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6 Best Ways to View iMessage Online on PC/Mac

Elsa Updated on Jul 21, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Q: Can I View My iMessages Online on PC/Mac?


Actually Last night my mobile screen got broken at the gym. Now nothing is visible on my mobile screen, but I have to read some important iMessages. I tried different ways to solve this problem. In this informative article, we aim to guide you how to view iMessages online on your Mac or PC.

view imessages online

1View iMessages Online (For Mac User)

Apple has introduced the iMessage service for Mac computers. You can sync it with your iPhone device. So you can receive and access iMessage online on both devices anytime.

  • Requirements
  • For viewing iMessages online, you need the latest version of the Mac.

    access imessage online

    Operation procedures:

    1. Find the Messages app and open it.
    2. Go to the sidebar appearing on your left.
    3. Make an account by using your Apple ID and password. You will have to verify it. For this, you need your iPhone device nearby.
    4. After signing in. Tap on the Messages tab and go to the upper menu. Select "preferences”.
    5. Go to “accounts” and add all your personal details like phone number and email address.
    6. Now, you can receive iMessages and can send messages to any of your contacts from your Mac.

    2AirDroid Cast (For Both PC & Mac User)

    AirDroid Cast is one of the powerful applications that help the user fully control their devices on PC or Mac. It works on different devices such as PC, Mac, Android and iPhones. By using this application, the users can mirror and cast their iPhone screen to the PC or Mac remotely. Additionally, this application is easy to use.

    How to Setup AirDroid Cast?

    Note : There are three different ways of casting by using AirDroid Cast. Please first download this app on both your iPhone and PC/Mac.

    1. WLAN

    This is the quickest method for casting an iOS device to the PC or Mac. The user can easily cast their mobile screen to PC by local and remote control. In this method, the users have two options: first, to copy a nine-digit code, and the second is a QR scanner.

    2. Airplay

    Connect both your devices to the same Wi-Fi network. Go to your iOS device, open a control centre, click on screen mirroring, and choose “AirDroid Cast - XXX” from available list. After connection, your iOS device will be visible on PC screen.

    3. USB cable

    The easiest way to control your iOS device on a PC or Mac is a USB cable. It is a more reliable method, and you don't need to think about the network issue. Choose a high-quality USB cable and connect your iOS device and PC with it. Go to PC and click on the iOS device from the available list.

    After successful connection, please click on the hand icon that is displayed on the AirDroid Cast interface, follow the instruction to activate control feature to start using iMessages on your PC/Mac.

    3Chrome Remote Desktop

    Finding iMessage desktop? With the help of Google Chrome, you can easily use iMessage on a PC. Chrome Remote Desktop enables you to remotely access another computer through the Chrome browser.

  • Requirements
  • For this, you will need a Mac and a Windows device simultaneously to get iMessage on PC.

    chrome remote desktop

    Operation procedures

    1. Download Chrome Remote Desktop on your Mac and Windows computers.
    2. Now you will see a few instructions on your both devices; follow them, and accept all disclaimers.
    3. Move to your Mac, and go to Chrome Remote Desktop to get code for connecting devices.
    4. Connect both Mac and Windows computers with the Chrome Remote Desktop security code.
    5. Now your Mac screen will be shown on pc, and you can use iMessage on your Windows PC.

    4 Recover online iMessage with PhoneRescue

  • Requirements
  • Phonerescue for iOS App.

    view imessages online

    Operation procedures

    1. Download and install PhoneRescue for iOS on your PC. Connect both your devices via USB cable.
    2. After installing the software, click on the option "recover from iOS device”.
    3. Now Select the Messages file and tap on OK.
    4. Select the iMessages you want to recover and click “To Device/To Computer” button.
    5. Thus iMessage will be restored, and you will not lose any of your important data.

    5Use Chrome Extension - iMessages on Windows 10

    Chrome Remote Desktop extension allows the iPhone to access iMessages online from Mac through a computer. But to make it work out, you will have to set up an extension on both Mac and Windows PC.

  • Requirements
  • You need a Windows 10 PC.

    Operation procedures

    1. Go to Google Chrome browser on Windows PC and Mac. Go to the Chrome Remote Desktop extension page, and tap on the remote access option.
    2. Tap on add extension to install Chrome Remote Desktop extension on your PC to access iMessages on Mac.

    3. After this, the host file is automatically downloaded.
    4. Again. Go to the Chrome Remote Desktop web page, and you will see the option here accept and install' click on it.
    5. Now open download, and select the .msi file. Tap on the UAC prompt to make the system ready for remote access.
    6. Select the name for PC , tap on next, connect your Windows PC remotely by adding PIN, next tap on start.
    7. Again select Yes on the user account control. Now allow permission to Chrome Remote Desktop host by Entering Mac administrator password.
    8. After taking a short time, both devices are set in online mode.

    9. Now go to Mac Chrome Remote Desktop page, choose get support .
    10. Tap on generate code. Again, go to the Windows 10 chrome desktop Windows, tap on remote support and add code.
    11. Now you can access your iMessages from Mac on Windows 10.

    6Get iMessages Online with Cydia (Jailbreak)

    You can also enjoy iMessage on PC by Cydia. You need to jailbreak your iPhone for this method. By doing so, you remove all the restrictions added by Apple incorporation. But keep in mind to back up your Apple device with iCloud before jailbreaking it.


    An iOS device.


    Operation procedures

    1. Install an app named Cydia. It is a directory of applications usable on a jailbroken iPhone or iPad.
    2. There is an app in Cydia which costs $4 to set up a web-based interface. You will have to get it. It is a remote message.
    3. Connect to the web-based interface by using the iPhones IP address shown on the browser.
    4. Now login so that you can use iMessages on Windows PC.

    7How to Sync Messages to iCloud on iOS Devices?

    iPhone/iPad Setting

    1. Go to Settings on your iPhone or iPad.
    2. Click on the Apple ID banner.
    3. Click on iCloud - Messages, you will see a “switch “tap on it.
    4. Sync will be start successfully.


    1. On the menu bar, tap on Messages.
    2. Tap on preferences.
    3. Tap on accounts now.
    4. Next, to enable messages in the iCloud, you will see an option checkbox.
    5. Tap on it. To sync your messages, tap on “synch now”.

    8Can I Check My iMessages from Another Phone?

    Yes, you can check your iMessages from another phone if your Apple ID is logged in on that device. This process will need an iPhone because without an iPhone, you can’t access iMessages. If you have an Android phone and no Apple ID of yours is logged in on that device, you can’t access iMessages on that device.

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    As your iMessages service is linked with iOS devices, it allows the users to send free messages with the internet. Under some cases, you may want to view iMessages online on your computer. AirDroid Cast has multiple options to control the iOS device and read iMessages on a PC or Mac screen. If your phone is not working properly, download AirDroid Cast on mobile devices and PC and start viewing and replying to iMessages.

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