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Best 6 Free Alternatives to Samsung Dex in 2023

Elsa Updated on May 19, 2023 Filed to: Remote Control

Connecting your phone to your PC or laptop is a common and more streamlined way to transfer files, documents, images, and videos. Unlike various alternatives to Samsung DeX, it is not hardware but a platform available on all Samsung's flagship products released after 2017. Today's article will overview Samsung DeX and highlight the best alternatives. Read on!

What Features Does Samsung DeX Have?

Samsung DeX is one of the most popular platforms that enable the company's flagship products to support desktop experience. You can use the HDMI port to connect a screen or monitor to your Samsung smartphone or tablet. The best features of Samsung DeX are:

  • Keyboard Shortcuts: Dex enables you to use various keyboard shorts to control and manage different apps on your phone via a desktop monitor.
  • Smartphone as a Trackpad: If you don't want to use a mouse or keyboard, you can use your smartphone as a trackpad.
  • Improved Apps Accessibility: You can pin your most used apps on the taskbar. You can do this by clicking the "Pin Shortcut to Taskbar" button.
  • Wallpaper Customization: Samsung DeX allows you to customize your phone's theme and wallpaper on a desktop monitor, giving you a more immersive experience.

Samsung DeX Compatibility

  • Galaxy S9, 10, 20, 21, and 22 series
  • Galaxy Note 8, 9, 10, and 20 series
  • Galaxy Tab Active Pro and Active 3
  • Galaxy Tab S4, 6, 7, and 8
  • Galaxy Z Fold and Fold 2 and 3

What Are The Benefits and Downsides of Samsung DeX?

Samsung Dex is a cutting-edge software platform that allows you to use your smartphone or tablet on a desktop monitor. It enables you to access various features and apps and control the operations using a mouse and keyboard. The company introduced it in 2017 with Galaxy S8. Based on user feedback, here are a few advantages and major downsides of using this program:  


  • A secure program that can protect your data and provides you with customized features.
  • View smartphone content on a desktop monitor or screen to streamline their tasks and increase productivity.
  • Allows users to open multiple windows/apps, such as messages, notes, emails, etc., to perform the required tasks efficiently and quickly.


  • Many Android apps have a scaling problem that gets in the way when trying to run on widescreen monitors.
  • With the Samsung DeX app for Android, the issues of Android's keyboard and mouse annoyances are common among users.  
  • DeX is not portable. You need to carry a separate monitor, keyboard, and a separate USB C Hub, making it high maintenance.
  • The cost of DeX-related hardware is too expensive for most people.  
  • DeX is not compatible with all Samsung phones. Only the latest Samsung Galaxies phones have DeX.

This Samsung DeX review highlights the need for a better and more efficient tool that can fulfill your requirements. That’s why the next section is going to present a few Samsung DeX alternative programs that you can consider.

What Are Alternatives to Samsung DeX?

So, what are the apps similar to Samsung DeX? Are there any best Samsung DeX alternatives? Although you can find many products/apps on the market, we list the most reliable, efficient, and cost-effective Samsung DeX competitors.

1Airdroid Personal

AirDroid Personal

AirDroid Personal is one of the most reliable, highly functional, and cost-effective software for remote control, file transfer, remote camera, screen mirroring, and file management. With it, one can mirror a device's screen on the PC or laptop, transfer files remotely, manage documents, send messages, and make changes in the host's device via attended access. Also, you can use AirDroid Cast to mirror your iPhone and Android on a PC screen in any condition with just a single click. It boasts of allowing users to get a seamless mirroring experience without any type of lag whatsoever. 


  • Compatible with Windows, Linux, Mac, and other operating system;
  • Control your device from PC/laptop;
  • Take screenshots and perform real-time screen recording;
  • Use a computer keyboard to type on your smartphone.


  • User-friendly and intuitive interface;
  • Easy to set up and use;
  • Free and safe communication channel
  • There is no need for a USB or HDMI cable.


  • It requires signing in and creating an account with your email address

2Link to Windows 

Link to windows

Another powerful Samsung DeX-like app for Android that can fulfill your screen mirroring needs. It gives you instant access to everything you do on a smartphone right on a PC screen. And that too without any lag or inconvenience.

After setting it up on your devices, you can send texts, see recent photos and videos, and use your favorite apps without having to take your phone out of your pocket. One key feature of Link to Windows is to make can receive phone calls from your computer.


  • Helps you stay on top of your notifications. Check, dismiss, and reply to all the phone notifications from the PC.
  • View up to 1000 of your recent messages.


  • The screen mirroring feature is available on a few devices.
  • Its Notification feature is not compatible with many popular Android apps.  
  • Cannot transfer individual files greater than 512MB in size.  
  • Its Call feature works only when your phone is connected to the PC via Bluetooth.

3 ApowerMirror


ApowerMirror is an app designed for Android smartphones. It enables users to mirror their smartphones on various platforms, including iOS devices, Android devices, Mac/Windows PC, or laptops.

ApowerMirror is a reliable device that mirrors your PC or laptop's screen to an Android device and supports all devices running on Android 5.0 or above. Not only is ApowerMirror efficient, but it is also fast, giving you real-time remote access.


  • Support full-screen display resolutions;
  • Allow for screenshots and screen recording;
  • Enables PC screen casting to a smartphone;
  • Mirrors screen between Android devices


  • Setup and configuration are daunting and time-consuming
  • Image quality is relatively lower than other apps;
  • Often stuck on launching;



The Vysor app is one of the best Samsung DeX alternatives, allowing you to view and control your smartphone on your PC or laptop. Experts recommend Vysor for personal use, such as viewing text messages on your PC, playing games, etc.

For instance, the best feature of Vysor is controlling your Android operating system via a mouse and keyboard. In addition, it supports wireless screen mirroring functions, allowing you to mirror your Android smartphone to your desktop. If you have a college presentation, you can use Vysor.


  • A more streamlined installation process;
  • It supports a mouse and keyboard after connecting your Android device;
  • Compatible with various OS systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux


  • Image or video quality is low, especially when using the free version;
  • The free version does not support video recording



Scrcpy is a cutting-edge alternative for Samsung DeX, allowing you to control your Android device on Mac or PC. However, this software requires you to connect your device to your PC via USB or Wi-Fi.

So, you may not leverage the features if you don't have a USB cable or a slow internet connection. Anyway, this app is compatible with multiple operating systems, including Linux, macOS, and Windows 10.

Another best feature of this app is you can safely mirror your Android phone's applications on your PC. The installation process is simple and does not cause hassle. In addition, it enables you to install and debug applications through the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).


  • Support shortcuts to complete tasks quickly;
  • Simple launching and starting up;


  • It does not support audio forwarding;
  • Complex user interface that confuses beginners.

6TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer QuickSupport

TeamViewer Quick Support is another alternative for Samsung DeX, allowing users to remotely control their Android smartphones or tablets. It requires you to install the app on your smartphone and another device.

The most significant feature of TeamViewer Quick Support is to remotely access and control a device in real-time. You can view your smartphone, PC, or laptop remotely and troubleshoot it efficiently and quickly.

TeamViewer supports APIs, alerts and notifications, access permissions, and controls, assignment/calendar/attendee management, chat and messaging, and collaboration tools.


  • Easy connectivity between the devices;
  • Supports chatting, texts, voice-over, and video;
  • Supports remote printing;
  • Allows for "controls" customization;


  • Not for all Android devices;
  • Incompatibility with some OS systems is an issue;
  • Extremely slow file management and transfer
  • Relatively expensive than other applications

What's The Difference Between Samsung DeX And Its Alternatives in Features?

The primary difference between Samsung DeX and its alternatives is that Samsung DeX extends your device into a desktop computing experience. Most of the alternatives explained above are none other than screen mirroring software applications with a few additional features.

For example, apps like Scrcpy and Vysor let you view your Android device on your computer. But with Samsung DeX, you can use DeX mode on your monitor or TV, or PC while simultaneously using different apps on your phone. ApowerMirror and other apps share similar features with Vysor and Scrcpy, but they are pretty different from Samsung DeX.

But AirDroid Personal is the app that offers tons of exciting features in comparison to Samsung DeX. Aside from allowing you to remotely access your phone or tablet from a PC or laptop, it supports many other features. That includes transferring and managing files, documents, images, and videos. It gives you access to apps like WeChat and WhatsApp on your PC or laptop.

Which One is the Best Replace for Samsung DeX?

A dozen alternatives to Samsung DeX support various platforms, such as Windows, iPhone, Android smartphones and tablets, Linux, and Mac. However, the best alternative for Samsung DeX is AirDroid, with excellent features, ensuring reliability, efficiency, compatibility, and cost-effectiveness. It is a one-of-a-kind software application that ensures an immersive desktop experience. You will feel like using an operating system like Windows after connecting your smartphone to a monitor like Samsung DeX.

Final Words

Samsung DeX is a cutting-edge platform that has bridged the gap between computers/laptops and smartphones, ensuring flexibility, productivity, and immersive desktop experiences.

We recommend using Samsung DeX for your Android phones. However, if you are looking for an all-inclusive app compatible with iOS and Android, look no further than AirDroid Personal.


Will Samsung DeX work with other phones?
As of now, Samsung DeX works exclusively with the latest Galaxy phones. It’s unclear if this program will work with other phones in the future.
Is Samsung DeX safe?
Generally, Samsung DeX is pretty much safe to use on your phone. It comes with the defense-grade security mechanism that protects your devices and information from the moment it’s turned on.
Can Samsung DeX be used wirelessly?
Yes, but for a few devices. As of now, Samsung DeX supports wireless connection for TVs that have Android smart phone screen mirroring (Miracast). And that’s your answer to Samsung DeX wireless connection.
How to disable Samsung DeX?
Wondering how to exit Samsung DeX? The procedure is quite simple: Go to the Samsung DeX settings screen. Select the Samsung DeX switch  Turn it Off to disable the DeX mode.
How does Samsung DeX work?
Samsung DeX is designed to give you a PC-style display on your smartphone to boost work efficiency and allow multitasking. When you dock your Samsung phone into the Samsung DeX station, it lets you access the apps tray in the bottom left corner. Also, you get multiple Windows support without any restrictions on opening multiple apps simultaneously, moving things around, and resizing the windows.
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