also control your mobile on the PC.
  • AirDroid Cast supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac OS.
  • There are several ways to create a connection like using a USB cable, WLAN (remote and local network), and AirPlay.
  • You can share up to five screens at a time using AirDroid Cast.
  • You may view high-definition video with reduced lag time.


  • From customer reviews we haven’t find any serious issue with this App.

User’s Review

AirDroid Cast is an easy to use app with 3 different modes of connection including USB cable, Wi-Fi and AirPlay. The free version also enable users to cast the screen. Unlike other Apps, AirDroid Cast does not compromise on the quality of the video and provides HD output result.

2. Local Cast

Casting from an Android handset to an AirPlay or Apple TV through LocalCast is a common way people use it. It is compatible with various other devices, including DLNA, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox 360, Stick, and Roku.

With this app, both Chromecast and Apple TV now allow subtitles. But if you want subtitle support, you'll need Apple TV 4. Ads are included since the software is free. One cool feature is you can easily preview videos while searching and all thanks for this feature goes to its pro version.


  • It is safe to use this app.
  • LocalCast works well with Chromecast.


  • It is difficult to use with a lot of ads that keeps you interrupting while screen mirroring.
  • It does not works well with videos more than 2 to 3 minutes.

User’s Review

It does not fulfill the basic purpose of downloading the app. It is comfortable to use without disturbing others. Too much ads in the app irritates too much. It also does not works perfectly for HD videos. The connection lost for long streaming videos. Moreover, the video and audio also sometimes do not match and distract.

3. Chromecast

This is the built-in Android AirPlay for Chromecast devices. You can utilize the Chromecast function on your Android whether you have a Chromecast-enabled Android TV or a non-Android one for AirPlay. To use Chromecast, you have to connect the Chromecast device to the TV and install the Google Home App on your mobile phone.


  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Many devices are compatible with it.


  • Some devices are not compatible with it.
  • Sometimes it becomes slow.

User’s Review

ChromeCast is a screen mirroring device designed beautifully and is pocket-sized device. Mostly people use it when they have to travel long distances and have to stay in hotels. Simply connect the device with the TV and start streaming your favorite shows. The information that internet is not necessary for connecting the Chromecast to TV is wrong, you need to connect with the internet to make it work.

4. AirPlay/DNLA Receiver

Even though this software has had mixed experiences, it can run on Android and iOS makes it worth a look. We don't recommend upgrading until you've tried the free version since some customers have reported frequent problems.

AirPlay streaming and mirroring are supported on all iOS and macOS versions, and it supports Password Protect for AirPlay. It helps to stream background video playing without delay.


  • It is easy to connect.
  • Convenient applicatio.
  • It works well with iPad to mirror local channels.


  • The image quality is not excellent.
  • Freezes sometimes and delay response.

User’s Review

This is a wonderful app for screen mirror. Just in a minute you are able to share the screen. The customer support service is there to help you if any problem while connecting the devices. Even they refund the amount if there is any valid reason that requires the refunding. You can play it easily in the background and perform other tasks too.

5. AllCast

The feature set of AllCast is much more comprehensive. It can broadcast to DLNA-enabled devices as well as AirPlay-enabled ones. As a result, it's compatible with a wide range of streaming devices, including Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, and more.

Installing AllCast app on your Android phone and Apple TV is required to access the service. Video and photo viewing time is limited to five minutes in the program's free version. For $5, you may remove this restriction by purchasing the app's premium version.


  • Compatible with many devices.
  • Easy to cast.


  • Ads are the most significant issue, even in the paid version.
  • You can't access files on your SD card from inside the program.

User’s Review

AllCast is an app that allows you to cast movies to your TV. Just like Local Cast App, it also shows a lot of ads that causes distractions while watching movies and pictures. It usually stops and the screen becomes black while screen mirroring after some times.

6. Airstream

This is all you need if you have an Android smartphone and an AirPlay-enabled receiver. This is a fantastic alternative to enjoy all of your media material on the Apple TV without worrying about any iOS devices.

However, before installing this software, we must point out that rooting your smartphone is required. In addition, a small fee is required to use all of the app's functions. Other than that, it's an excellent app to have.


  • Works perfectly with Chromebook and Windows.
  • You can play different multimedia files easily.


  • It is expensive.

User’s Review

With the AirStream app you are able to play your movies, pictures and videos at a big screen. It also allows access to multiple clouds like the Google Drive, Dropbox etc. Sometimes the information provided is not true like latest version available but after upgrading it’s the same old version.

7. iMediaShare

All in all, it's an excellent tool for streaming from Android to AirPlay that's quick and straightforward. Additionally, it is compatible with many devices, such as the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, DISH Hopper and several popular intelligent TV brands. You'll be able to play your favorite tunes and display your media on the vast screen. It's also a cinch to link.


  • Easy to use.
  • Fast uploading and loading time.
  • No adds.


  • No tutorials are given.
  • Some complain that it didn’t work for them.

User’s Review

iMedia Share is good for sharing pictures on an Android TV but it takes some seconds to upload the next image each time. It is mostly a bad experience sharing videos from mobile to Android TV as the videos are not played most of the time. Error message also occurs while transferring the files.

8. Twonky Beam

In addition to its funny moniker, Twonky Player is the best program to stream your favorite shows to your Apple TV from a computer. You may construct playlists on Twonky Player with various options, which gives you better control over the material you stream from your Android smartphone.


  • Performance wise it is good.
  • No buffering.
  • Low delay.
  • No adds.


  • It stops a lot.
  • A little bit Expensive.

User’s Review

Interface is not so user-friendly and you have to repeat the process for each file while accessing and that obviously irritates everyone. It also asks for the location access all the time and every user don’t feel it appropriate to share the location for any specific reasons. The free version is sometimes helpful to the users.

9. Airsync

AirSync is an excellent option if your Apple TV is the hub of your home entertainment, including your music library. You'll need to download and set up this app to use this one. This software is only dedicated to music streaming, as you may expect.

This app is used to locate the Apple TV promptly and play music to it without any problems. It's basic, but it's also one of the most reliable ones we've come across so far in our research.


  • Best for music streaming.
  • No lagging, no delay, fast option.


  • It’s only for music streaming.

User’s Revuew

The AirSync app is not easy to understand and that is the reason it is not accepted by most of the users to use it long term. It is although a good app for sharing sounds but its working is too slow. Not does not sync the files properly and create duplicate files after sharing.

10. Mirroring 360

For those who want to mirror their Android screen using AirPlay, Mirroring 360 is the tool for the job. The free version is an excellent place to begin. Even if you don't end up paying for the service, you should give it a go. The premium version costs $5.



  • Instant collaboration doesn't require any downloads or plug-ins.
  • Highly reliable for up to 5 Android devices.


  • Some problems occur while using this app in both free and paid versions.

User’s Review

It is a good app for streaming live but in full screen mode it lacks the quality of audio transmission. It is also a heavy App that makes your mobile heat up when used for high definition videos. Sometimes it does not get connected to the Samsung TV for screen mirroring and shows the error.

2 Our Picks -Which App Can I Choose?

Screen Mirror from Android to PC/Mac – AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is the best Android AirPlay app, if you want to use it to stream Android to PC/Mac. You can check the details, pros, and cons in the above sections to get an idea that how simple and beneficial is to cast screen using this wonderful app. Moreover, its screen controlling feature is best for playing online games.

Screen Mirror from Android to Apple TV – LocalCast

LocalCast is considered one of the best casting apps from Android to Apple TV. It is best for web videos as well as local videos to cast on your Apple TV or a Smart TV. It also allows you to cast your Google Drive, Dropbox to Apple TV with quality result.

Screen Mirror from iPhone to Android TV – Directly from iPhone

You can screen mirror your iPhone to Android TV using the AirBeam TV App. This app allows you to stream the content live from your iPhone to Android TV wirelessly. You can download the app free of cost and enjoy screen mirroring. It allows you to use your social media apps like Twitter, Whatsapp or Facebook on iOS devices and get its big display on the Android TV.

3 What Are the Advantages of AirPlay?

AirPlay, being a Wi-Fi-enabled streaming solution, has more capacity at its disposal for even lossless files to be streamed

  1. As long as both devices are connected to the same wifi network, AirPlay speakers can stream music.

  2. If you're looking for a way to broadcast music to several devices in your house, AirPlay is a great option.

  3. You can share audio and videos between different devices.

4 Bonus: How to Use AirPlay on Windows?

It was quite difficult in the past but now using AirPlay on the Android is also made very easy with the help of third-party apps. Streaming and mirroring are the two primary functions of AirPlay. AirDroid Cast enables you to use AirPlay on Windows.

Screen Mirror from iPhone to Windows PC - AirDroid Cast

To screen mirror from iPhone to Windows PC, AirDroid Cast is the best option. As it allows cross platform sharing so it is very reasonable to use for this kind of screen sharing.

First your need to install AirDroid Cast app on both your iPhone and PC , it is also good for more than one medium to connect the devices. AirPlay mode is available to create the connection. USB cable and wireless connection are available.

Control Android Screen on PC

AirDroid Cast not only allows you to mirror Android to PC/Mac, but also provides control features. When you finish connection, simply click the hand icon on the left menu of AirDroid Cast desktop and follow the instruction to activate control feature.

5 People Also Ask about AirPlay

How Do I Play Music through AirPlay?

Follow these steps to do so:

  1. In the settings of this app, find Control Center.

  2. Touch and hold the set of controls in the upper-right corner, and then hit the icon of AirPlay.

  3. Just tap one of them to play the current audio on all speakers or TVs in the room.

What is the Best AirPlay App in Google Play?
AirDroid Cast is the best Android AirPlay app in Google Play, as mentioned in the above sections. You can try this and check if it works out for you.
How to Activate AirPlay on iPhone/iPad?

Follow these steps to activate AirPlay on iPhone or iPad.

  1. Ensure you are using the same wifi connection.

  2. Activate AirPlay by pressing the button. You may need to press a different button first in specific programs.

  3. Selecting Share and then AirPlay in the Photos app is an excellent start.

6Final Thoughts

After analyzing each app's features, pros, and cons, we know that AirDroid Cast will be the best option for you. It is the best AirPlay Android app for connecting to your computer and accessing files. It is in one application that aids you with an essential feature with complete reliability, security, and fast speed. And even if you don't want to download it, you can open on the device that you want to receive the mirroring and scan the QR code to start streaming. However, you can also check the best app sections and choose one according to your needs.

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