3 Methods to Control the Broken Screen Phone from PC

What will you do when your phone screen is shuttered and still need to access data from that device? Do not panic, instead, follow up the methods of phone broken screen control from PC. In this article, you will learn how to view a broken screen phone from a computer. There is a need to enlighten with the remote controlling techniques to access the damaged gadgets’ data effortlessly. You can find surplus applications in the digital space but choosing the reliable one seems to be a challenging task. Here, you will explore a unique tool that aids in controlling the damaged devices remotely and accessing the data using flawless techniques.

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Part 1. Can I Control Broken Screen Phone from PC?

Yes, you can control a broken screen Samsung or android phone from a PC using remote control applications. It is impossible to perform the phone access through the usual methods. You need a special remote program to carry out this task. Ensure the broken screen phone is turned on and active to establish remote access to it. In this article, you will discover a new tool that helps in remote access to gadgets working on different platforms. A simple app that aids in connecting with the electronic devices remotely and controls its functioning without any manual support.


Part 2. Remote Access Phone with Broken Screen -AirDroid Personal

The AirDroid Personal app is one of the reliable programs that offer you multi-support in accessing the gadgets remotely. AirDroid Persona offers you many functionalities and you can choose the one that fits your needs appropriately. Using this remote-control feature, you can activate the AirDroid app to revive damaged phones, play mobile games on bigger screens, and improve your work efficiency by controlling electronic devices in the remote mode.

Apart from remote control features, you can use the AirDroid Personal app to transfer files between devices. Further, use this app in screen mirroring, and receive an SMS notification from the PC. By optimal usage of this tool, you can establish complete control of remote gadgets and access the data for further reference.

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Here are the key features of the AirDroid Personal application

  • Quickly access the data in the damaged phone using the remote-control feature
  • Use this program to transfer files between gadgets
  • There are options to start screen mirroring with any device
  • Supports multi-platforms to enhance work efficiency
  • Easy to use with its simple interface

Connect with the AirDroid Personal app and witness the real-time applications by implementing it for your unofficial and official purposes.

It is high time to learn how to use AirDroid Personal to remote control the damaged phone from a PC. Follow the below instructions carefully.

Step 1. Download and install AirDroid Personal on your mobile and PC. After the successful launch in your device, sign in to your AirDroid account using the credentials.
Step 2. Approve the permission requests
Authorize the permissions requested by this app to ensure flawless operation on the device. Allow the AirDroid app to access the gadget’s storage spaces and other working drives for optimal usage of this tool.

permission request

Step 3. Download the app on a PC
Now, install the AirDroid on your computer and sign in to your AirDroid account. On the home page, tap the Telescope icon followed by your phone name and select the Remote-Control option displayed on the right panel of the screen.

remote control

Now, you have successfully established the remote operation with the phone using your PC. If you have performed the initial signup process earlier with your damaged phone, it is quite simple to carry out the remote access immediately without any prior installation steps.

Part 3. For Samsung Only – Samsung SideSync

In case, if you hold up a Samsung phone, then try out this process to access the data through the SideSync process. The whole process is simple, download the SideSync app on your PC and Samsung phone. Connect both the devices to the same Wi-Fi and send files between these two devices hassle-free. In case, if you use a USB cable for connectivity, the process becomes very simple in transferring the files. The SideSync serves as a common channel between the devices to move the file without any data loss.

samsung sidesync

Part 4. Mirror Broken Screen Phone with USB – Apowermirror

Here comes another efficient way to access the damaged phone using a PC through a powerful tool Apowermirror. It is a simple tool and you can use it to screen mirror your broken screen Android phone with a PC.

The Apowermirror is an efficient program with high-end compatible features. It supports electronic devices working on different OS like Windows, Mac, and Android. You can use this app to mirror screen any media files hassle-free. Follow the below instructions carefully to stream the data between the electronic devices effortlessly.

Step 1. Download the Apowermirror app on your PC and install it. Then, launch the program by double-tapping the icon.
Step 2. Connect your PC with the Android phone whose screen is broken accidentally. Tap the Start now button on the Android phone to trigger the mirroring operation between the connected devices.
Now, you can use the data in the Android phone using the control established by the PC via the Apowermirror program.

apowermirror app

Bonus: Tips for Using Broken Screen Phone

Surf the below tips to use a broken screen phone and access the data hassle-free for future use.

Backup Android from broken screen phone

If your device is slightly broken, and if you could manage a few clicks on the gadget, then follow the backup method to save your data on your phone.

Go to the Settings option on your device and tap Backup & Reset -> Backup my data and turn on the toggle switch. This setting will save the data on your phone and you can access it via your Google account. Set up your Google account before carrying out this procedure.

backup phone

How to unlock the cracked phone

You can use the Android Device manager to unlock the cracked device. If you have signed into any Google account on your phone, then log in to the same account on your PC at the link https://www.google.com/android/find. This website searches for the device that carries your active Google account. It displays a pop-up message listing the devices. Now, choose the cracked device and tap Erase button to remove all the data and security settings on that device. It includes the lock patterns and other associated data. You can activate a complete Wipeout on the device to unlock the cracked screen phone.

unlock with google account


Thus, this article had given enough insights about phone broken screen control from PC. Use the AirDroid app and the above-discussed steps to access the data from the screen broken devices. The above guide helped you to study about mirroring technique in accessing the data available with the device. Additionally, you had also learnt about the best ways to unlock a cracked phone effortlessly. Stay connected with this article to study remote-control applications.


How to use Smart Switch with a broken screen?
Launch the Smart Switch app on your PC and then use the USB cable to connect the PC with the broken screen smartphone. Start accessing the desired data between the devices by tapping the respective options displayed on its home screen.
How to retrieve data from an Android phone with a broken screen?
Use AirDroid Personal app to retrieve data from an Android phone with a broken screen. Access the damaged device using the remote-control feature in the AirDroid app and retrieve the available data in the device.
How to view a broken screen on a TV?
Adopt mirroring techniques to view the broken screen on the TV. If your device screen is damaged, then mirror it on the TV to perform desired tasks on the device. There are surplus mirror screening applications available in the digital space. You can also use the AirDroid app as it offers with screen mirroring option too.
How to get pictures off a broken phone?
Launch the AirDroid app on the PC and connect with the broken phone by accessing the same Wi-Fi network. Now, choose the phone name on your PC and tap the Remote- Control option to access the phone data. Navigate through the folders and reach the Gallery to view the photos and videos on your phone. To get those pictures you can mail them or send them to any other device by accessing the broken phone from the PC.
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