Top 10 Mobile Number Trackers Online Free with Location

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People may need a mobile number tracker online for free with a location for different reasons. You may want to track your kid's movements, keep tabs on your partner, watch your employees, or identify the location of a suspicious call. Now, the question is if all these can be done.

mobile number tracker online for free with location

Yes, you can track phone number locations online for free. Many online options like apps and websites will let you know the exact location of a mobile number.

In this article, we will consider some of those online options you can use to track phone number locations for free.

1 Why You May Want to Track a Phone Number's Location

There are many reasons for finding a cell phone number's location. Parents might want to determine their children's approximate location to ensure their safety. Couples track their suspected infidelity partner's location to keep their minds at rest. Employers track their employee's location to check attendance.

In these cases, many of you will choose a mobile number tracker. Using an effective tracker app will be helpful. If you can install a phone tracker app on the target phone, you can track the location anytime, no matter the mobile number used.

We have tried many mobile number tracker websites mentioned later and more. Many cannot offer an accurate location, only show which area a mobile number belongs to, and only a few will track a phone location in real-time. You may use the online mobile number tracker below if you do not need an accurate location or registered phone number.

2 Track the Location of Any Number with the Best Family Locator

Before that, let's know the perfect location tracker for parents - AirDroid Parental Control.

AirDroid Parental Control Locator

Why You Choose AirDroid Location Tracker

  • Know where your kid is now and view your kid's real-time location
  • Check your child's previous location through the location history
  • Remote watch, hear and record what is happening around your kids
  • Manage kid's movement by setting safe Geofences
  • Mirror kid's phone screen to parent's phone in real-time
  • Detect harmful content on social media and receive instant alerts.

With AirDroid Location Tracker, you can:

  • Get instant alerts when the kid gets in and out of geofencing.
  • One-way watch or listen to the surrounding on your child's phone.
  • Manage your kid's phone to protect them from harmful people, surroundings, and content.
  • View your kid's phone notifications, including WhatsApp messages and incoming calls.
  • Limit screen time and the period of your child's phone. You can even enable the function at a specific place.
  • Screen mirror your child's phone screen to view their digital activities.

3 5 Mobile Number Tracker Online Free with Location [Website]

If you are not interested in installing an app on your phone to track a mobile number, this section is for you. Even if you do not have enough memory on your digital gadget to download an app, you can still track phone number locations online for free.

This section will consider five website options you can use without installing an app.

1. TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool

It is a website that tracks mobile numbers online for free. This online tracker finds phone numbers in the USA, UK, Canada, and India, 100% free of charge. The website has a simple interface to select the country and enter your phone number. The phone's location will be shown as text shortly if the area is found.

TechWelkin Mobile Number Tracker Tool

Generally, it will only show you the registered city of a phone number.

2. Phone Location

Phone Location allows you to track the current location of target devices, reflecting their geolocation on the map in real time. It is a website feature that does not require software or app installation on your phone or the target device.

Phone Location

The entire tracking process takes only a few minutes. It works in the background mode and does not influence your phone's battery performance. It allows you to check the exact location of any phone instantaneously.

You need to specify the target phone number's country code and phone number in an international format. Then click the Launch button to activate the search process. Phone Location will help you find the mobile device across over 150 regions.

Like TechWelkin, it only shows the Country, Region, and City where the phone number is registered.

track phone number on Phone Location

3. Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker is another mobile number tracker with a current location online for free. It allows tracking mobile and landline numbers and tracing bulk SMS senders in India and the USA. This website has an app version. It can trace the GPS location of cell phone numbers via the owner's operator or service

Mobile Number Tracker

All their services show results on Google Maps to help users easily trace the device they are searching for and see the person's location. You can find the location of the device and the person you are looking for in less than 10 seconds.

However, many times, it has yet to show results. Sometimes it only shows the state where the mobile number belongs.

4. Phone Number Tracker

This fourth website is free for tracking any phone number for free. You can pinpoint any landline or mobile number across the world. Enter the landline or phone number in the search box and pick its country to track it.

Phone Number Tracker

You will see the location information online right now. Apart from that, you can search for other details about the identity of the phone number subscriber by using the query button. You can check for their full name, address, relatives, and information. Check their link here to use their feature. Sometimes, you may need more than the result, or even useless.

track mobile number on Phone Number Tracker

5. Locate A Phone Number

The Locate A Phone Number website is a free locating option for tracking a person by phone number for free. It takes only 20 seconds to show you the message " Your GPS Coordinates were successfully generated. " Then, you will need to choose a survey to complete.

Locate A Phone Number

The website will direct you to more ads after the survey, and no matter how many times you finish the survey, it never takes to show the location.

track phone number with Locate A Phone Number

Many other websites, like Live GPS, claim to track a phone number's location and begin to play inappropriate ads with no location results.

4 5 Best Free Cell Phone Tracker by Number [Third-Party App]

If you are not bothered by a third party installed on your phone, consider the third-party apps below.

1. Phone Tracker By Number

Phone Tracker By Number app will quickly, accurately, and conveniently help you find your children's location via the mobile number. It also enables GPS location tracking between parents and their children in a secure and private network. Hence, parents can easily view all the places their wards have been to by checking the app's history on their cell phones.

Phone Tracker By Number

Also, unlimited numbers of your children's phone numbers can be added to your network and successfully tracked with the app.

2. Number Tracker Pro

Number Tracker Pro monitors cell phones for free. Its database contains numbers from over 200 different nations. It alerts you when the phone number you are looking for has been found.

Number Tracker Pro

Unlike many apps, it works on iOS and Android smartphones. It gives users detailed information about a phone number without informing the owner of the target number.

3. Mobile Number Locator

The Mobile Number Locator app works for free and gives you the details of any phone location through the number on the device. It can also provide you with the details of the phone owner, like name, city, location, and state.

Mobile Number Locator

You can use this app from anywhere worldwide to locate a cell phone number. It would even show the location of the targeted mobile on a Google map to view it. While it is free, it contains ads.

4. CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block

CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block app is a favorite among Apple device users. The reason is that it goes beyond giving you the name and location of an unknown caller. Another benefit is that it provides users with data about who has been looking up their number using the app. Also, the app is reliable; its developers ensure it stays up-to-date.

CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block

Developers benefit from ongoing input from the user community. This app is free, but you can have to access exclusive features of the app if you activate the paid subscription.

5. Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block app is best for secured mobile number tracking. It can quickly identify whether or not the targeted number is a scammer's tool. Furthermore, you can read on the app if other users have dropped comments about the same number.

Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block

Mr. Number is free to download but has monthly, yearly, and lifetime paid subscriptions.

5 Comparison of These Phone Number Trackers

Each tracker has advantages and limitations. Here, we compare these ten free mobile number location trackers in six aspects to help you choose the right one for your needs:

Free Mobile Tracker Free/Paid Show Number Details Show Current Location Find Location via GPS See Location History Find The Caller Identity Phone Number Lockup
AirDroid Free & Premium No Yes Yes Yes No No
TechWelkin Free Yes No Yes No No No
Phone Location Free & Premium Yes No Yes No No No
Mobile Number Tracker Free Yes Yes Yes No No No
Phone Number Tracker Free Yes No Yes No No No
Locate A Phone Number Free Yes No Yes No No No
Phone Tracker By Number Free & Premium Yes Yes Yes Yes No No
Number Tracker Pro Free & Premium Yes Yes Yes No Yes No
Mobile Number Locator Free & Premium Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes
CallerSmart: Caller ID + Block Free & Premium Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Mr. Number Lookup & Call Block Free & Premium Yes No No No No Yes

6 Potential Risks of Using Phone Number Tracker Free Online

While free online phone number trackers can be convenient, knowing their potential risks is important.

Here are some factors to consider before using a mobile number tracker online free with location:

1. Inaccurate Results:

Free online trackers may only sometimes provide precise and up-to-date information. Inaccurate location data can lead to potentially erroneous or outdated results.

2. Limited Features:

The features in free phone number trackers are often fewer than their paid versions. Advanced functions like real-time tracking or detailed call messages may be unavailable.

3. Internet Quality:

Network quality determines the stability of the free tracker. Unstable internet can affect performance and accuracy when tracking.

4. Data and Privacy Breach:

Free online trackers may collect, store, or even share your data without your consent. It would help to choose a trustworthy service provider that respects user privacy.

5. Phishing Scams:

Some websites disguised as free phone trackers may be phishing scams. Your personal information may be used for engaging in fraudulent activities. Exercise caution when using unfamiliar or suspicious services.

6. Malware and Adware:

Free online trackers may come bundled with malicious software or intrusive advertisements. These can compromise the security of your device and lead to unwanted consequences.

7. Legal Consequences:

Understanding the legal implications of using phone number trackers is essential. Tracking someone's location without their consent may be illegal in certain jurisdictions. Always adhere to local laws and regulations.

It is crucial to exercise caution and prioritize security and compliance when choosing a phone number tracker. Use reputable paid services to prioritize user privacy and offer reliable and accurate tracking capabilities.

Read user reviews, check the provider's reputation, and make informed decisions to choose a mobile number tracker.
By doing so, you can protect your personal information and ensure a safe tracking experience.

7 Alternatives to Phone Number Trackers

Several options are available if you're looking for alternative methods to track or locate a phone number.

Listed below there are some alternatives to mobile number trackers online free with location:

1. Reverse Phone Lookup Services:

This service allows you to search for information associated with a phone number. For example, the owner's name, address, and additional contact details.

2. Use the Phone's Built-in Locator:

Many smartphones have this feature, like the "Find My" iPhone" app or the "Find My Device" Android one.

3. Social Media Searches:

People often associate their phone numbers with their social media accounts. Searching on social media platforms using phone numbers might provide valuable information.

4. Check Social Media Content:

Sometimes, people share their current location or tag themselves in posts on social media. You can determine their approximate whereabouts by browsing their recent social media activity.

5. Ask for Location Sharing:

Many apps have location-sharing features allowing users to share their real-time location. You can request others to share their location.

6. Use Family Locator Apps:

Family locator apps help families stay connected and track each other's locations. These apps allow their family members to provide real-time location updates within the trusted circle.

7. Use Emergency Services:

It's effective to contact emergency services when in critical situations. Authorities can track the phone number's location to confirm its safety if necessary.

Remember, when using alternative methods, respecting privacy and legal boundaries is essential. Always get consent and follow local regulations to track someone's phone location.

8 Should I Track Someone by Cell Phone Number without Them Knowing

It may raise ethical considerations to track someone by their phone number without their knowledge or consent.

Here are some key points to consider when contemplating whether to track someone without their awareness:

1. Privacy Concerns:

Tracking someone's location without their knowledge infringes upon their right to privacy. Respecting an individual's privacy is crucial, and unauthorized tracking can breach personal boundaries.

2. Valid Reasons for Tracking:

There may be legitimate reasons for tracking someone's location. For instance, ensuring the safety of a loved one or protecting valuable assets. Evaluating the necessity and appropriateness of tracking in each specific situation is essential.

phone track location

3. Consent and Transparency:

Obtaining explicit consent from the tracked person is vital. Communicate your intentions and seek their approval to maintain trust and respect.

4. Importance of Building Trust and Respect:

Trust is the foundation of any healthy relationship. Tracking someone without their knowledge can erode trust and lead to strained connections. We should foster open communication, establish mutual understanding, and respect the boundaries.

Last, prioritize open dialogue, consent, and transparency when tracking someone's phone location. Make sure that tracking practices align with ethical principles and all individuals' well-being.


You can track a targeted device or user with the phone number alone. This article has shown you five top websites and five other third-party apps you can use to get the location of a mobile number. All the options are free, while some have subscription options for exclusive features.

Besides, you can track a phone location with the apps like AirDroid Location Tracker. It can help you track real-time location and get alerts for specific zones.

FAQs Related to Track Phone Number Location

How Can I Find Someone's Location by Their Cell Phone Number for Free?
To get someone's location by their cell number for free, you can explore the website and third-party options already considered in this post.
How Can I Track a Mobile Number Using Google Maps?

If another person has chosen to share location with you through Google Maps, you can track the mobile number through Google Maps. You can also try one of the above mobile number tracker with Google Map.

Can I Track a Mobile Number Current Location for Free?
Yes, there are many websites and third-party apps that you can use to track a mobile number's current location for free.
How Can I Track a Phone Number Without Them Knowing?
There are a lot of methods. Two examples are installing a spy app on their phone without their knowledge or calling their service provider. You can even use any of the websites and apps discussed above.
Can I Track My Boyfriend by Phone Number for Free?
You can track your boyfriend with a location tracker app.
Can I Track Live Location by Mobile Number?
Yes, it is possible thanks to a combination of GPS technology, cellular network data, and other location-based services that provide real-time updates on the location of the mobile device associated with the number.
However, it's important to note that tracking someone's location without their consent may raise ethical and legal concerns.
Always prioritize privacy and obtain proper authorization before tracking someone's live location.
Can I Track a Mobile Number with GPS?
Yes, tracking a mobile number with GPS is one of the methods employed by some mobile number tracking services or applications.
When a device with GPS capabilities is enabled and has consent to share its location, it can be tracked accurately.
However, it's worth mentioning that tracking someone's mobile number with GPS should be done with their knowledge and consent to ensure privacy and respect boundaries.
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