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Toshiba Screen Mirroring - A Simple Guide on Different Ways

Elsa Updated on Oct 18, 2022 Filed to: Screen Mirroring

With inbuilt screen mirroring features, it's now easier to connect your favorite devices! The latest screencasting apps allow users to mirror the screen of almost all devices, regardless of their make or model. Are you looking for ways for Toshiba screen mirroring? The article lists the simple and easy ways to cast your device screen on Toshiba TV.

1. How to Screen Mirror Phone to Toshiba TV

All in one Screen Casting Solution - AirDroid Cast

AirDroid Cast is one of the latest apps to offer high-quality streaming from any device to Toshiba TV. It can stream content to any browser-enabled app without any need to install the application on your TV. It will work perfectly as long as you have a web browser on your Toshiba TV.

It is the best solution for users that are looking for a stress-free screencasting experience. With just a simple setup, users can enjoy content on Toshiba TV without any errors and lags. As its maximum casting features are available for free, it is one of the most reliable solutions.

How to cast Android/Apple mobile screen to Toshiba TV with AirDroid Cast?

Using the AirDroid Cast app, the screencasting process on both android phones and iPhone is exactly the same. Here is how you can connect your Android/Apple mobile to Toshiba TV using AirDroid Cast: 

  1. Click the following “Try It Free” button to start downloading AirDroid Cast app on your phone. Alternatively, the app is also available to download from the Android/iOS app store. 
  2. Launch the AirDroid Cast app on your phone .
  3. On your Toshiba TV, open the Airdroid Cast webpage “” Enter the code manually from your Toshiba TV screen to your phone. You can also scan the QR code from the Android/Apple phone screen. 
  4. After entering the code enter start casting and a pop-up will appear on your mobile screen asking for permission. Grant the necessary permission to start casting.
  5. Now you can enjoy watching content from your mobile/iPhone on your Toshiba TV.

Note : The premium version of AirDroid Cast allows remote casting and many other options to help you watch the mobile screen on Toshiba TV seamlessly. 

Screen mirroring iPhone to Toshiba TV Using AirBeam TV

Apple Screen Mirroring is different from Android Screen Mirroring. There is no direct option for Screen mirroring in Apple phones. Toshiba TV Airplay feature allows users to display content from Apple screen to TV. To stream third-party app content on Toshiba Smart TV through an iPhone, you'll have to install an app like AirBeam TV.

  1. Ensure that your Toshiba Smart TV and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. On AirBeam TV mobile app, select the Toshiba Smart TV from the list.
  3. The Toshiba Smart TV will now display a prompt dialogue box with the option “Always.“
  4. After a few seconds, you will see your iPhone screen on the Toshiba Smart TV.
  5. Users can now screen mirror or cast anything from their iPhone right away.

Why do you need a better Toshiba Wireless Display app?

  • AirBeam TV requires a lot of downloads both on mobile and TV, which is quite stressful. 
  • It experiences a few connectivity issues after a few minutes of connection.
  • The Audio disconnects most often. 
  • Toshiba Screen Mirroring Android Phone using ApowerMirror

    The ApowerMirror app is a third-party app that allows users to mirror their screens to Toshiba TV. The app is available in all app stores, and it's incredibly easy to use! Follow these steps to start Toshiba TV screen mirroring. 

    1. Download and install the ApowerMirror app on your android phone and Toshiba TV. Connect both devices to same Wi-Fi network.
    2. Touch the Mirror button on your phone and select your TV name from list of available devices.

    3. Click on “Start Now” to allow screen mirroring from your Android phone.

    4. Now you can enjoy watching your mobile screen on Toshiba TV.

    If you can’t start the screen mirror, your television and phone may not be connected to the same Wi-Fi. You can also use Toshiba TV Airplay to mirror your mobile screen.

    2. Screen Mirroring from Laptop to Toshiba TV Wirelessly

    How to Cast a Laptop Screen to Toshiba TV Models that Don’t Support Screen Casting?

    Unfortunately, some TV models don’t support screen casting. In such situations, you can use AirDroid Cast for screen share. When it comes to casting a laptop screen on TV, no method or app can beat the effectiveness of AirDroid Cast.

    You don't have to purchase cables or adapters to connect. With its browser compatibility features, you can wirelessly display Toshiba TV. Screen casting from any device to Toshiba TV is as simple as scanning QR codes. Here are how users can share PC screens to TV using AirDroid Cast:

    How to Cast Laptop to Toshiba TV using AirDroid Cast App?

    1. Download the AirDroid Cast app on your laptop

    Click the below bottom direct to go to the AirDroid Cast app official download page. It is also available in app stores on all devices. 

    2. Launch the AirDroid Cast app on Laptop

    Open the AirDroid Cast app on your laptop. 

    3. Open AirDroid Cast in Toshiba TV browser 

    Go to the Airdroid Cast webpage “” on your Toshiba TV browser. There is a 9 digits QR code displayed on your Toshiba TV screen; enter it into your laptop. 

    4. Allow permissions

    Grant the permissions for wirelessly displaying Toshiba TV.

    5. Cast your Laptop screen on Toshiba TV

    It will start displaying your laptop screen content on your Toshiba TV no matter if they are pictures, videos, folders, or apps.

    2.1 Screen Mirroring from Laptop to Toshiba TV using an HDMI cable

    It is possible to cast from a Windows laptop to a Toshiba TV without using an HDMI cable. Follow these steps to start screen mirroring from your Laptop to your Toshiba TV.

    Setup on your Toshiba TV:

    1. Take your Toshiba TV remote control and press the “Home” button.
    2. From the options available, choose “Inputs” and click on "Screen Mirroring". 
    3. (An Apple Airplay compatible Toshiba TV has a “Screen Mirroring” option under the Display and Sounds category in Settings.)

    4. On your Laptop, hold down the Windows + K keys at the same time. It will display the Windows Connect Slide on the right. Click on “Find other types of devices” at the bottom.
    5. In the connected devices section, click on the Add Device button.
    6. Choose Wireless Display or Dock.
    7. From the list of available devices, select the Toshiba Smart TV. You are ready to Mirror the Laptop screen on Toshiba Smart TV.

    3. Wired Way: How to Screen Mirror on Toshiba TV?

    Toshiba TV Screen Mirroring using an HDMI Cable

    A wired connection is an easiest and most reliable way to connect any device to Toshiba TV. Some common HDMI cables include mini/micro-HDMI cables (for older Android devices) and USB HDMI cables (for new devices). HDMI cables allow users to cast to Toshiba TV without an Internet connection or worrying about buffering.

    1. Connect the smaller end of the HDMI cable to your device and the HDMI end to your Toshiba TV.
    2. On your Toshiba TV, go to Input>Source>HDMI cable. 
    3. It will start mirroring your device screen to Toshiba TV. 
    4. Screen mirroring will only be limited by the length of your cable. 

    Use Chromecast for Toshiba Screen Mirroring

    Follow these simple steps to set up your Chromecast on Google Home:

    1. Install the Google Home app on your Android/iOS device. Open Google Home and set up your TV using the Google Home app.
    2. If you are using an iOS device, we highly recommend turning on Bluetooth to speed up the setup process. Alternatively, if you do not want to use Bluetooth to set up your TV, click "No Thanks" and choose a Wi-Fi network.
    3. If you can’t find these steps, go to the home page of your Google Home app. In the top left corner, click "Add," set up the device and choose the new device.
    4. To complete the setup, follow the remaining prompts.
    5. It will start casting your device screen on Toshiba TV.

    4. Troubleshooting for Toshiba Smart TV Screen Mirroring

    When your Toshiba TV Chromecast isn't working, you can't use your phone to stream media. Here are a few tips to troubleshoot Toshiba TV smart screen sharing:

    Restart your TV

    If your Toshiba TV is not showing up on the Google Home app, turn off your TV. Restart the TV after 30 seconds.

    Update or reinstall your Google Home app 

    Sometimes, updating the Google Home app can enhance efficiency and resolve issues. Update the app if there are any pending updates. In case the issue persists, you can uninstall and reinstall the app.

    Reset your TV

    When all other methods have failed, you can reset your TV. Remember that you will lose all the data and settings on the TV. To reset the TV, scroll to the menu button, select settings, then set up.  

    5. Final Thoughts & FAQs about Toshiba Screen Mirroring

    Screen mirroring is significantly grabbing the interests of people these days. The article listed a few methods on how to mirror mobile/laptop screens to Toshiba TV. Users with older/incompatible TV models can also share their device screen to Toshiba TV with the AirDroid Cast app. Its multiple features and ease of use make it the best choice for a screen casting app. 

    What is the best way for screen mirroring on Toshiba TV?
    AirDroid Cast is the most rated casting app that is compatible with multiple platforms. It’s easy to connect and doesn’t show any delays, errors, or loading.
    Can I mirror my Android screen to Toshiba TV without a Wi-Fi connection?
    Yes! You can connect devices for screen mirroring using an HDMI cable. It doesn’t require a Wi-Fi connection. 
    Why can’t I Chromecast to Toshiba TV?
    Make sure that you’ve selected the right options while making the connection. Try restarting your TV or reinstalling Google Home App. If nothing works well, try resetting your Toshiba TV, but it will erase all your TV data. It is recommended to use the AirDroid Cast app to get rid of all such issues.
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