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Enhance Your View: Use Your Phone as a Second Screen

Elsa Updated on Mar 7, 2023 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

Using a phone as a second screen enhances your work, entertainment, and everything in between. When you have multiple projects to display or work on, having a second screen is a handy way to help you stay focused and on track. Anyone that has to multitask for work knows just how helpful having a second screen is.

Smartphones make for an excellent second screen. Smartphones make it easy to add a second screen to any project you're working on, no matter if you're in the office or on the go.

1. Common Scenes of Using a Phone as a Second Display

As technology continues to become more prevalent in our daily lives, using them continues to become more convenient.

Having a second screen comes in handy during tasks such as professional meetings, school presentations, and personal projects. A second screen helps you stay focused and put on a better display.

Did you know you can use both your computer and screen simultaneously? By connecting your smartphone or handheld device to your computer, you can use it as an extension for your display.

2. Use Your Android Phone as a Second Screen

AirDroid Cast

Using its website and app, AirDroid Cast allows you to use your phone as a second screen. With this app, you can mirror any device, including Windows. Mac, tablet, or phone to your Android or iPhone wireless. Connecting your both devices via Wi-Fi with ease. You can do it in two ways:

Via AirDroid Cast Desktop Client:

First download the AirDroid Cast app from the official downloading page on your sending device and phone. Then, launch the app on both devices. Next, follow the on-screen instructions on the desktop: Enter the Cast Code of AirDroid Cast by your phone. Your phone will receive the screen from your computer or other sending device.

Via AirDroid Cast Web

Install the AirDroid Cast app onto your computer or other sending device. Then, Go to AirDroid Cast Web by typing “” on your phone (the one that tries to share its screen). From there, you'll find a QR code that you can scan using your sending device, or simply enter the code where it asks in the app. Now, you can start a free-lag screen mirroring.

AirDoid Cast works flawlessly with a wide range of phones, streaming devices, and connections. Using its screen mirroring feature will assist you in casting for presentations, movies, and other activities.

Note : The “Extended Screen” feature of AirDroid Cast will be available soon. With this new feature, It is helpful for you to organize your workspace and access more information at once. If you're working remotely or collaborating with colleagues, using your device as a second screen can make it easier to stay connected and share information.


iDisplay is a paid software for using your phone as a second screen. The software is compatible with both Windows and macOS, and also Android and Apple devices.

iDisplay allows you to test out their product to make sure it's for you, so you don't have to commit to purchasing it right away. For resolution, this software supports a range of 800x600 to 2560x1440, and this depends on the device you're using. Newer Android models work faster and more smoothly with this software.

In order to use iDisplay as a second screen for your Android, you must download the app for both devices. You can connect these devices through Wi-Fi or through a USB drive. Once connected, you can search for your devices on either app, get connected, and begin configuring your display settings if needed.

iDisplay includes a variety of useful features, such as orientation, rotation, multi-touch, touch input, background color, and resolution.


Spacedesk is also another paid software that allows you to use it to cast your Windows desktop to a variety of devices, such as an Android or tablet. This screen extension is just one of the many features that Spacedesk offers. They do a free version of their software, but it doesn't include all of the features of the Pro software.

Spacedesk has the ability to support solutions up to 4K. This all depends on the type of device you're using. If your device's resolution isn't capable of displaying 4K, you're not going to be able to get that resolution on your screen. These higher resolutions are usually possible on high-end TVs or computers.

Always connect both your computer and your mobile device to Spacedesk when trying to use the screen extension. Both devices must be connected in order to send information between the two. You can connect using Wi-Fi, enabling the hotspot feature located in the app. Or, you can connect using a USB drive, enabling tethering in the app. Both features work great; it simply depends on your equipment and needs.

Similar to iDisplay, Spacedesk includes many customizable features like resolution, orientation, and display rotation.

3. Use Your iPhone as a Second Screen

Duet Display

Duet Display is an excellent software that supports using your iPhone as a second screen. To use the app, you pay a monthly subscription cost. Even though there are other free options out there, they may not include all the features and accessibility of Duet Display. The software features up to 4K resolution, depending on the devices you're using to display.

You can easily connect both your computer and iPhone once both devices have the software downloaded. You can use either a Wi-Fi network or USB-C as your connection source. Once both devices are connected, your computer screen will automatically change to “Launching Duet,” and shortly after your new screen is created.

Once connected, you can utilize their amazing features, such as a screen extender, remote access, mirror, headless server, and many others.

Splashtop Wired Display

Splashtop Wired Display is a second option for anyone looking to use their iPhone as a second display. Long-term, the software requires payment, but they do offer a free trial for you to decide if it's right for you.

To get connected, you want to download the Splashtop Wired Display from the App store on your iPhone. Secondly, download the software on your computer. Once installed on both devices, you can connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB-C. As soon as the devices are connected, and the software is open, it automatically detects your iPhone and begins to create the second screen.

Note : Splashtop has wireless software, but this wired version supports a high-performance resolution of 1080P, has auto orientation, customizable display settings, and a secure wired connection. This app is easy to use, affordable, and an excellent choice for anyone looking to use their iPhone as a second screen.

4. Final Takeaways

Using a smartphone as a second screen is an excellent way to increase your productivity. Having a second screen allows you to take notes better, open multiple tasks, set up calendars or reminders, and stream videos or entertainment while you work. A smartphone is a convenient and simple way to add a second screen to your task, allowing you to easily switch between screens and activities stress-free.

There are countless screen extender software out there that are great to use, such as Splashtop Wireless, Duet Display, and our favorite, AirDroid Cast. If you're looking for a way to make presentation, gaming, or school work easier, consider using your phone as a second screen.

Hottest FAQs about Using Phone as the Second Screen

Can I use my Android phone as a display for my PC over USB-C?
Yes, you can use your Android phone as a display for your PC using USB-C. You first want to make sure your phone uses this port. If so, you can connect your Android to your PC using the USB-C port. Locate the port on your PC, which is usually located on the side or back panel. Then, choose one of the apps listed in this article that supports a USB connection. Splashtop Wired Display is one option, as it strictly works as wired software. Usually, all you have to do is have both of your devices connected to your screen extender software, and it should automatically detect your Android.
Is there a free Duet Display alternative?
AirDroid Cast has a free alternative to Duet Display. You can connect to AirDroid using both your iPhone and Android devices locally with this option. AirDroid Cast makes it easy to use your phone as a second display, giving you plenty of options for pairing the two devices. Making sure you're connected to the same Wi-Fi on both screens is important, allowing you to connect and work on multiple projects at once. After connecting, you can change your resolution and display settings if needed.
Is it possible to have a 2nd monitor as a phone?
Yes, using your phone as a second monitor is possible and a convenient way to extend your computer or tablet's screen. Using AirDroid Cast, Duet Display, Splashtop Wired Display, and many other software apps, you can connect your phone to your computers easily and start using the second screen feature. Connecting your phone to your computer can be done either through Wi-Fi or USB, but this depends on the specific software you're using. Always research the product beforehand to make sure your iPhone and computer are compatible.
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